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How it works:
**Please PM me if you want to join**

In this ring I will send two books with East in the title, to the first person on the list. That person takes one of those books and replaces that book with an other book with East in the title. Then that person will send those two books to the next person on the list and so on. Please tell on this thread only which book you took out. The books are a surprise. Do not tell what book you are sending.

a few examples:
Easthern Hights
At the Back of the East

EXTRA rule after some debate in previous rings: please only send 2 books to the next participant. You are still allowed to take 2 books and replace them by 2 of your own but only 2.



Will post anywhere. :)


Ythan 6 mos ago
I'm in


Does the word "East" or any of its cognates, need to be used in its denotational form? Or can the sequence of letters e-a-s-t appear in any context?

e.g. it's clear that "A History of East Germany" or "Birds of the Eastern Region of the USA" are eligible. But what about "Big Beast with Blue Eyes" or "Path of Least Resistance"?


for me it is not a problem :-)




wingrodespringbalwing 1 mo ago


so please let me join!

(posting preference order: UK, EU, Rest of the world)


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