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**Please PM me if you want to join**

In this ring I will send two books with a christmas-themed word in the title, to the first person on the list. That person takes one of those books and replaces that book with an other book with a christmas-themed word in the title. Then that person will send those two books to the next person on the list and so on. Please tell on this thread only which book you took out. The books are a surprise. Do not tell what book you are sending.

a few examples:
the christmasaurus
That's not my reindeer
The usual Santas

Who is in?



I love the idea; PMing you now... :)


After lots of searching (because I've already allocated my Christmas books this year) I've found something that suits. Can I please have UK posting if possible? Thanks


I'd prefer sending within UK, if possible.
Thanks for organising.









Billbooks 2 mos ago
I'm desparately trying to an eligible book I must have one somewhere


Since my Christmas bookbox is on its way home, I'm sure to have one, so I'll join please.


Uk posting only please.



from awesomebooks but no labels yet. I'll be ready to send my book as soon as they are here.


labels have been in the mail since last week


[labels have been in the mail since last ]

Put a message in chit chat that real life has got in the way. I'll get it done asap.


I've taken Fill my Stocking by Alan Titchmarsh.

Books will be in the post tomorrow.


I have chosen to take out: 59 seconds, by Richard Wiseman (Wise Man)
thank you earthcaroleanne!

ETA: They are in the post now to the next participant, Tanamo.


and I have taken out "The Xmas Factor" by Annie Sanders. Will get the ring on its way again soon.


dolph1n 1 wk ago
I've taken out "The Santa Klaus Murder" and "Last Christmas" I will send it on its way soon.


The books arrived a couple of days ago, thank you! I have had a really busy week so will make my choice this weekend.


Sorry but I'm not really enthused about either book, I will send them both on.


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