My Antonia by Willa Cather - Guardian 1000 bookray, now travelling but still open

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One of The Guardian's 1000 books, this is a lovely book about settlers in the American Midwest. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and feel it deserves a wider audience.

Initially I'm thinking UK/EU but will open it up further afield if there's sufficient interest. (weight is 194g without packaging etc)

You can find the journal for this particular copy here:

List so far:

Blue_Berry, in UK prefers UK then EU postage
Trojanhorse, in UK, prefers UK then EU postage
Clairby11xxx, in UK prefers UK postage
DianeO, in UK will ship anywhere
Greenbadger, in UK, will ship anywhere
Lindasaurus, in Austria, will ship anywhere
kiki66, in Germany will ship anywhere


Looks interesting and a bit different, thanks for offering.

I'm in the UK, prefer posting to the UK/EU.


Added! Thanks for getting this started, hopefully I'll get enough participants quickly and get this moving in the New Year.


wingCassandra2020wing 3 yrs ago


wingCassandra2020wing 3 yrs ago


wingCassandra2020wing 3 yrs ago


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago


DianeO 2 yrs ago
Me Please!
Hi - would love to read this. Happy to ship anywhere as always. Cheers!


Please could I join?
I'm in the UK and happy to post UK/EU. Thanks.


finally some interest :-) Was getting concerned that I wouldn't be able to get this going and it's such a lovely book.

Have added you both in


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago


I'd love to read this, in the UK and prefer UK postage :)


Excellent. Adding you in :-)


If still possible, I would love to join. I live in Austria - intl. shipping is fine.


Wonderful. Will add you in


In UK, will ship anywhere. Thank you!


added in


I am in Germany and will ship internationally...


excellent - will add you in


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago


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