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You are in!


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If there is an animal (real, fictional, extinct) in the title, then it counts for this box!

USA only to keep the prices down (media mail is fine)

Starting out with 18 books

let me know if you are interested -- hoping to get this going by Valentine's day


Count me in... in New York State.



but later in the round please as I need to read up some books.


winginnaewing 10 mos ago
I will leave this open until next weekend, in hopes we get some more players...but three is a good start. And Children's books are welcome - :-)

The list thus far



in case we still have someone who wants to join!!


would like to join


You are in!


Here is a link to the book travelling with the box in case you want to follow along:


winginnaewing 8 mos ago
Gone Missing
Seems this box went missing somewhere at the post office, on its way to SouthernFryed....let us hope the animals will eventually be freed and find new homes!


Will you need some help to restart the box? Hate to have you lost all the books with nothing in return (unless you are seriously trying to cut down your bookshelf.)


Just got notification that the box was damaged at the post office...I am getting ready to report the list of books that were in the box to see if they have them somewhere. If I get the books back, I will start this again. (If not...sorry to on the lookout for another book box from me soon!)


please skip me. I wild released the books I was saving for this yesterday for Bookcrossing Day.


I so understand! Sorry it didn't get going ...


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