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Glad it arrived safely. Thank you for letting us know. Enjoy!


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Hi! Trying to see if there would be interest in a US-based LGBTQ+ mini-bookbox. I'm thinking I'd stick 4 or 5 books in a mailer and send them off to the first person. That BookCrosser could take and replace as many as they like and then mail on. The last person on the list would then mail back to me.

LGBTQ+ could be fairly broadly defined, as far as I'm concerned -- gay author or character, subject matter for non-fiction, etc. If there is enough interest, I'd probably look to start this in early to mid April.

Does this sound like something anyone would like to be a part of? Thanks!

Box guidelines:

- Please post in this thread when the box arrives.
- Please post the books that you are keeping so that we can all learn about some new titles.
- Please replace with the same number of books as you keep.
- This is a very small box, so 2 to 3 weeks should be ample turnaround time. If not, just PM me.
- When the box is ready to move on, please PM the next person on the list for address, etc.

Participant list:

1. emmejo
2. GoryDetails
3. Spatial
4. ReallyBookish


I should have some suitable books ready pretty soon, so I am fine with any position in the list.


Thanks, emmejo! Wonderful. If we can get a couple more takers, we should be good to go. :)


Anyone else interested in this? It would be nice to get another person or two. Thanks!


I can participate!


wingSpatialwing 1 yr ago
I'll join
I've got a couple ready.



I'll set the mailing order for now as:

1. emmejo
2. GoryDetails
3. Spatial
4. ReallyBookish

If anyone wants to change their spot, just let me know. And if we get more participants, that works too!

I'll pull the books together and look to get it moving in a week or two.


I've pulled books and gathered packaging, so this box is ready to travel. PMing emmejo for address, etc.

New participants can still join, if anyone else is interested!


Box is on its way to emmejo! I've added the participant list and some very general guidelines to the first post in this thread. I'm pretty laid back, so there are not very many "rules" other than to have fun and discover some new books to read. :)


I'll try and get it out in the next week or so.


Thanks for letting us know it arrived safely, emmejo!


wingemmejowing 1 yr ago
My choices
I took:
Love on Trial
Zami: A New Spelling of My Name

and am adding:
Words to Our Now
Good Bad Woman

I hope to mail this tomorrow, and will update when I've done so.

EDIT: It went out today, and the tracking number is 9114 9014 9645 1609 3785 84


Thank you for your selections and additions, emmejo! :)


Luckily the mail carrier put the box in a plastic bag before leaving it on my porch, as it's raining today! Will make my choices and get the box moving again soon.


Glad it arrived safely. Thank you for letting us know. Enjoy!


I sent the box off to Spatial today, tracking # 9549012103468117150098 ; estimated delivery 5/2. My choices are below; stop reading if you'd rather be surprised!


I took out:

From Here ( )
Long Life ( )
Felicity ( )
Good Bad Woman ( )

And put in:

Taproot: A Story about a Gardener and a Ghost ( )
Swordspoint ( )
Glitterland ( )
Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling ( )



Thanks so much, Gory!


PM coming your way ReallyBookish!


Thanks, Spatial! PMing you now. :)


Sorry! I had a really, really quick turn around on this box. It's already in the mail. :)

Books I took:
Words to Our Now

Books added:
When Katie Met Cassidy
When the Moon Was Ours

Tracking # 9549 0154 0922 8121 2327 20


No worries! A quick turnaround is fine. :)

Thanks SO much to everyone for participating. If anyone ever does another LGBTQ+ box, please PM me or otherwise alert me.

Thank you all!


This mini-bookbox is slated to head home soon, so if you would like to participate now is your time to speak up! :)


Big thanks to everyone for making the mini-bookbox a success! I would love to do it again sometime or participate in another LGBTQ+ box. Thanks again, all!


The box arrived home again safely today. I'm about to journal all the books. Thank you all once again for participating!


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