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I love this series of books and have been lucky enough to get a second copy. I would like to share this with as many people as possible so am opening it up as an international bookring.

If you're interested please post here including where you are and your shipping preferences.

Vekiki - UK - ship UK
Clairby11xxx - UK - ship EU ---> colouring happening here
lmarshall89 - UK - ship international
Mary-T - Germany - ship EU
chawoso - Germany - ship international
10n3k3 - The Netherlands - ship Netherlands - PM Boekentrol for address
Boekentrol - The Netherlands - ship EU
dolphinqueen - The Netherlands - ship international
marmee463 - Australia - ship Oz/NZ ? International
HDeaton27 - USA - ship international


10n3k3 lives in The Netherlands, ships NL if address is needed, please send PM to Boekentrol, for I'm the one keeping my mum's account here.

And me, Boekentrol, living in The Netherlands, shipping preference is Europe.


Count me in, in the UK and will ship to Europe :)


Me please :) I'm UK, prefer to ship within the UK if possible


If possible I would love to be included. Prefer to ship within Australia/New Zealand but will ship internationally if necessary.


I live in The Netherlands and I can send it problem :)


KaleLewin 2 yrs ago


KaleLewin 2 yrs ago
Bump bump


I can ship internationally.

Thank you!


You're in


KaleLewin 2 yrs ago


KaleLewin 2 yrs ago


Mary-T 2 yrs ago
may I still join please?
Would send within EU preferably.


HDeaton27 2 yrs ago
I would like to join as well I am in the USA but can ship international


KaleLewin 2 yrs ago


Would love to join in and happy to send international if needed


travelling again ...


a few days ago :-)


This is great idea. :)


hesiodo66 1 yr ago
I AM INTERESTED TOO, I Can ship overseas.


for their address.
Accidentally I picked a drawing that stretches on 2 pages. That, combined with being away during the holidays made that I've not yet finished colouring.
As soon as I'm done though, the book will travel on to the next colourer :-)



I received the book, thanks boekentrol :) today's post, all the way from the Netherlands, thank-you dolphinqueen.


I have completed my colouring and Secret Garden is ready to resume its travels so I have PMed HDeaton27 for mailing details...

Update: 11 April 2018 No response from HDeaton27


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