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I will add you to the list


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Round four is nearing the end and wanted to get sign ups for round three going. The box will start with 3 books. I will send it off to the first person who then can make their picks and replace with an equal amount, but not revealing the books they added. Please reveal what you took in the forum. Please keep the box to 3 books as I want to keep shipping affordable for all participants.

Rules are this: 1) has to be a paperback, doesn't matter what type of paperback 2) no romance or westerns 3) please only share books that are in good shape

List so far:

1) Ollie1976
2) jmsmom
3) southernfryed
4) HI77 <-----Asked to be skipped
5) Sonkku
6) Aramena
7) heartthumper
8) BookLovinMama
10) love2cook <----Asked to be skipped
11) freezone
12) minesayn
13) Saint13
14) bookstogive <-----Moving down the list, skp for now
15) booboo123
16) sleepingdebbie <-----skipped, no response
17) booksnbeer
18) perryfan
19) bookstogive
20) HI77
21) Egkrynicky
22) Queen72
23) book_drunkard <------Box is Here


wingjmsmomwing 3 yrs ago
Me please


You've been added



wingHI77wing 3 yrs ago

I have fun with this one. Please count me in! :)


Meekachu07 3 yrs ago
RE: :)
Glad to hear it...I've added both you and SouthernFryed to the list


wingSonkkuwing 3 yrs ago
I am in
This sounds fun. I will be in.


You have been added




You've been added



You're in


And thank you!


Just added you...welcome


It has been awhile since I joined you for the fun in this "Surprise", Meekachu07, and I think the timing on this round will be just right for me for summer please be so kind as to add me to your list...and THANK YOU for organizing this. ; )


Perfect....good to have you back




Will do


Please sign me up. I'm in Massachusetts.


if you are still taking names. I am in Ohio.


Give me some more details on how to receive, and send it to the next person. Otherwise I'll try it out! :)


Oh I forgot! I'm in Maryland.


The books will come to you in an padded envelope most likely. You will select the books you want and reveal the ones you took. Then message the next person in line and they will provide you with their address and you can ship them via media mail. Hope this helps!




Let me know if I missed anyone


My goal is to get this going this week. I will still be accepting sign ups though. Ollie its coming your way!


booboo123 3 yrs ago
Round 5
I'll go another round. Please add me


You have been added


You have been added


Ollie1976 3 yrs ago
Great choices. PM the next in line now


Glad you found something that you are interested in....thanks for the update


Meekachu07 3 yrs ago


Meekachu07 3 yrs ago
Any updates on this box?


but haven't gotten anything yet.


I will PM Ollie to check


Will get them off before the end of the week.


Sounds good...thanks for the update. What did you select?


to southernfryed.

I kept The Devil's Punchbowl by Greg Ives


The Help by kathryn Stockett, The Jester by James Patterson & Andrew Gross, and Vampires by John Steakley. I will be replacing all 3. Pming the next inline.


Sounds good! Thanks for the update


pming Sonkku



Books are here. I chose
Debra Webb: Traceless
James Patterson: Private London

I send PM to next in the list. FYI I will leave to vacation on Friday. If I receive address before 4 p.m. tomorrow, I get the box on the mail tomorrow. Otherwise it will be after one week.


Thanks for keeping me updated. Enjoy your vacation!


All three books look interesting, so I'm taking all three:

Decaffeinated Corpse, by Cleo Coyle (I have some of the other books in this series so I was excited to see this one!)
Sister, by Rosamund Lupton
Rasmus and Vagabond, by Astrid Lindgren

PMing next participant now.


Sounds like a good score....thanks for the update


and should be mailed out today.


Sounds good...thanks


Will make my choices and message the next in line.


I would love to join! Great idea to keep it to a small number of books :-)


I will add you to the list


I removed:
The Alibi - Sandra Brown
An Acceptable Time - Madeleine L'engle

I added:
Stray - Rachel Vincent
Murder In Chinatown Victoria - Thompson



Can I join?




I have you and BooksNBeer added


Sent a note to BookWormInUsAll to obtain the mailing address. Deciding which to keep, which to send on and which to add.


Sent a note to BookWormInUsAll to obtain the mailing address.

Replied to your PM, and got a "CATCH" of one of your books I released in an LFL this past February. You may already know this if you receive BC Release Alerts. ; ) Exciting, nonetheless, as I RARELY receive Journal Entries of LFL Releases...OUR lucky day!!! ; ) My Little Island (Reading Rainbow, 1987) by Frane Lessac


I was excited to see the journal entry. Most of the books we drop off a our LFLs are not journaled, but we've seen kiddos with the books.

I put in a fourth paperback for you. :)

Tracking 9549010589607244113381


freezone 3 yrs ago
Does anyone in this list read French? I might PM you to offer a book or two.....


Does anyone in this list read French? I might PM you to offer a book or two.....

What a kind offer, freezone. ; ) I can still say a few phrases in French, but do not read it with understanding. I do have two little nieces (1st and 2nd grade) who are learning French at their school this year though. ; )

I just received this Surprise Paperback Bookbox, and since love2cook has asked to be skipped, you are next in line. Off to PM you for your address, and make Journal Entries for the books that arrived. I will delay this week's Post Office run until I hear from you, so I can get this sent out this week.


Am hoping to now get this mailed out on Monday 7/18 when I'll be out & about for two doctor appts. ; )


Sounds good...thanks for the update


Sounds good...thanks for the update
You're welcome, Meekachu07. : ) Would love to get this sent on, but I've been checking on and off all weekend, and still no word. I have two doctor appointments tomorrow, and a trip to the Post Office to make. I will check one more time before I leave for the day. Crossing fingers. ; )


Just saw this, and sent my address to Meekachu07


Okay...thanks, freezone. Hope everything is going well for you.


Expected delivery date is Thursday, 28 September 2017.
Tracking # 9549012652517264156635

THANK YOU for hosting and including me, Meekachu07!!! : )

I chose to keep and read...In the Shadow of Alabama by Judy Reene Singer


freezone 3 yrs ago
So much fun to get a book box. I chose Linda Howard's Cry No More.


Should arrive at next stop on Weds.


wingHI77wing 3 yrs ago

If possible. I'd love to jump back in. :)


Meekachu07 3 yrs ago
RE: :)
I will add you to to the end


Tuesday, but because of starting a job on Wednesday, haven't really dealt with the box. Will make my pick (Death of a Colonial by Bruce Alexander), and contact the next person on the list for address.

Thank you freezone for sending it to me; will get it out as soon as reasonably possible. Will post again after mailing it off.


Thanks for the update.


I didn’t receive my bookplates yet, so I hope I do by the time I get the books. How do I know who to send the books to?


Once your turn is up, someone will message you requesting your address to send the books to. Once you receive the books and make your selection(s) announce them here but don't say which books you're adding. Then you will message the next person on the list asking for their address and send the books that way.

Feel free to message me if you need to


I added you


Saint13 3 yrs ago
Got it
The bookbox is here with me. I'll be shipping it out to booboo soon.


Saint13 3 yrs ago
RE: Got it
I'll be taking tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.


to Saint 13. Looking forward to receiving it.


The box just got mailed yesterday :)


thanks for the update


and I chose Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I sent a PM to sleeping Debbie for her address so hopefully I can get the box going again soon.


Sounds good...thanks for the update


and ready to get back into rotation


I will get you added


booboo123 3 yrs ago
to reach Sleeping Debbie for her info so I can get the box on it's way. Still waiting to hear.


If possible, I'd like to join this game. Sounds like fun!


Sounds good, I will add you


Yay! I’ll be the one to send books to you. I already know which ones I’m sending you :)


from sleepingdebbie. Do I move on to the next person?


Go ahead and move on


booboo123 3 yrs ago
BooksnBeer the books are headed out her? way. Hopefully will get the box moving again before the end of the weekend.


Sounds good...thanks for the update


booboo123 3 yrs ago
the box today. Happy reading everybody.


I received the package and I will select "A Year in Provence" by Peter Mayle.

I am PMing the next in line and will get it out as soon as I receive the next address.


Sounds good...thanks for the update


I decided to keep all three books:

Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis
The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Curtis
The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

I will contact the next in line and get the replacement books out again within a day or two.


Awesome...thanks for the update



I will keep all three:

Robert Parker's Wonderland by Ace Atkins
The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
The Outcasts by Kathleen Kent

I have the next address and will get my replacement books out shortly.


tracking # 9449009699939510896157


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