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I am thinking about pulling together a science fiction bookbox. The books will be soft and hard scifi but no fantasy. I'm looking for at least 5 people who want to participate. If you are interested, please post here or send me a PM.




...I'm in. Or if I can mail in the US.


Sorry i didn't mention it before but i'd like to keep it in the states for now. If there is a lot of interest for international than I might include them and work something out. But for now US only.

Lamilla are you still in?


You might want to edit your original subject line: Lamilla is in Belarus (and sent my mom some nice stamps from there).

I think I'm "overbooked" with boxes at the moment but I'm interested in seeing how this one goes..good luck!


wingemmejowing 3 yrs ago
I would join.
I can only do US shipping right now, if you do end up expanding it to international BCers.


I will join. Just let me know the details when you are ready.


lane1088 3 yrs ago
Hello All, I've included everyone in the states that is interested. I am still going through my scifi box to decide what goes in there. I will finish that this weekend and then figure out the order of the journey. So if anyone is still interested please let me know by Tuesday April 11th.


lane1088 3 yrs ago
Hi All,

The box is almost ready to ship so thought i'd ask everyone where they are from. I'll contact each person by PM as well to get their location so i can figure out the order of sending the box out.



Hello All,

I'm listing below the rules and order of participants. If there is any reason why you can't forward the box in the two weeks, please ask to be skipped or PM me and we can discuss it.

Some basic rules for “My Bookbox” (Borrowed from Tribefan):
1. All books should be labeled with a BCID.
2. Please journal the box when you get it.
3. Take out as many books as you want and replace with equal number.
4. PM the next person on the list for their address when you get the box. If you don’t get a response after two-three tries, go to the next person in line and let me know.
5. Please keep the box no more than 2 weeks.
6. Journal again when you send the box off to the next person
7. Send via Media mail. Delivery confirmation is at your discretion.
8. If the box looks beat up, please replace it.

List of Participants (in order of traveling):
1. BookLovinMama (Arnold, Missouri)
2. emmejo ( Trumansburg NY)
3. Spatial (Arlington, VA)
4. erishkigal (Salt Lake City, UT)
5. GoryDetails (Nashua, NH)

I will add others if they join. I'll update here once I send the box out.

Thanks all.


I'd love to join. emmejo's Otherworldly bookbox is with me now, so being last would be great.


Although I don't see a journal in the box.

We will go through the box and decide over the next few days. So many choices!

I'll PM the next in line after we've made our decisions.

We meaning my sci-fi lovin' family!


I can play!


I've add the next two people on the list--see updated order above. And Booklinmama--I decided against the journal and forgot to update the rules. I've done it now though. Thanks all.


I realized I hadn't asked emmejo for a mailing address. I just sent a note and plan to have the books mailed by May 16th. I will post which books we took out when I mail it, just in case we finish another book before it leaves the house and we pull another one out. :)


Tracking: 9549 0134 7543 7140 1136 47

Books I took out:
The Maquisarde by Louise Marley
Rainbow Mars by Larry Niven
Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds
American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Iron Council by China Mieville

Books I put in are a surprise!


wingemmejowing 3 yrs ago
The box is here in NY. It will probably be able to go out next week. I think I will need to register some more books to swap out.


The tracking number is 9114 9999 4431 4715 9775 79

I took:

The Space Between the Stars
The Robots of Dawn
The Currents of Space
Cardinal Sins
Honor Among Enemies
The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015

I added:
What's Left of Me
Alien Tongue
Vampire Hunter D:Throng of Heretics
The Handmaid's Tale
Dragons in the Stars
Hunter's Run
White Horse

Most of the books I added were mass market paperbacks, so there was a lot of extra space. I added a couple extra books to avoid having to fill the box with tons of packing materials. I put the envelopes of bookmarks and magnets on the bottom of the box and covered them with a layer of paper to hopefully hide them, since technically their inclusion means the box is not eligible for Media Mail, and I just had one of the boxes I'm running selected for inspection. If this box gets picked, it could get expensive for the person who has to ship all these books Priority!


The box is now in VA. I'll have it back on the trail by this weekend, at the earliest, or early next week at the latest! So many good titles, like emmejo, I might have to register some more books!


Tracking # 9549 0154 0924 7163 1115 58

I replaced the box. It didn't have holes but the cardboard was really weak. The books are now in a recycled Amazon box. The box is bigger, so added a gob of bubble wrap! Have fun popping!

There were 3 books that were on my wishlist, so they were the first I took!
Books I took:

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin
The Giver by Lois Lowry
Old Man's War by John Scalzi
White Horse by Alex Adams
What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang
Vampire Hunter D: Throng of Heretics by Hideyuki Kikuchi

LOOK AWAY... if you don't want to know what's been added to the box!
Books I added:

Halting State
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus
Time Enough For Love
The Mote In God's Eye

Oh! And I took the Mars magnetic bookmark! Thanks! It's super cute and is already in use!


Glad you liked the selection and the bookmark. I'm going to see if anyone else wants to join this box as I'm not ready to have it back yet. You guys are going through it way faster than I thought. LOL


Hello all,

If anyone is interested in joining this box, please PM me or post here. The box is at the second to the last person in line so could use another 3-5 people.



It's funny, I've been wanting to read Old Man's War for awhile and so was pleasantly surprised to see it in the box...a few days later sends their free ebook of the month (can sign up for free anytime) for June and it's that book!
Here's the link if anyone wants it:

Annnnnnd bump!


That's kind of cool. I didn't know Tor sends out free ebooks each month. I like trying new authors which I may not pick up normally. Glad you finally will get a chance to read Old Man's war. It was very different and I liked it. Hope you enjoy it.


Arrived this morn, to my delight. Tho on opening, I admit to being a bit disappointed that a good 2/3s of the books are ones I have already read. Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, given as many decades as I've been reading SF~~lol! Still, I've found some of interest that are new to me (including the oldest in the box!), and I'm even going to pull my favorite Heinlein (The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress) to read and release on my upcoming trip.

LOVE the pop-up, lane :) Is it our journal? I didn't find a bcid~~


Never have I even tried to turn a box around so fast~ but I'm packing for a month-long camping trip, so I had to get it right out. So, I removed:

Halting State
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Dragons in the Stars
The Inverted World

and put in:

On Basilisk Station by Davis Weber

The Rock Rats by Ben Bova

Manifold: Origin by Stephen Baxter

The Dream Master by Roger Zelazny

Old Man's War by John Scalzi

Station 16 by Yves H

Rules of Engagement by Elizabeth Moon

Young Miles by Lois Mcmaster Bujold

I enjoyed every one of those, hopefully their 'next readers' will as well!

usps tracking #
9549 0161 8076 7172 1716 33

Thanks for putting ths together, lane1088!


If not, the box will be on its way back to lane1088 as soon as I've made my selections. (The little cat-themed pop-up book is very cute!)


As swamped as I am with TBR's, I can't pass up a chance to pick through books read and journalled by GoryDetails. Gory, I'll PM you my mailing address.


I've sent it to JudySlump612 in Minnesota, tracking # 1315 3210 0000 3843 8211; hope it travels safely! My choices and replacements follow; stop reading if you'd rather be surprised...


I took out:

The Handmaid’s Tale
Station 16
Mote in God’s Eye
On Basilisk Station
Alien Tongue
Dune: Machine Crusade
Dune: Butlerian Jihad
Dune: Battle of Corrin
Ascendant Stars
Dream Master
Young Miles

And I put in:

It Came From Schenectady ( )
Will Save the Galaxy for Food ( )
Brightness Falls from the Air ( )
Pilgrimage ( )
Mind of My Mind ( )
Cosmic Kaleidoscope ( )
Mallworld ( )
Ex Machina ( )
Wool ( )
Iron Woman ( )
One Side Laughing ( )
The Great SF Stories (1964) ( )
Star Fleet Technical Manual ( )
The Meek ( )
The Best of Edmond Hamilton ( )
The Second Ship ( )
Isaac Asimov’s History of I-Botics ( )


...and full of lots of very nice books it is. DrSlump & I will be able to go through and make our exchanges sometime next week.


We are just about ready to pack the box up. Last chance! If nobody else steps forward by the end of the week, it will go home to lane1088.


Media mail, tracking # 9549 0150 3076 7203 1839 00
ETA July 28


The box is back in my home--actually about two weeks ago. I finally got a chance to open it and look inside. There are some interesting adventures in there. I'll keep some and wild release some others.,

THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING. I may send around another box next year with a new crop of books so will let you know and you can participate if you want to.


Fantastic! Thanks for doing this box; it was fun!
Yes, please let us know when you do this box again!


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