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added you!


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The play set long after the end of the last book.

Please comment below with shipping preferences if interested

Please read the rules below:
- journal on arriving
- read in 4-6 weeks
- ask for the address of the next person
- send straight away :)

Travelling order:
1. Lamilla
2. Clairby11xxx (UK) - done
3. KaleLewin (UK) - done
4. Poodlesister (UK) - done
5. caroline-m (UK) - done
6. greenbadger (UK) - done
7. HDeaton27 (US) - here, stalled

Replacement copy is going to
8. bluezwuzl (DE) - done
9. Lindasaurus (Austria) - done
10. SerendipityN (DE) - done
11. karneol (DE) - Intl' posting - done
12. mysteriousmummy (UK) - UK/EU shipping - done
13. Trojanhorse (UK) - done
14. Silver-Greece (UK) - done
15.hakkalina - here, 30.09 stalled

Replacement copy is going to
16. penelopewanders (Switzerland)

...back to Lamilla (Belarus)

ETA: stalled, continuing with the replacement copy: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14413976/
ETA2: stalled AGAIN, contiuing again :)


KaleLewin 2 yrs ago
Yes please
I'm interested please. I'm in the UK and would prefer UK/EU shipping.


I am very interested! I'm in the UK and prefer UK post but will send EU if necessary :)


I am very interested! I would prefer US shipping please


I am very interested! I would prefer US shipping please

Hi! I'll add you to the waiting list


Me please! In UK and will post anywhere.


HDeaton27 2 yrs ago
Ive never mailed anything to Europe but would be willing to do it! :)


wingLamillawing 2 yrs ago
RE: :)
Ive never mailed anything to Europe but would be willing to do it! :)

Do you mind checking the international rates, so there won't be nasty surprises here :)


HDeaton27 2 yrs ago
RE: RE: :)
sure, do I just ask the post office?


You might be able to get a price online via the US Postal Service.


Guys, I weighted the book today, it's about 600 g actually. Please let me know if this changes anything for you


Would prefer UK but happy to post to Europe. Thank you.


I'd love to join in with this, I'm in the UK and can post UK or Europe. Thanks!


a lot of UK residents here! The book is ready to move, should be in the mail soon


The book arrived yesterday, I am starting it today because I am too excited and it should be moving again by the end of next week! Thanks again for sharing this Lamilla :)


I'm in Germany and can ship internationally (from here it's the same rate, whether I send it to a country in Europe or anywhere else in the world).


added you!


I'd also love to join, if still possible? I live in Austria, and can send to any European country...


added you!


... if it's still possible. Intl' posting.


added you!


Living in Germany, posting international ok.


added you


I'd prefer Europe/uk shipping but will do worldwide if you are really desperate


added you


I didn't see this thread before. Is it closed or can I still join?

I was waiting for the dutch translation, but as it is a play I would like to try and read it via bookcrossing first. I'm in the Netherlands and can post worldwide. Our post system is so crazy that sending a package to Belgium is just as expensive as sending it to New Zealand >_>


I'm afraid it's closed for now :)


The book is now with me, thank you.


Sorry for the slow slow slow delay, I have been in and out of the hospital and everything due to multiple sclerosis, and lost my ability to walk, I am going to be sending this on to the next person on the list around December 15 which is payday, I will message the next person on the list! I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!


Hi all, HDeathon27 was unwell and stopped responding to emails, so after some consideration I decided it's time to move on. I've got a new copy of the book and will send it to the next participant.
Since I have time to re-read it, I'm opening the sign-up again in case someone missed it the first time. It won't be open to US though.


to Germany


Can I join please? Based in UK and I can ship internationally.
Thank you.


Just as I needed a new book to read, thank you for sharing


I'd love to join this if its not too late.
I'm in the UK and can ship international.


wingLamillawing 1 yr ago
Added you,

Anyone else?


I read it so quickly and really enjoyed it, I've PM'd Trojan horse for their details.


I read it so quickly and really enjoyed it, I've PM'd Trojan horse for their details.


I would like to join.....



to read the rest of the original series. I stopped reading them when my children decided they could read them faster to themselves than when we read them outloud together. So I still have a few to read. I'm in Switzerland and would be fine with posting within Europe - but not too soon as I have to read the others first!


wingLamillawing 1 yr ago
Added you


so I got a replacement copy (again). With this, I'm opening the sign-up - anyone hasn't read it yet and wants to join?


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