UK Only - "READ IT, SWAP IT, LEAVE IT" Bookring game *NEW ROUND*

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Same rules as before...
So here's what will happen.....

I will send out a package containing THREE books to the first on the list. When you receive the package, just follow these simple (I hope!) steps....

Choose ONE of the three books to read. Read it, then return it to the package....after journaling it of course ;o)

Choose one of the remaining two books to swap with one of your own, then keep it -preferably to read at your leisure but do-with-it-what-you-will, after all it's yours now!

The last book will be left in the package to send on to the next don't do anything with it, don't even journal it!

Post to the next on the list!
The envelope you send on MUST still contain THREE books...made up of TWO of the books that you received - one of which you read & journaled - plus one book of your own. (As this is UK only, postage should be £2.85 as package will be less than 2kg)

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT have to read the same book as the previous player - choose what you like!

Hope that makes sense, I did try to keep it simple, honest..... :o)

Some "rules"/guidelines.....

Please aim to move the package on within 4 weeks. This should give you ample time to read one of the books.

Please list the three books you send on in the Bookrings journal when releasing & PLEASE indicate which one you read. This is more for my own interest than anything as I like to know what is added/taken & also to see if one particular book gets a lot of readers!

PLEASE keep the genres's no fun receiving three horror books to choose from if you hate horror! And not more than one book by any author at a time. Please try avoid later books in a series.

Out of courtesy to other readers please ensure the books are in a good condition.

Please replace envelope as necessary!

If you're interested post here & any questions, ask away.

"Players" -
I've moved Spartaca, mysteriousmummy & earthcaroleanne from group one as that ring seems to be stalled & are continuing with the books I received on the ring's return home.

earthcaroleanne (moved down by request)
Spartaca (no reply Jan 2018 so moved down list)

please see journal for curent reading list


But as I am still working my way through tbr books to send out for my shrinking vbb can you stick me in the middle of the list of participants please :-)




I've never done this before but hey, New Year, new things.




But as I've not received the last one year, don't put me too near the top as I think it's no too far away. Can I stick to UK posting if possible, please?





wingPlum-crazywing 1 yr ago
All in!
Will sort of posting list when the book is ready to move on. Intend to put those still waiting from Group 1 up first.


...anyone else?


Please count me in!
Thank you


Me please!

Trying to avoid signing up to too much but this is too good an idea to resist. :)


Can I join again please?







...& it will be moving on.


Sorry I was a bit delayed replying to your pm I have sent you my details


Posting order is on JE just let me know if you need moving when it gets to you :o)


Just seen this. I think I'd like to try it for a change of scenery if I could be fitted in to the schedule please.


Just seen this. I think I'd like to try it for a change of scenery if I could be fitted in to the schedule please.

No problem, you're added :o)


can I please play this?


I'd love to join in with this again :)



I'd like to join in if it is?


Cfreckle 8 mos ago
I decided at the last minute to go on a 2 week holiday and forgot to post these books on before I left! Sorry! I'll do it as soon as I get home after the 20th xx it too late for me to join? it too late for me to join?

Never too late! You're added :o)


Tanamo 8 mos ago
Its here


Please add me to the list!


Please add me to the list!

Added....& as there are so many I might split it into two. Give me a week or two....


I will try and move them on quickly.


Hello, I am interested in taking part too :)


Welcome! You're added 😊


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