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I heard on the radio this morning that Stephen Hawking has died. He contributed so much to science and had a great sense of humour into the bargain.

I thought it would be apt to run an international ring for his book, A Brief History of Time. This isn't the easiest of reads, but its worth having a go even if physics isn't really your thing. If you've always thought about giving this a go, now here's your chance.

Please post with where you are and your shipping preferences - sign-up's taken until the end of the month.


winggreenbadgerwing 11 mos ago
Me please
So sad to hear about Stephen Hawking.

I'm in the UK and will post anywhere. I'd prefer not to receive this for a couple of months if possible as I'm a bit overwhelmed with books at the moment!

Thank you for organising.


wingdark-dracowing 11 mos ago


if anyone is willing to ship to the US.

Is it a thick book?
If it's thick, I'd like to be put down for US shipping only.
If it's not too thick, then I'm ok with shipping internationally.

Just watched the movie 'The Theory of Everything' earlier this week.


freuju 10 mos ago
I'd also love to join in. I'm in Germany and can post it internationally. Thanks a lot!


I aim to get this in the post 7th April.



Olivia_Lo 9 mos ago
I'm in!
In Taiwan and can post internationally. Thank you.


It's arrived, thank you!


Now on its way to freuju.




On its way to Olivia_Lo.


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