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Let's do this again! It would be good if we could get 12 particpants for the year. Most importantly you'll have choosen your favourite book read in 2016, it doesn't have to be a book that's written in 2016. Which book have you read in 2016 that you want to share with everyone? Which book really stood out, which one will make your top 3?

A roundabout is a type of bookring, where everyone who participates sends one of their books to the next participant. And so the book goes round until it has been with every participant and every participant has read all the books.

Here's some basic rules
1. I will compile and post a list of members who are interested. Unfortunately I will restrict this to Europe only. Shipping overseas sometimes takes a long time and with delays. Everyone who enters should be willing to ship within Europe with airmail, but I will try and group people of the same country together. Even so, I know shipping costs can be expensive, so try not to choose big hardback copies of your favourite. Also if your favourite is a 1000 page novel, maybe pick your second favourite. I will PM people to confirm the shipping order and let them know when the roundabout has started.
2. Everyone mails their favourite/special book to the next person on the list. So everyone has a new book.
3. Once you have received your book you should POST HERE to say that it has arrived (but don't say what it is to keep it a surprise for the rest!).
4. Once you have received the book you will have one month to read and send on your book. I think this is plenty of time.
5. These last two steps are repeated until everyone has read each others' books.

This way our favourite reads get the chance to touch many lives :)

I will go for a maximum of 12 participants. I would like for everyone to send their books out in the first half of January, so get your books ready. I will close this as soon as we get 12 participants. It's first come first serve, so please enter fast if you want to participate!

Because this roundabout will probably cover at least a year, please make sure you can commit. I will check your previous record on bookcrossing, and if you are a staller of books, please don't enter. I only let people in who have proven before to be reliable bookcrossers. This may sound harsh and I don't want to scare people away, but it just wouldn't be fair to the other participants if books get stalled, or people drop out. Also, this year books were sent out of order so, please only send to the same person every time.


1. earthcaroleanne
2. dark-draco
3. Nataliec7
4. Lamilla
5. Leahjett (being skipped - books aren't being forwarded)
6. Billbooks
7. Icila
8. LilyKip
9. Fifna


wingFifnawing 1 yr ago
Count me in again please! I've enjoyed this year's books so I'm glad we're having a new round.



LilyKlip 1 yr ago
I'd like
to play again this year. Thanks!



If possible, I'd like to post to the UK, but if this isn't possible, Europe is fine.


alexotanil 1 yr ago
Sounds awesome! I would like to join in please if possible.


noticed this was Europe only D; ignore my previous message~


noticed this was Europe only D; ignore my previous message~

As we only have 8 people signed up so far and Lamilla is willing to post to NZ, I don't mind if you join. We had Catsalive join us this year and I think it worked OK. Remember, leahjett, you'll be posting airmail to Europe every month though - I don't want you scared off by the cost when it comes to it. Is everyone else OK with that?


Doesn't other me! But I'm not the one with the cost! I obviously would prefer UK postage but will post to Europe no problem. It's only one book a month.


Thank you! ;D I was gutted when I saw it was Europe only. Please count me in then ^^


Thank you. It's a bonus to read books I perhaps had never choosen.


if it makes any difference :)


It would be nice to get up to 12 again.

LilyKlip - there's no one else from Germany yet. Any German bookcrossers you know who would enjoy this?


wingLamillawing 1 yr ago


Thank for bumping. I had planned to get this finalised this week but I became a bit distracted by other events. I don't know if you saw my other post on chit-chat but my cat went in for a straightforward dental and his heart stopped under anaesthetic. He was brought round but blind and with breathing problems. I'm glad to say both were temporary. He's more or less back to normal now but he gave me a scare. I'll get looking at the posting order following requests as much as possible.


Gosh what a rollercoaster! I'm so glad to hear he is back to normal now, thatt would have been terriying D; All the best for your kitties health in 2017 ^^


Here's my suggestion for a posting order. Let me know if you want anything changed before I update the original post.

earthcaroleanne posting to
dark-draco posting to
Nataliec7 posting to
Lamilla posting to
Leahjett posting to
Billbooks posting to
Icila posting to
LilyKip posting to
Fifna posting to
alexotanil posting to earthcaroleanne


I'm happy with Nataliec7 posting to me and me posting to Leahjett


I can post to Billbooks in Australia. No problem.


I can post to Billbooks in Australia. No problem.

Lamilla has already said she's happy to post to Leahjett so she could post it on to billbooks. No point it coming back to Europe too quickly.

Back from my hols so I'll get on to my proper computer tomorrow to finalise everything.


I'd like to join if I'm not too late naturally post everywhere


I'd like to join if I'm not too late naturally post everywhere

As we are not at 12 people, I have no objections, as long a no one else has.


Im glad I can post to you! Will shave shipping costs down hugely (:

Excited to start!


Everyone should have their emails by now. Please check that what I have said in the email matches what is in the original post - my brain was getting a little fuddled keeping you in the correct order. Can everyone please post their books in the next two weeks.

Looking forward to other people's favourites again.


ordered an English copy directly to leahjett's address


LilyKlip 1 yr ago
My book
will be sent out tomorrow.


wingFifnawing 1 yr ago
RE: My book
will be sent out tomorrow.

And it has arrived here.


If all goes to plan, my choice will be posted out on Saturday.



and has arrived.



wingBillbookswing 1 yr ago
Selected my best book after tossing around a couple I really liked will post early next week


The addresses they are posting to now?


Goodmorning to all. I have the address and I will post the book probably on Thursday. I hope it's ok.


and I've received dark-draco's.


from earthcaroleanne.


wingFifnawing 1 yr ago
My book
Will go out tomorrow.


alexotanil 1 yr ago
So I was on my way to the post office when I had a small "accident". I will spare you the details but the thing is that the book was completely destroyed. I am really sad because I had ordered the english copy months ago especially for this roundabout. It's really hard to find an english copy in greek bookstores now. So I chose my second favourite book of 2016. I am sending it tomorrow to earthcaroleanne and I hope everybody will enjoy it!


wingLamillawing 1 yr ago
RE: :(
Sorry to hear that!
Hope your second choice will be equally enjoyable


Oh no, I hope you were OK.


Actually, a motorbiker tried to mug me. I fell down, the bag got torn up and thanks to the rain and the wind the book got ruined... Anyway, he didn't manage to steal anything - thank God - and I didn't get hurt so I'll just forget about it. Hope the new book arrives soon.


Oh wow. That's too much excitement and the wrong kind.



wingBillbookswing 1 yr ago
First one
My first favourite has arrived from Leahjett - along with two other rays I will get cracking on my reading


Fifna's choice is in my hands. Thank you.



I wonder is this one arrived yet, leahjett?


is on its way to alexotanil.


will be sent out to the Netherlands tomorrow.


will be sent out to the Netherlands tomorrow.

And it has arrived here.


I have Fifna's book


Have received Lamilla's choice via Leahjett



is with me now. thanks.


has finally arrived!


wingBillbookswing 1 yr ago
Have finished Lamilla's choice and will be posting shortly


LilyKlip's book to earthcaroleanne


Started reading straight away



It arrived today.


My second favourite read and ready to pass on so that's Leahjett and Lamilla done


is with me.
Thank you once again Nataliec7 for the lovely card


I have LilyKlip's book


Fifna's and Alexotanil's choices are both being posted today - one of the books made a little detour through my Mum's hands, as she heard me raving about it and picked it off my 'to post pile'!


And they've arrived today, thanks!


And they've arrived today, thanks!

Could you please send them to me one by one? I too have two books on my hands right now :D


is on the way to NZ



wingFifnawing 1 yr ago
Icila's book
is on its way to alexotanil.


has arrived here.


I've sent it 10.02


I've sent it 10.02

Did this ever arrive? Or is it taking the scenic route :)


will be coming to Oslo with me next week, so I can give it to alexotanil.


will be coming to Oslo with me next week, so I can give it to alexotanil.

Alexotanil has already read it so I have it now. I've not opened the parcel yet to give her time to make a journal entry. Plus I've still to receive my May book first.


will begin reading it this evening :)


I have Icila's book in my hands and I gave Billbook's book to earthcaroleanne.


will be tomorrow on its way to earthcaroleanne.


will be tomorrow on its way to earthcaroleanne.

Got it


...is somewhere between France and Germany.


...is somewhere between France and Germany.

It's with me now and I'm delighted! ;-)


Its been 3 months since Lamilla posted it to leahjett but it's not journalled so probably hasn't arrived. Dark-draco's has arrived already. Hopefully it'll turn up soon :)


is traveling again.


is traveling again.

And it has arrived here.


I sent you a PM, did you get it? I'm not convinced all my messages are reaching people.


thanks Nataliec7! :)


will be travelling to alexotanil tomorrow.


is on its way to the Netherlands.


is on its way to the Netherlands.

And it has arrived here.


is now with me. I have already read it so I will pass it on to earthcaroleanne on the next couple of days.


book today.



For 3 months.


is coming to leahjett via BWB



wingBillbookswing 1 yr ago
For some reason I cannot register the book sent originally from dark-draco though everyone else could. Hmm pasture time for me?? Anyway as it turns out I read it a few years really enjoyed so I will pass straight onto Icila


is travelling to alexotanil.


wingLamillawing 1 yr ago
I'm ready
to send the next book to Leahjett, waiting for the ones I've sent earlier to reach her first though


wingIcilawing 1 yr ago
RE: I'm ready
to send the next book to Leahjett, waiting for the ones I've sent earlier to reach her first though

So how many are now traveling from you to Leajhett, please ?


to send the next book to Leahjett, waiting for the ones I've sent earlier to reach her first though

So how many are now traveling from you to Leajhett, please ?

By my calculations from the books I've forwarded, I think two are stalled at Leahjett and Lamilla is holding two. Maybe more are stalled but haven't been through my hands. She has already had one chance but I'm not sure even then if anything has been forwarded by her. Should we take the decision to skip her?


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