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tracking # tracking # 9549016180797167166238~~ love that tracking is now automatic, we don't have to pay extra!!

my apartment is completely overrun with creatures of all sorts, so tis long past time to box an assortment of critters and send them off to share! Like the previous WILD THING box, this will be a shrinking one, with each person sending the box on with one or two books less than s/he removed from it.

There are (of course!) numerous cats, dogs, and horses; there are also birds, whales, bear, amphibians, fish, coyotes,elephants.....oh, I can't think now what else... (I'm just off from a long day's journey into work....)... but there is a variety. There will be both fiction and non, and like the first box the animal (which needn't be wild) MUST be central to the tale.

Edited/added May 29:
ok, the journal for this box will be http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14328700

Semi-random Order of sending:


semi-random, as while I drew names,I aslo tried to accommodate desires to be later on the list~~so if you asked to be near the end and came out on an early draw, you were tossed back in ;)

Because it is a shrinking box, there will be more choices on the front end, but also heavier to send. The farther down, the less weight, but also the less choice. It will be fairly large to start, to ensure that those near the end still have plenty of choice. And hopefully, this Wild Things won't shrink entirely! LOL~~maybe now that tracking #s are automatic, maybe that will be less of a worry~
end add.

http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12388514 is the journal for the first WILD THING Bookbox, so this one will need another book (the box didn't quite make it home).
and this is copied from the forum writeup of the original :

Now for the slightly shrinking part~~ that translates to “I do want books to return, just not as many.” So the total number of books in the box will depend on how many sign up, and each person will take one or two more books than they put in the box, again depending on how many participants. I want there to still be a good selection for the last person to choose from, then it will come home .

Please be respectful and considerate of your fellow bookcrossers. Send on books in good shape, that you have read and think others will enjoy. No garbage, no Saddle Club type/quality, no Romances (not that I think they'd qualify anyway, but just to be sure :p)


I certainly DO LOVE me some CREATURES...and I have some to share...so I'd LOVE to participate in your WILD THING Bookbox, erishkigal!!! THANK YOU for the opportunity!!! : ) PMing you with my address info...in Mesa, Arizona. ; )


I haven't joined a bookbox in ages -- it's time!


I am in Massachusetts. Wondering, too, what "Saddle Club type" is? :-)


I'd like to join, please. I live in Colorado.


BOOKWORMINUSALL, Megi53,Freezone,rhythmbiscuit. I made it in to get a few more books registered, print receipts for theatre, etc. Popped quickly into fb, but couldn't stand it, had to leave asap! freezone~ SaddleClub books are mass market horse romances for pre-teens. They are fine for encouraging younglings to read (and love HORSES!), but not for the box. Some years ago (back in the dark ages, when we could still afford to send physical bookboxes back and forth between continents) I was part of an all- horse bookbox, where a participant took out loads of books, and all his/her replacements were Saddle Club and their equivalent. Hence my note.


I got some interesting books from the last one. Unfortunately most of my animal stock was released in September, so I need to start reading books for this box!


added, NancyNova, and apologies for taking so long to get back here. Very happy to have you back again :)


wingAzukiwing 2 yrs ago
Please add me
Sorry I was on a trip and didn't get much time to visit BC forum till now.

Yes, I really enjoyed the last round so please sign me up for this. Thanks!! But I definitely need time to read up some books.


all are added. Those who need reading time have it~~ this won't be heading out till after the holidays. ans as I find more books I've set aside, I realize I could probablyfill three boxes, so I'll weed them, trying for variety. And if any or all of you wish to post what types you most like, that could help my choosing<g>.

Next, I apologize for being so long absent. It's been tough. After a brief illness, when Enki's lungs filled with fluid again three days after having them drained, I had to say goodbye to my feline furbaby of 14 years. I expect many of you have been there. And if that weren't enough, now I take his canine brother for surgery tomorrow morning. I'm trying not to worry, but am terrified I'll lose them both within a fortnight.

And for the good news ~ my daughter and s-i-l have sent me a refurbished ThinPad, so now I'll be able to check in without going to the library. YaY!


Have been in your shoes with lifelong pets more times than I care to remember, and had a recent week long bout with a virus of some kind to deal with on top of many ongoing health issues, so I completely understand the tough times. I read and appreciated the link you provided on Fibromyalgia...it is a challenge on a good day! ; ) Don't worry about the books right now. Take care of YOU, so you'll be able to take care of your creatures. They are a blessing, and they are blessed to have you to care for them. HURRAY for the new ThinPad and not having to go to the Library!!! : ) Let me know if you need help with postage when the time comes...any variety of books is fine. ; ) Keeping you and your creatures in my thoughts and prayers. ; ) If you have a chance, please PM your address to me.


Please take me off the list - my son came to visit last weekend and was very interested in the book I had saved for the box. We don't have a good bookstore within 75 miles, so it would be a big effort to try to find another one (not to mention finding the time to read it!)


I do love a good theme. :) And I'm pretty sure I have some that will fit this criteria.


HDeaton27 2 yrs ago
I would like to join, as my husband and I have plenty of Books we could add


I just wild released a book about a "wild" thing yesterday.


Add me. Preferably not at the beginning because I don't know if I have any animal books at the moment.

Sorry about your kitty. Always tough to lose a furbaby.


wingNancyNovawing 1 yr ago
bumpity bump


So sorry about your kitty. They become part of your family!


It's sad to hear about your cat. It's always so much tear of goodbyes for our dear little friends...

Meanwhile, I am wondering if the wild things are itching to roam around yet?


It's getting there, azuki. I lost Oscar, my canine furbaby of 15+ years, a scant two months after Enki, and went into such a funk I threw myself into way too much work, and couldn't even bear to think about this box. Oddly enough, I had just been thinking that with "Hairspray" now open, it was time to get back here and see if anyone is still interested. The wild things are definitely itching to get moving!

So, I'll start pming to see who still wants to participate, and getting the animal books gathered up again, making sure all are registered. The overwhelming majority are cats, dogs, and horses; I don't think I have nearly as many truly wild creatures as last time.


Oh I am so sorry about Oscar, this is so awful, awful!! : .... (
But you know what, when you have a quiet moment in the house, just sit very still, close your eyes, and you can feel that they are still around you. : )


I lost Oscar, my canine furbaby of 15+ years, a scant two months after Enki
BIG HUG!!! Been thinking about you, erishkigal...and happy to see you're getting "back on the horse" here at Bookcrossing, which is great "therapy". ; )
So, I'll start pming to see who still wants to participate
I am still interested in, and looking forward to participating!!! : )
The overwhelming majority are cats, dogs, and horses; I don't think I have nearly as many truly wild creatures as last time.
I'll bet some "truly wild creatures" end up travelling home to you in the end!!! ; )


((((((((( azuki and BOOKWORMINUSALL))))))))) Thank you both so much. And I appreciate that you both posted you're still ready for the box. I'm pming others, and registering/journalling books to put in ~~though I'm likely going to have to pare, so it's not immense~lol.


I'm in. So sorry about your furbabies. Sometimes I think I see mine out of the corner of my eye and it does my heart good.


totally understand the 'corner of the eye".....still times I wake thinking I hear Enki's breathing (he liked to sleep on my hair) when I wake, or Oscar's bark or snuffle. And then I realize I don't....


Just found this thread. If it's not too late could I be added to the thread? I'm in the U.S. (Texas).


welcome to the migration trail :)


I've posted the migrating order, above, and in the journal. I'd hoped to get the box moving this week, but realized the boxes I have are either small or flimsy...so looking like early next week. Hehe~ gives me more time to procrastinate on the release notes~ lol


Hehe~ gives me more time to procrastinate on the release notes~ lol
HAHAHAHAHA!!! : D Gives me more time to make room for whatever army, band, bevy, bouquet, brood, clowder, colony, down, flock, gang, harras, herd, leap, leash, litter, mob, pack, parcel, parliament, pod, pride, quiver, rafter, sleuth, smack, sounder, string, swarm, tribe, troop, or yolk may need a place to stay for a bit. ; D


and also a harras. But I'm not ready to part with my unkindness, and while I read a clamour awhile back, I think it must have flown already..

Not to worry, I'm discovering it's harder to cut down to size than I expected.
Stacked them all in one place, and even after removing the first dozen, I still count 7 cat, 6 NF, 1 SF; 5 dog NF; 8 horse 4 F, 4 NF; 12 non-domestic, 9 NF, 3 F; 11 F mysteries, asst and/or multiple species......
back to see how many more I can eliminate before heading to work......


and also a harras. But I'm not ready to part with my unkindness, and while I read a clamour awhile back, I think it must have flown already..
ROTFL, inDEED...I am laughing so hard I could “cry”...TOO FUNNY!!! : D

Not certain if the “shrewdness” being presented here will seem overbearing or unappreciated by those in your “congregation” here who are unaware, but this list I just found should “charm” them, before they “leap” away!!! ; ) I wouldn't want any of your participation “team” to “bale”, or keep any other "mob" from jumping the "hedge" to join in. LOVE this!!! : ) http://english-zone.com/---/ani-groups.html I actually had “shoal” (among others) on the list, but removed it while using my animal brain instead of creature brain because the list had gotten so long...not unlike your stack of books. : D I am currently taking a momentary break from a "plague" of other responsibilities to take care of my BC “business” of “parcel” preparation. I was missing an address I needed before I “rhumba” on my “route” to the Post Office “building”. Thanks for the badly needed moment of laughter and distraction, my BC friend. ; )
even after removing the first dozen
Just a thought...and depending on your available funds and how those who are next in line here feel, I am not opposed to you putting in that dozen books, or any other group of books that you would want Wild Released that would be separate from those you want to travel in this Bookbox. I would then remove them, and repack those traveling forward in the Bookbox into a smaller box to lighten postal costs for those next in line before sending it off, in order to help you free up more space in your apartment. ; ) I would be happy to disperse them through parks and other places where young adults are hanging out in the evenings, and also infuse local LFL's for Summer readers here in our blistering 109 degree Arizona weather (thankfully no monsoon moisture with that yet, but it's coming), where children, teens, and young adults are hopefully inside reading, when they aren't in the pool, on their phones, or playing video games and watching TV. ; )


I never thought about the animal groups. I have one pulled in the TBR stash that is non-horse, cat, dog or other domestic animal. It's really WILD.


As I've been eliminating books to get this box down to merely huge, I've removed some from each of the domestic piles, but none of the wilder or less common entries. Which seemed reasonable to me, as added together, the domestics still outnumber the Wilds~~

determined to get this in the post tomorrow~



Mais certainement~~providing, of course, 'tis a WILD THING :)


Mais certainement~~providing, of course, 'tis a WILD THING :)
Je vous remercie aka WOOF...WOOF...!!! ; D
More accurately a WOOF and a NEIGH!!! ; )


[(Je vous remercie aka WOOF...WOOF...!!! ; D
More accurately a WOOF and a NEIGH!!! ; )

LOL~~love it!

I'd already decided a book is a book , whether I'm holding it or listening to it, and had decided to put one in myself~~ and it's uniquely wild!


I'd already decided a book is a book , whether I'm holding it or listening to it, and had decided to put one in myself
These two have a special history, and will do well to continue their travels within your special Bookbox, as I've found that I much prefer the "HUG" I get from holding an actual book in my hands to read, over the "noise" I get from someone else reading it to me, whose diction, intonation, speed of reading, etc., may not match my own, without considering their voice. ; )


agree on the better "hug," but love audio when I'm driving~ most especially on long trips out here where I can't pick up radio at all, let alone NPR~


just little added notes, separate so as to "bump"......I didn't worry about them sooner both 'cause everyone here is an old hand, and because life is just insane......
please do journal what you have removed, and what you have added. Goddess forbid~ should the PO lose the box, it will help track it down. The other super-important aid to tracking a lost box is the tracking number~ so love that that is now included! I am someone wh is disorganized in everything but my design work~ hence, I can <i>never</i> keep track of my print-outs, and so must put the tracking# in post or journal right away~it's a great way to have them when they're needed~~
And please do post here when you receive and send on the box~that enables your fellow participants to keep an eye on where/when the box is and plan accordingly. :)
Lastly, I simply want to reiterate: this is a shrinking box (you must take out one book more than you send on, you may make that two) so it is more imperative than ever that you send on GOOD books, books you have enjoyed,books in good shape to the bookcrossers that follow, as they will have any ever smaller selection from which to choose.

OK, off my high horse~~I hope everyone of you has fun with these WILD THINGS, finding books that really speak to you!!


I have PM'd azuki for address confirmation, so I can send them off on vacation to Florida post haste, and will be making Journal Entries after posting here. ; )

Edited to add...JE's are complete!!! : D
Here's the link...http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14328700


Have had this box ready to go since it arrived (squeezing in a trip to the Post Office this coming week with multiple appointments for the Veteran I take care of is going to be difficult), but haven't heard back from azuki. In all fairness, it has only been two days, and many like myself don't have the ability, nor the opportunity to check email daily. I will PM again just in case my first PM didn't go through for some reason. ; )


Sorry, indeed I don't check my emails everyday, and the last few days sure wasn't a leisurely weekend for me. I didn't even know how time flew by...

Anyway, I'm sending you my address now.


To help her out, the Journal Book Release Note I make after I post here, will include an updated list of the books available. They should arrive just in time for the Fourth of July, as delivery is expected Monday 7/3/2017. HAPPY READING!!! ; D
Tracking # 9549012652517177135680


Tracking shows the item was delivered to the front door or porch at 5:38pm yesterday 7/3. https://tools.usps.com/---/TrackConfirmAction?...



Yup, the animals are here for some party and fireworks, though I didn't get home from work till almost midnight, so I didn't get to journal it till now.

I have a bunch of animals - dogs, horses, lion and more - eager for a journey, but for one tortoise that is slowly getting ready... Will try to rush it up a bit...


I'm sitting in a Denny's in Chile, they have wi-fi! I have a nook, but no smart phone, so I'm taking advantage ( vbg!).
Down the mountain from Ceremony, where I was visited by deer, antelope, and cottontail...and all sorts of lbbs. Camped under cottonwoods last night, and woke to a wild wonderful raucous of Ravens!!!
Going to try a new way over to Navaho NM, backroads....could be wild in it"s own way...

Don't know when I'll have a chance to check in again--- happy reading, all !

azuki, don't worry about hurrying your tortoise along. They're not designed for fast travel, and the wild things are in no hurry ☺


and on they travel!

Joining the circus of animals: a tortoise, a lion, a rooster, some chimps, a pair of horses, and many dogs. Some of the dogs are from Dogtown in Best Friends Sanctuary, so I hope they enjoy a reunion with the cats.

Still a lot of animals - especially dogs... way too many of them - didn't manage to get on, so hopefully there will be another animal tour soon! ; )


This could easily be a Mexican bus, with the menagerie it's carrying <g>, and certainly every one I've ridden has had a rooster. (The lion might be a bit much, though). fun to see what's getting on and off the bus :)

So this week I'm in the library in Bisbee, AZ, right on the Sonoran border, staying working at a pork, bunny, and egg farm/ranch in the Sulpher Springs Valley. I'm spending 8 or 9 days working my butt off (and if I'm lucky a few pounds to boot) helping out the son of a very dear and sadly late friend. When I lived down here, she raised horses and pigs....by some odd twist of the universe, most of her horses passed in the three months before she did.

And animal sightings as I drove down 191: a bighorn ram with BIG HORNS, 2 elk cows (separately), and then on my way out to a remote camping, a bull elk with HUGE antlers.! I was content to not encounter any of the black bear in the area ;)

Time to head back out for the evening feedings.....until the next time....


I'll journal the Julius book when I can, but right now I'm not near the box. I selected these:

Timothy, or Notes of an Abject Reptile
Gizelle's Bucket List
Man O' War


on the near-end of this soul-renewing trip, I spent most of a day in the Kaibab forest being highly entertained by a scurry of chipmunks~~:)


on the near-end of this soul-renewing trip, I spent most of a day in the Kaibab forest being highly entertained by a scurry of chipmunks~~:)
HAHAHAHAHA!!! : D I remember watching the same enchanting scene on many an occasion many years ago now. Thanks for sharing!!! ; ) Have very much enjoyed your travel updates here along the way for the same reason...the joyful memories they evoked, erishkigal. Sounds like you had a lovely journey. Also happy to hear you made it through the AudioBook that I had the same trouble with...my Bear. ; )


Will make my decisions and get it sent on next week.


No worries, heartthumper, there's no rush on this :)


Catching up slowly, and just read recent journals for this bookbox..... Important Reminder! This is a SHRINKING bookbox~~~ you must remove more than you replace!!!!! Thanks, and please continue having fun :)


Since I was first to receive this one, I played nice and only took 2, even though there were a few others I might would have given a new home for awhile. ; )


Calm down; it will be okay. Jeez, you only had us saving books for nine months! I'm sure that future recipients will be able to deal with the fact that I didn't shrink the box. It was fun playing, thank you.


Catching up slowly, and just read recent journals for this bookbox..... Important Reminder! This is a SHRINKING bookbox~~~ you must remove more than you replace!!!!! Thanks, and please continue having fun :)

Thanks for the reminder. PM'g HeartThumper to hold the box if it's not in transit until I get back from vacation, so it's not sitting out getting too wild in my neighborhood...


Yeah - right before vacation. And a nice assortment of animals too!

PM'g next in line, but this one will sit for a week or two until I get it out again. And yes, I will shrink it + my replacements are all paperback, so that helps too.


Cool. Was just wondering where those animals were. Was hoping that they were not washed away by the hurricanes or floods.


forgot to PM the next in line before my road trip. Just requested the address. Should get the box tidied up and mailed next weekend.


I took out:
Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man
Back in the Saddle
Winter Study
Swan for the Money

Putting in
The Camel Bookmobile
Little Dog, Lost (actually a returnee from the last round)
Cat Trick


I'll make my choices and get it moving again.


I have been debating which wild critters should stay with me and which should continue their journey. I'm actually kind of glad that this is a shrinking book box because I only have 3 to put in the box but I want to keep more than that.

I have contacted freezone and will move the box along shortly.


and bound for Massachusetts

Confirmation # -- oh, dear -- it was in my pocket and now I cannot find it. I will continue looking and pray. The last time I lost the confirmation # the box disappeared without a trace.

ETA -- FOUND IT!!! 9549010562667303194754


Lol- been there, Must be old Murphy--


freezone 1 yr ago
Perfect antidote for a cold November day.
I will keep:
The Frog King
Secret Life of Bees
Great Apes
Marley and Me
Enslaved by Ducks
and the dual A Day No Pigs Would Die/A Part of the Sky

and adding in:
Two coots in a canoe

The Trumpet of the Swan
The Jungle
and Carpe Jugulum

I'll write to the next person (readertoo?) for address.... need to replace box, too, as this box got pretty badly ripped up.


and the dual A Day No Pigs Would Die/A Part of the Sky

So happy these two have found their next home!


On its way to Texas.


....but the expected arrival date is this Friday, according to the nice lady at the Post office.


The box has arrived! It looks like I'm the last one on the list. Who should I send it to next???

I will be taking out: "Dewey" by Vicki Myron

"A Lion Among Men" by Gregory Mcaguire

Alex and Me by: Irene M. Pepperberg

Two Coots In A Canoe by David E. Morine
http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/ 14431672

The Jungle by: Upton Sinclair

Swann's Way by: Marcel Proust

The Girl Who Could Fly by: Victoria Forester

Carpe Jugulum by: Terry Pratchett

I will be adding: "A Dog Called Kitty" by Bill Wallace http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14825348


The box returns to me now, readertoo. I'XLl pm my addy to you.


Thanks to everyone ~~ hope you are already enjoying your wil ones ~ and, of course, your tame ones,too 😉


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