UK Wrap It Up Bookbox Round 2

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This will be a small bookbox containing a selection of books. The box will start with a minimum of 4 books or how many I can fit in under 2kg! They will be of different genres and authors. They will all be covered somehow and the first line written or taped to the outside of the package.

When its your turn, you choose books based on the first line and add your own wrapped books to the box with the 1st line on the outside. Please post here and let other people know what your first line and book was.

You then post the box on to the next person and it goes on until the box returns to me. Please try to move the box within a month please. This should be enough time to make your choices and get the box back on its way.

As with normal bookbox's, please put books in that are in good condition. You can wrap the book in whatever you have to hand - Spare wrapping paper, newspaper, brown paper or whatever you have to hand as long as the books are obscured. Write or tape the 1st line of the book to the outside of the book and the PM the next person for their address. Please keep at least 4 books in the box to allow other people to have a good choice to choose from.

And lastly enjoy! I think this bookbox will allow people to read books that they wouldn't normally read or introduce them to new authors.

Please post here if this sounds like something that you interest you. This will start 1st December

Nataliec7 <------Box is here 25/6/17

Round 2:







You're in!


Just have decide what kind of wrapping paper to use.


I'm hoping to get this started the first week in December, I know, I know its Christmas but what better than a surprise book!
Hoping for at least 6 participants, come on people! :)


wingNataliec7wing 2 yrs ago


3vie 2 yrs ago
Sounds fun
Count me in please 👍


You're in!


wingNataliec7wing 1 yr ago


Yes please, sounds like fun!


You're in. Thanks for joining.


Yes, why not go for this one? Please can I join? I've not heard of this before (but I'm not going through the Forum that often either!) and could do with a diversion before Christmas!! to take my mind off other problems I've got; and I'm reading a storm at the moment with this cold bug I've got as well.


You're in. Thanks for joining!


Thanks! Made note of this so I don't forget.


Please count me in, if possible. Based in London.


I'd love to join in too if I can still be added? Thanks!


Thanks for joining!


Join I would really like to join if it is possible thank you


HDeaton27 - unfortunately this is a Uk only bookbox


Looks fun! Count me in.


This is ready to go very soon!



Going to be fun choosing....


Sparkish 1 yr ago
And books chosen 😀 Good fun. Will be on it's way again soon x


Strigulino 1 yr ago
Just to clarify a bit about this one - do we just replace one book, or can it be more than one as long as we fill the box back up?


Just to clarify a bit about this one - do we just replace one book, or can it be more than one as long as we fill the box back up?

You can take as many books and replace them with as many that will fit in the box keeping it below 2kg for cheap postage. Once there are a minimum of 4 books in the box to keep the selection good for the next person.
As you are the person before me (the bookbox owner), I am happy to have less books back, so if you find that you like lots of books and only want to send 3 back to me that would be fine. Hope this helps!


It should be on it way soon hopefully.


Have just messaged Flutterbies9 for her address, which I thought I'd already done, but can't find....!


Is it still possible to sign up for this?


If it's not too late to sign up


Thanks all for waiting patiently.


Please may I join in on this sounds great fun :)



I am interested in joining if this is still travelling


You can join round 2!


As well please



Sorry about the delay everyone. I've had a mad time at work recently. Not much time for reading. I'd slightly misunderstood this one too - I thought we had to keep the box until we'd read the ones we wanted to read and wrap them up again. My bad. I've picked 3 books out to read and am getting the next 3 wrapped and sorted out so I'll contact the next in line and get it moving. Thanks for your patience!


wingNataliec7wing 1 yr ago
Its home.
Round 2 will be starting in a couple of months. Feel free to sign up now and I'll keep informed of when it will begin.




You have been added!




Added :)


and the return home of my other wrap it up bookbox, I am happy to restart this little bookbox!

Are the original round 2 participants still interested? Also any other interested people. I have started the preparation of the books so should be ready in a couple of weeks.




3vie 10 mos ago
Yes please




I would like to join




I would like to rejoin this box again thanks.

I found this box was great at making me think what a book might be (even though I'd read the first two (I think it was two, could have been three) I tried last time!) and even more fun finding intriguing first sentences to put on the outside of a replacement that weighed just enough to fit under the 2kg.
Looking forward to it already.


Excellent and welcome!
Just getting the last books together to start it in the next few weeks.


I'm happy to rejoin when the box starts up again :)


Moving/house issues = books in storage!

Hopefully moving soon -fingers crossed!


can I please join in? I love the sound of this! I notice there is no journal entries here, I guess they go to the actual book BCID page? also do you keep the book that you pick out?


can I please join in? I love the sound of this! I notice there is no journal entries here, I guess they go to the actual book BCID page? also do you keep the book that you pick out?

You are more than welcome to join. Yes you would go to the book box BCID page to journal receiving the box and then journal any books you keep. You could do whatever you want to with the books you take out. Replace with as many as required and send the box on.
As you can tell there is a bit of a delay as my books are presently in storage due to moving. But it will be on the way soon enough!


If you're still taking sign ups? Thanks!


Of course you can!

There is still a delay here! One I can only apologise for due to the moving house situation.


You will be pleased to know that I am finally ready to begin this again!

I can only apologise sincerely on the delay as moving home has been a bit of a nightmare but I finally feel settled enough to resume bookcrossing. The books are ready to go and if there is the interest, this can be up and running within the next week.

Hope you'll all join me again for some bookbox fun!


Great! Looking forward to it :)


Personally, as it happened, it was probably as well that you had your moving problems as I would not have been ready to take this either (a death in the family upset my concentration for a long period). However, I am getting properly back into the swing of things now and am reading again, so to have this start is wonderful news!

Thanks for letting us know and looking forward to this.


3vie 3 mos ago
Me too
I love this book box


wingNataliec7wing 2 mos ago
I love it too. I am just waiting to see if there is anymore interest but this little box is practically ready to go.



Me, please! Thank you :)




FiveTigers 1 mo ago
Am I
too late to join in? :)


Can I join please :-)


I'm in the UK and would love to join this if poss?



foreternity 1 mo ago
Flutterbies9 had to skip past me because I've been ill and not on the computer. Can I be moved to the bottom please? If not no worries :)


I'll add you to the bottom foreternity. Hope you feel better.


Thank you!


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