Alphabet VBB round 18 (international), moving but still taking sign ups

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This is round eighteen of the international alphabet VBB, with the title of each book starting (ignoring 'a' and 'the') with a different letter of the alphabet.

Participants can select any book(s) but must replace either the letter they've taken or one of the missing letters. I don't want to make it too difficult so there are 19 books, so that if you take one, you have a choice of 8 letters for the replacement. So if the list contained books beginning with letters A, B, C, and you chose the book beginnining with B, you could replace with a book beginning with B or with any letter D to Z.

Please put in the same number of books as you take out. The list is starting out as mainly fiction but other categories that you think will be appealing are fine (please no text books, religious pamphlets, travel guides, etc).

Please post choices and receipt of books to the thread.

Please post out books promptly. If any books are not received within a reasonable timeframe please let me know.

This is a new thread for round eighteen. The round seventeen thread is here:

Here's the list so far:
Femke85 (asked to be skipped)
Icila (asked to be skipped)
adrienne10 <- LIST IS HERE

Then back to me, and then another round if this one goes well. Please leave the books in for the next round. If you will not be happy to leave your books in for another couple of rounds if need be then please don't include them. (Since I put in all seed books for the first round everyone should get back the same number as they put in.)

The books:
All These Lonely People - Gervase Phinn
Burned (House of Night) - PC and Kristin Cast
A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans - W. Bruce Cameron
Forty Signs of Rain by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ - Philip Pullman
How to Be Good - Nick Hornby
The Janson Directive - Robert Ludlum
King of the Jews - Leslie Epstein
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith
Once in a House on Fire - Andrea Ashworth
Prince of Ice - Emma Holly
The Queen's Man - Sharon Penman
The Regulators - Richard Bachman (a.k.a. Stephen King)
Show Me - Celia May Hart
Through a Glass, Darkly - Donna Leon:
Untamed - PC & Kristin Cast
The Vegetarian - Han Kang
The Wilder Shores Of Love - Lesley Blanch:
The Year of the Rat - Clare Furniss

Replace a letter you take out or one of the current missing letters: C, E, I, L, M, X, Z.


Sparkish 1 mo ago
Yes please
Haven’t taken part in this for ages 😊


Great, you are in. :)


Add me to the list please.


You're added to the list. :)




You're already on there, I think you signed up at the end of the last round! :)


As I want to take
The Japanese Lover - Isabel Allende

I've been trying to decide whether to put in the TBR book I have which does have a title starting with a "J" or just put in one of the other letters...

I guess I'll go with that -
taking the B
with Burned (House of Night) by PC and Kristin Cast:

As ever, thanks for organizing and to everyone for making this a fun VBB. Wishing everyone a brilliant 2020 with wonderful adventures, both on and off the page.


I'd like to sign up for this. It's been a while since I've participated in a bookbox...


Yes sure!


I choose:
"Gravity", by Tess Gerritsen

And my replacement is:
"The Year of the Rat", by Clare Furniss

I will PM the book's owner now...
Thanks for setting this up, greenbadger... always fun! :)


I choose:
"Gravity", by Tess Gerritsen

And my replacement is:
"The Year of the Rat", by Clare Furniss

I will PM the book's owner now...
Thanks for setting this up, greenbadger... always fun! :)

"Gravity" is here, with a nice assortment of bookmarks, including a cute metallic one... very pink... :)
Thanks, Meekachu07, looking forward to reading this one.


I will select "A Long Way Down" and replace with "The Janson Directive" by Robert Ludlum.



Great. :)


BaiLong 2 wks ago
My turn
I choose:
"Norse Mythology"

And will replace it with:
"The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ"


wingsedna5213wing 1 wk ago
My choise
I'm taking out Call the Dead Again and I'm adding
The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith


wingIcilawing 1 wk ago
RE: My choise
I'm taking out Call the Dead Again

If your address is still the same since 2014, it's ok. :)


Yes, my address is still the same. There is no rush though.


I already had read a few of them and the others aren't my cup of tea. So sorry. Please send the list onward I w'll wait for the next round. :)


I would like to take out The Elegance of the Hedghog by Muriel Barbery

I will replace it with All These Lonely People( Quick Reads) by Gervase Phinn

Thanks for hosting this greenbadger, it's always fun :-)


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