Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro - finished...but looking to restart

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Im in Portugal and would prefer to ship within EU.
Thank you!


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This is interesting set of short stories based around the themes of love and music.

Anyone interested in a bookray? Initially thinking UKEU but will open it up further afield if there's sufficient interest. (weight is 194g without packaging etc)

You can find the journal for this particular copy here:

List so far:
Kizmiaz, in Portugal, will post anywhere <----posted out today 14/10/17
Ftarazu, in Portugal, prefer EU postage
Lindasaurus, in Austria, prefer EU postage
fokerella, in Germany, will post anywhere
SerendipityN in Germany will post anywhere
BaiLong, in China, will post anywhere
mcsar in Canada prefers USA postage
judygreeneyes, in USA, prefers USA then International posting
BookLovinMama, in USA, prefers USA posting


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago


... if the book is ready to travel internationally.
I live in China and can send anywhere.


If I can find a way to include you I will


I'd like to read it eventually if it comes to the USA. Can ship internationally but would prefer not to.


Have added you in - hopefully I can find a logical route for the book to take




I'm in Portugal and can ship internationally


Wonderful - thank you!


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago


Hi, I live in Berlin and would love to join, it's my first time and can't wait :)
I can ship internationally.


wonderful - will add you in. Might be able to get this going soon. I have a few other rays I'm trying to get going if you're interested.


Im in Portugal and would prefer to ship within EU.
Thank you!


You certainly can - I've added you in.

Will try and get this moving this coming week.


I'm in the US. I'd prefer US postage but can ship international.


of course... adding you in


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago
last bump before PM'ing the first on the list


... I would like to join. I live in Austria. European shipping preferred. Thanks!


I've added you in


wingCassandra2020wing 2 yrs ago


I am in Canada, and I prefer to ship to US.


Added in :-)


I don't mind shipping internationally.


Yes, just in time. Have added you in Sorry for the delay in posting, couldn't get to the post office until this morning


The book will probably be traveling again in a couple of weeks.


to judygreeneyes.


I'm last on the list. Is anyone interested in continuing the ray?


me :)


Yay! I PM'd you.


I'm hoping to start it soon. I am almost finished with my current book, but am fighting a summer/fall cold, so not much energy for reading right now.


I'm sorry I've had this so long! I finished it, and the book is waiting a trip to the post office as my work schedule conflicts with their weekday hours.


I finally got a chance to get to the post office before they closed! So, this is finally on it's way to the U.K.


I'm interested


Great -- I PM'd you also!


wingCassandra2020wing 1 yr ago




I live in Sweden and can ship anywhere.

I also started a bookray with a book from this author. If anyone would like to read “the buried giant”, you can sign up here:


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