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Hi All

The late MaryZee used to organize a book box featuring both fiction and nonfiction books about books. Examples would include The Book on the Bookshelf and The Shadow of the Wind. At the time of her passing, she was saving up to do another round. A year or so ago, I was given her BC collection and have been meaning to send out a book box. I am finally ready to do so.

Please post here if you would be interested in participating. Also feel free to ask any questions if I haven't given enough information.

Interested Readers
Nina's BookNook


I'm in!


Query here, 6....size of this box? I love to join but not sure I have more than a couple that fit the parameters, so hoping it's on the smaller side. I'll root around, see just what I do have.


I think it's on the smaller side. Let me count the stack.


So, I counted 24, about half fiction and half nonfiction, including several mysteries. Maybe it is not a smaller book box. Probably depends on what you are used to.


I'd love to join. Though at the top of my head I can't remember what I have that fits the description. I'll probably be able to find something, I hope, by the time the box gets to me.


While at the library, I found myself perusing the sale shelf and pulling out a book that sounded as if it might be appropriate. … brought home the book, a mystery how about a writer and a ghostwriter.
Bookish enough? If so I also have a Rendell revolving around an author who is not writing. If it sounds like these will work, I’m in, just put me at the end because I’ll have to read first. And see what else I can unearth.


those sound like the kind already in the stack

I will add you at the end. I am hoping to get a few more interested folk in the next couple weeks.


I definitely don't need anymore books, but I think I stalled this bookbox once upon a time.

I recently released a few books that I still had from this box, but I know I have several other titles on my shelf that came from the bookish bookbox.

I can either send you these books directly for another round, or you could add me in and maybe some more of MaryZee's books will come back to you -- or at lease books inspired by her bookbox. :)

Like I said, I recently released a few, but I probably have 6-8 more books on this theme from years ago.


Count me in as well. I have a few books that are pretty high on my TBR pile that would fit the theme.


This sounds like fun and I have some books that would work for this. If possible, I'd prefer to ship in the US only.


Yes, I'd like to join for this book box.


Thanks for your interest. The box has been on hold while I have been scrambling to prepare half of my house (the half with the most books) to have the floors completely replaced.

I am hoping to get this going in about 2 weeks.
Anyone already on the list, let me know if you have a problem with your place in the order.



If this is still open to join, I'd like to do so. I sent a PM.


I’d also like to join in this one if that’s still possible 😊


wingNancyNovawing 1 yr ago
add me


Any update on this one?


Sorry about the delay -- I had half of my floors replaced, including the rooms where all the books were. Things have been piled up in my house for a while now.

I now have the books and a box to ship them in -- are you still cool being first in line? If so, please send me a PM with your address -- I probably have it somewhere, but better safe than sorry.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the update - I've PMed you. And I hope the floor-replacement project has gone/is going well; I can only imagine the disruption! (Though the "things piled up" situation sounds like any normal day at my house {wry grin}.)


Cat-pee scented multi-stained carpets out, gorgeous hardwood floors in. Project was a success. I still have not put the place back together completely, but I am in decent shape. And I have moved enough of the piles back to where they came from that I can now find the books set aside for the book box. I will get it in the mail tomorrow.


Finally got that box on the road. At present the box reads "Fly Repellent" -- which it is not, because when I read I sit still enough to attract flies. :)
Tracking # is 9549 0104 2317 9285 2343 25
Estimated delivery date is next Thursday, 10/17.

This is a very large book box -- if you are inclined to take one more book than you are able to replace, that is acceptable, but please don't go overboard.

Contents at present, in no particular order
Beauty and the Beast -- this is the JOURNAL book and should stay with the box
The End of Mr. Y
Mystery Fiction and Modern Life
What Would Dewey Do?
The Shadow of the Wind
The Book on the Bookshelf
Winner of the National Book Award
25 Books that Shaped America
Bookmarked to Die
The Bedside etc Companion to Agatha Christie
The Reading Promise
The Secret of Lost Things
The History of Love
The Bestseller
The Algonquin Literary Quiz
Out of Circulation
Classified as Murder
The Book of Lost Things
Quieter than Sleep
Book Lust
More Book Lust
Bookmarked to Die
Great Books
Is Heathcliff a Murderer?
The Book of Fred
My Name is Red
The Book on the Bookshelf
The Book of the Film of the Story of My Life
Booknotes on American Character


The box arrived today, ahead of schedule - and yes, it is a big one! Will try and get it moving again soon. Will update my choices in the JE in the bookbox journal ( ).


I mailed the box to originalslicey today, tracking # 9550212103489303267833 , estimated arrival 11/05. Hope it travels safely!

My selections and replacements are listed in the bookbox journal here ( ).


Received the box this morning and it is massive!


Feel free to take out one or two more books than you replace.


Feel free to take out one or two more books than you replace.

I think I'm going to have to since most of the books I have to add are larger than the ones I'm taking out.

I have a few of MaryZee's books from the first Bookish Bookbox to add back in as well. I had already released several books from that box to the ABC bookbox earlier this year. I think I originally had 10-12 of MaryZee's bookish books.


Just letting you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or anything. ;-)

I should get a chance to hit the post office this weekend.


I haven't heard from them.
I can move on to next on the list, if needed.


I got a JE from Nimrodiel just yesterday, so she should be reachable...


Haven't received a response from Nimrodiel, so I've messaged Azuki for an address.


I'll pm you my address but let me send Nim a message via other social media as well.


i'm so sorry i just found your pm in my spam folder :( I did hear from Azuki not to long ago.


the box is visiting here in snowy Illinois.

I picked up a couple of books for this from the library book sale nook today which will be read before the box gets sent out.


I have hung onto this a little bit longer than I expected. I had a few books to read for inclusion. I am planning on getting this on its way today.

Update 2/21/2020 the box is traveling once again. I had to take one book more than I put back in due to space issues. No matter how I repacked the box, I couldn't figure out how to get that last book in :)


and saved it for Christmas to open. Best present! What a huge seleciton of books!
I will try to contact Nim so she won't miss out.


* How large is this bookbox (i.e. how many books are being mailed)?
* Would books about writers count?


Sorry -- I missed this somehow.

Not quite sure how many books are in the box now, but at least 25 when it started.

A book about a writer would count if it was about them being a writer, if that makes sense. The box includes mysteries and others involving people who belong to book clubs, so I don't see how a writer would be any different.


27 pounds~~ My poor mailman! I had to push it across the porch, and then kind of roll it up into the door to get it in the house LOL LOL

So, it is safely in Salt Lake, sitting just inside the door and there it will remain for… a while… I am totally buried at work with multiple shows requiring large builds. At this point, I’m not even sure when I will have time to peruse the offerings inside, let alone find replacements.

My apologies, but timing is such that this will not move along quickly. At least I’m giving you a heads up on that LOL


The world right now is crazy. Take your time. Feel free to take more books than you put back in (goes for everyone). Wash your hands and stay healthy.


Thank you, 6of8, , for allowing to remove more books and I put back in. This monster arrived with 32 and 33 books, many of them very heavy, and I was serious when I said I couldn’t lift it and had to kind of over end end of the front door! No way I would ever be able to lift this in my car and take it to the post office! (And who knows when I will even be able to go to the post office)

It’s still sitting by the front door, though it has been opened and gone through. I have decided on some books but may take others, and I’ve been collecting books to replace them with. So, I have pulled the six weightiest tomes, which I would like to disperse in LFLs, unless someone after me specifically wants them. If you want one of these, let me know and I won’t release it.

The Oxford companion to Edwardian fiction

A handbook to literature

Booknotes: America’s finest authors on reading writing in the power of ideas

Read for your life: 11 ways to transform your life with books

Great Books

Library research methods


Just wanted to confirm receipt of this awesome book box. It may take me a while to go through them all but I assume nobody is in a hurry.


Finally getting this wonderful book box on its way.
Here is the tracking number: 9449011298370660406335


It's quite nice to get a bookbox during this pandemic. I will go through the book slowly (no one is really in a rush to get this box, are you?) and try to get it back out on the road in a couple of weeks. It needs a new box, so I'll be on the lookout for that. It looks fabulous, and I think I have lots of replacements for the box.


I've spent some time browsing this box, and now I have made my selections.

I'm taking out:
Reflections from a Bookshop Window by Clive Linklater
Prose and Cons: A Magical Bookshop Mystery
The Book of Lights by Chaim Potok
Plot Boiler: A Black Cat Bookshop Mystery
Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain
The Browser's Ecstacy by Geoffrey O'Brien
The Bookshop by Penelope Fitzgerald
The Last Book in the Universe by Rodman Philbrick
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Book Lust
More Book Lust

I'm replacing these with:
Mobile Library: A Novel by David Whitehouse
Bookish Boyfriends: The Boy Next Story
The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter
Why You Should Read Children's Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise
The Read-Aloud Family (book and audiobook)
I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie
The Readers' Room by Antoine Laurain
Give Your Child the World
How Reading Changed My Life by Anna Quindlen
A Little History of Literature
The Librarian by Sally Vickers

Now I just need to get the address of the next person, find a new box, and find a way to mail the box in a safe manner.


adrienne10 5 mos ago
Good day!

This arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

I'm going to go through the box and figure out what books to keep and what to put in as soon as I can. I can make a trip to the post office next week so I'll get the next address to be ready to send out.


I sent the box along to Gilsil last week. I expect it will take awhile to get from the Seattle area, which was one of the locations the US Postmaster dismantled our service, overseas.


I’ve just had delivery of this fantastic book box - and wow!! What a huge box and wonderful selection of books. The books about reading with children make me wish my three grown up ones were little again. Several books have caught my eye immediately but I’m going to take a few days going through it slowly. And thank you SO much to Adrienne10 for posting this huge box internationally to me.


I’m hoping to send the box on to NancyNova in next few days and have messaged her for her address. Finalising my choices / replacements and then I’ll post them on here.


Now made my choices and added my books and the box is ready to go off to NancyNova.
I have taken out:
“Reading Magic” by Mem Fox
“The Reading Group Handbook” by Rachel W Jacobsohn
“The Read Aloud Family” by Sarah Mackenzie
“The Librarian” by Salley Vickers

And put in:
“Lost for Words” by Stephanie Butland
“The New Lifetime Reading Plan” by Clifton Fadiman and John S Major
“Howard’s End is on the Landing” by Susan Hill


Will peruse over the weekend the delights inside.


I'm taking out:
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
Why You Should Read Children's Books
Lost for Words
Howard's End is on the Landing

Putting In:
Library: The Drama Within
The Book Thief
Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore


Totally forgot about doing anything more than moving it out of the way because I had guests coming.

Thanks, everyone, for participating. I will try to get to journalling the books and maybe think about another round in the spring. But I am working and going to grad school and doing my internship -- which is about to double in intensity -- so I cannot guarantee anything. And like all of us, I am still recovering from 2020.


Totally forgot about doing anything more than moving it out of the way because I had guests coming.

Thanks, everyone, for participating. I will try to get to journalling the books and maybe think about another round in the spring. But I am working and going to grad school and doing my internship -- which is about to double in intensity -- so I cannot guarantee anything. And like all of us, I am still recovering from 2020.

Thank you so much for organizing this box! It's one of my favorite. When I first joined, I thought there aren't many books about books but while there are some titles that appear in every round, there are many more new discoveries for me, both fiction and nonfiction.

It's nice that you have so much to keep you busy - work, study, things we can't take for grant anymore. Whenever you decide to do the next round, I'll be in!


I'd love to join in again when this box starts traveling again.


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