Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom - Bookray (Int'l depending on participants postal preferences)

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I recently came across a copy of the second book in C.J. Sansom's excellent Matthew Shardlake series in a charity shop and was wondering if there was any interest in a bookray for it once I have read it.


Cassandra2020 has already offered the first book of the series as a bookray which can be found here http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/530179/

I would be looking to make this as international as possible depending on where people are willing to sent it (it is just over 500 pages and in all likelihood will incur a higher postage cost in most countries).

If you are interested please post below and include your country and shipping preferences.

(I also have book 3 that I may potentially offer as a ring as it was a personal gift and I would like it back, let's see how this goes first).

Bookray Order:
saskiasosmile (UK, post UK, Europe then anywhere)
penelopewanders (Switzerland, post Europe)


Count me in if I can read it after Dissolution. (Similarly for book 3 if you send it round.)

In UK and will post anywhere. Thank you!


Added you in :)


wingClairby11xxxwing 1 yr ago


so after I've read that I'd be up for the second (and perhaps beyond...?). I'm in Switzerland and prefer European (or Swiss!) shipping - but really only once I've read the first. Thank you!


Great you are in too!


wingClairby11xxxwing 1 yr ago


It might be an idea to send a PM to saskiasosmile, who is also on the ray for the first book.


Thanks, I have PM'd a few people who have it on their wishlist :)


Thank you for the PM and thinking of me. Please put my name on the list!
My sending preference is : first UK, then EU , then Int'l. Thanks.


You are now in as well :)


It's a while since I read the first one now and I have books 3 and 4 ready to read after. :)


The book is the next one I will be reading then I will send it to the first person, apologies for the delay I have just got married and life has been a bit crazy at the moment, now back to normal and catching up on my reading!


Congratulations! :)


Congrats clairby11xxx !


So I'll drop out of this ring.

Thank you!


No problem!


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