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Lucy Maud Montgomery became a beloved, world famous author following her Anne of Green Gables Novels. They were translated into seventeen languages and read by adults and teens, as well as children. In addition to the "Anne" Series she authored eleven other full novels and short story collections.

In this BookRing I have included three of her books (not any "Anne" books) that I'd be happy to share with you via a US only BookRing, "The Story Girl," "The Road to Yesterday," and the "Golden Road." To join the BookRing send me a PM or make a note in this Forum thread. Please advise me of your name and mailing address. The books will be mailed individually so tell me which you'd like to receive. You can request one, two, or all three of them. The first book, "The Story Girl," will be mailed out on Dec. 1, 2017 with the "Road to Yesterday" going out one month later on Jan. 2, 2018 with "The Golden Road" starting it trip on Feb. 1, 2018. They'll make for some charming reading during cold winter days.


I have never read these Titles, and would LOVE to participate in your BookRing for all three of these Montgomery books, weeder...and I would be happy to help with postage, if needed. THANK YOU for your kind offer. I will PM you after I post here. ; )


Hello BOOKWORMINUSALL and thanks for starting the BookRing. I'm enjoying "The Golden Road" now and I have to chuckle about all the twists, turns, and misunderstandings. They make fun stories. The children and their inventive play takes me back to my childhood in the 1950's!


Hello BOOKWORMINUSALL and thanks for starting the BookRing.
My pleasure, weeder. ; ) Thanks for making these titles available for us BCers to experience and enjoy. ; )
I'm enjoying "The Golden Road" now and I have to chuckle about all the twists, turns, and misunderstandings. They make fun stories.
I'm in no hurry, but looking forward to the fun. ; )


This coming Friday Dec. 1, 2107 I'll be mailing the first in a three book BookRing of Montgomery's stand alone novel "The Story Girl." Her name is Sara Stanley and she's only fourteen, but she can weave tales that are impossible to resist-tales that spark the imagination and touch the heart. She's L. M. Montgomery's most enchanting heroine since Anne of Green Gables.

People often think of L. M. Montgomery's novels as children's books but they have been enjoyed by many adults around the world for over 100 years. The descriptive prose is lovely and the stories are the type you'd most enjoy listening to in a group-maybe, around a campfire.

Please let me know before Dec. 1, 2017 if you'd like to jump into the story listeners group! Let me know in this thread or via PM.


If at some point you would be willing to extend this ring to Canada as well, I would be interested in participating for all three of these books. I read all of the Anne books as a teenager,and read them all again a couple of years ago. I have read 2 of her other books, have two more TBR but not these ones and just love her stories.


Thanks for your note about including Canadians in this BookRing. BC'ers from around the world have Montgomery's books on their WishLists (Europe, South America, Eastern Europe, The UK, Russia and Australia so it's difficult to decide how I can include as many people as possible. When the USA BookRing returns to me I'll add a Canadian one. After that I can go on to another area.

I'm continuing to buy new Montgomery books other than the (Anne of Green Gables Series.) There are about twelve novels and collections outside of the Anne Series and those are what I'm sharing with these BookRings. When I began to read the Montgomery books I had no idea she had written so many other books outside that famous Series. It seems that many people weren't aware of all those books either.


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