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Yep, I have still more books that could go out in a bookbox. Would anyone be interested in a Cosy Crime bookbox?

This is intended to be a small box containing only cosy crime / mystery books.

There's six rules:

1. This is for Cosy crime / mystery novels only

2. There must be a minimum of 4 books in it. You can take out as many as you like but you MUST send on at least 4. More is fine as long as ......

3. ...... the package weighs under 2KG. This is just to keep costs down. Postage is currently £3.10 second class for up to 2KG.

4. Please journal the date the bookbox is received (BCID will be in the box - please leave for next person!) & sent on & of course, journal any books you remove.

5. As a courtesy to other readers please only put in books that are in a decent condition.

6. All the books currently in the box must be by different authors to ensure a variety of choice. So, for example, you could take out a book by Donna Andrews & put another Donna Andrews in as there would still be only one in the box .... hope that makes sense!

Participants (To start in May) :

back to Flutterbies9

Please post here if you are interested. I will still take participants whilst the box is on the move.
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many of us - myself included, put our post in quarantine before opening and sorting, so this box may take a little longer than usual to come around.


3vie 12 mos ago
add me please




Flutterbies9 12 mos ago
You are both in.


Seems a shame that not more takers for this bookbox this time. It has been popular in past years when I have run it.


Seems a shame that not more takers for this bookbox this time. It has been popular in past years when I have run it.

I hadn't realised you were short of participants! I think I can find a couple of suitable books on my shelves. :)

And yes I will be happy to accept delivery, I will just wait a couple of days from arrival to open it to be safe.


No problem, will add you.


Flutterbies9 11 mos ago


Flutterbies9 11 mos ago
This box is ready to start on its journey - and has been for the last couple of weeks, but I was awaiting the end of the month to enable anyone else to join.

In the meantime, the corona virus restrictions have come into place and so posting this has become delayed. I will therefore keep these boxes until I can get out again and post them providing people are still willing to stay in the distribution until such time as that is possible.
Unfortunately, the Post Office has also upped the postage prices so the current 2kg small parcel second class price is now £3.10. I have updated the standard rules above to reflect this.

If you are both willing to accept this box, I am happy to try and send it combining a visit to surgery for prescription and Post Office. Just pm and it will happen!


If this is still open I'd love to take part. 😊


Flutterbies9 10 mos ago
I have added you to the list above. This box will be on its way soon, although it should have gone already!

I went to the Post Office earlier today but it was shut. Apparently, this Post Office is only open in the afternoons so I will try again tomorrow or Thursday (depend on which day we have to go shoppping!). .... Covid-19 restrictions getting in the way of some good Bookcrossing.

This box has been sent out to the first in line and is on its way.


Thank you!


Now on its way to Hunteress.


Hi, if it’s not too late, I’d like to join. This is my first bookcrossing post in about 4 years, but I used to love the book boxes and gift giving etc. Time for me to get back in to it I think, you may have to remind me of any rules though :)


Yes, happy to have you join. I shall add you to the list which is on its way around at present.

The 'rules' such as they are, are in the thread above! The basic rules for receiving and sending on a box are :
When you receive the box , pm the next in line for their details. Decide which books you wish to take out and replace with the same amount of books (or a number of books whose weight does not take the box over 2KG!!). Post to next in line.

Nothing extra that I am aware of but by all means if you have a query please ask.


JemmaJ 8 mos ago
Me please!
Can you add me, please? Thank you!


Box is currently with me now 😀


My kinda genre so would love to join 👍


are added. Please see the revised list in the thread above and the box number listing.

This box is well on the way around.


To this? Is it still moving does anyone know?


To this? Is it still moving does anyone know?

Looks like it's still with Hunteress. There's no activity on her account since receiving it so i hope everything's OK. :(


She messaged me ages ago for my address but haven’t heard anything since


I pm'd her last week when nothing further seemed to have happened but have not received anything in reply. Not sure what has happened to Hunteress, she did send on an earlier box quite quickly but I'm now worried as well, especially since she is on some other of the bookboxes going round I have!! If anyone knows her, could they nudge. If someone hears, could they let us know please.




Just to let you all know, I am attempting to get together another cosy crime box to replace the one lost in July. Unfortunately, no-one has heard from Huntress and all activity has stopped on her account since she received the box. No-one seems to know what has happened to her but I do hope she returns when she can.

Meanwhile I will set up another box (but reuse this number and continue with the list), however, I do not yet have enough books to send it on its travels but will let you all know asap when I can get this restarted.



3vie 3 mos ago
I’ve got
3 available if you would like them to add to your box? Pm me your address if you’d like me to send them 😁


Once this is up and running, could I please be included?


I am still hoping to get this up and running again but obviously not before January 2021, however I will gladly add you to the list when it restarts.


Would love to join as well please.


Will add disneyfreaksam and etripney to this as requested.
I hope to get this going again by the end of January 2021 but it will depend on the Covid restrictions for Post Office trips, though I hope to combine a working day with a trip to the Post Office when I can.


Please could you add me to this book ring.


Yes, I will add you but it will be a while before it reaches you I'm afraid as there is quite a queue awaiting this box after it became stalled in the middle of 2020!


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