[CLOSED] UK only X Already Crossed X Bookbox (under 2kg) Round 1

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This bookbox is to comprise of some of the books that have been sent to me by other bookcrossers. Unfortunately I have had some of these books much longer than I intended and they are a mixed bag!

I actually "borrowed" this idea for a bookbox from Kaila-Ann, but thought this might be a fun way for some of us to also move some of those previously registered books along and let their previous journal era know what’s going on.

This time there's five standard rules:

1. This is for any book provided that it has not been registered by yourself and therefore has at least two journals (eg. registrant, yourself) or more, so the book must have been first registered by someone other than you

2. There must be a minimum of 4 books in it. You can take out as many as you like but you MUST send on at least 4. More is fine as long as ......

3. ...... the package weighs under 2KG. This is just to keep costs down. Postage is currently £3.10 second class for up to 2KG.

4. Please journal the date the bookbox is received (BCID will be in the box - please leave for next person!) & sent on & of course, journal any books you remove.

5. As a courtesy to other readers please only put in books that are in a decent condition.

Participants (so far) :

back to me (Flutterbies9)

This send out order has been amended as many of you are also in at least two of my other boxes, so in order to try to prevent three or four boxes all reaching you at once, I have really mixed this order up a bit! However, I am happy to amend again to accommodate personal wishes so if you wish to be up or down the list please just let me know.

Please post here if you are interested.


3vie 12 mos ago
add me




I know I've got one or two... 😉


dolph1n 12 mos ago
Me please



Nataliec7 12 mos ago
Me please.
I've got lots to get moving!


Flutterbies9 12 mos ago
All added


wingrussbaumwing 12 mos ago
and me please


Flutterbies9 12 mos ago
See above


Flutterbies9 11 mos ago




Flutterbies9 11 mos ago
Of course
Added above


Flutterbies9 11 mos ago
This box is ready to start on its journey - and has been for the last couple of weeks - but I was awaiting the end of the month to enable anyone else to join.

In the meantime, the corona virus restrictions have come into place and so posting this has become delayed. I will therefore keep these boxes until I can get out again and post them providing people are still willing to stay in the distribution until such time as that is possible.
Unfortunately, the Post Office has also upped the postage prices so the current 2kg small parcel second class price is now £3.10. I have updated the standard rules above to reflect this.


Will get it moving again soon


But may I still join?


Of course, and good to see you again Sparkish.




I can’t resist it.


riffraff71 7 mos ago
Forgot to say the box has been moved on now!


If at all possible. Thanks



Please could I join


Flutterbies9 6 mos ago
All in!
Something is going awry here. I checked the Forum just days ago and it said there were no new entries but looking today I see there are six new entries on here since I last replied!! Weird.

My apologies to everyone but I have added you all into the round.


It came via postie yesterday, I have taken out The Chalk Man - thanks (https://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/15469786) and replaced it with another and the box is back in the post and on its way to 3vie.


It arrived today and is in my quarantine corner. I will look at the books and make a decision in three days.



dolph1n 5 mos ago
I've taken
I've taken The Piano Teacher
The Patience of the Spider
Out of this World


Thank you so much for the chocolate 🍫 orange twirl is the best thing ever!
Will look through and journal what I’m taking etc and update you all soon


Can I join please...


I' d still like to be in if its not a problem....but could I be moved towards the end of the list please?


I' d still like to be in if its not a problem....but could I be moved towards the end of the list please?

I think it was because your name is included in a different order on the JE list under the Book box BCID https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15964992/

So it will depend which list the person is checking to see who to send it to next.


I still have this, real life got a bit hectic sorry guys. I have Lizzie’s address and will send out ASAP
Quick question though...
What’s best practice? Journal all books even if leaving in the box or just the ones I remove?


What’s best practice? Journal all books even if leaving in the box or just the ones I remove?

Just journal the ones you remove, along with the box when you release it and obviously you should also Release any new books you put into the box.



There's plenty of choice here but a lot are slimmer books & the books I've got to move on are quite a bit heavier! Am mindful of replacing one for one so will do some choosing & jiggling & move on next week.


... I took out :"A Royal Pain" & "And Then You Die.. "


This is with me and will be travelling again by the end of next week


I’ve taken out four books
The Uncommon Reader
The Big Good Wolf
The Hare with Amber Eyes
The Autobiography of a Geisha

I’m reading one to put in and I’ll read at least one more so mysteriousmummy has some choice.


This was sent to mysteriousmummy on 27th November


Its upstairs and I'm downstairs at the moment, will journal tomorrow.


Thank you


I have put you into the new round of this bookbox as it has already arrived back with me from its very successful first round.


This bookbox has arrived home with me, however please see new thread for a rerun of this (rather popular) bookbox :-)

Thank you everyone for your active participation.


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