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I read this a couple years ago and recently found another copy that I'd like to offer as a ray. It is on several wishlists and I will contact those people by PM. Would love to have more participants other than the wishlist folks. :-)

NEW COPY: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15104349/
STALLED/LOST http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14009203/ STALLED/LOST

My comments from the first copy, along with the Amazon description:

This is outstanding writing. Simple prose, yet so powerful. Repetition in the opening words of paragraphs in some chapters worked well. This novel was also unusual in that it's basically told in the first person plural. It's about a group, not so much about individuals. That adds to the power. Recommended!

I haven't read the earlier book by Ms. Otsuka, When the Emperor Was Divine, but will definitely look out for it now!

National Book Award and Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist
A New York Times Notable Book

A gorgeous novel by the celebrated author of When the Emperor Was Divine that tells the story of a group of young women brought from Japan to San Francisco as “picture brides” nearly a century ago. In eight unforgettable sections, The Buddha in the Attic traces the extraordinary lives of these women, from their arduous journeys by boat, to their arrival in San Francisco and their tremulous first nights as new wives; from their experiences raising children who would later reject their culture and language, to the deracinating arrival of war. Once again, Julie Otsuka has written a spellbinding novel about identity and loyalty, and what it means to be an American in uncertain times.

The book weighs approximately 6 ounces (170g) without shipping material.

Please observe the following bookray rules :-) :
1. When you receive the book please journal it.
2. PM the next person in line for their address, so there'll be no delay when you're ready to ship.
3. Please note your thoughts about the book in a journal entry.
4. Journal again when you've shipped it.
5. Try to keep it no longer than a month. If life gets in the way and you'll need to keep it longer, please pm me.
6. Enjoy! :-)
Post here with shipping preferences.

Shipping Order as of 22 August 2017:

BeckyLizz (UK)/ UK shipping
Ythan (Scotland)/will send to China :-)
BaiLong (China)
penelopewanders (Switzerland)/Europe
Lindasaurus (Austria)/Europe preferred
Delphi_Reader (Greece) Can ship to US if in springtime or later
Arvores (Portugal)/Int'l
VintageVanguard (Germany)/Int'l
Chocbrownie (UK)/Int'l
Femke85 (Sweden/EU)
Mankyi (Switzerland)/Int'l
susanna_koh (Malaysia)/Int'l <--- First copy here Dec. 2017//NOT SHIPPED, OR LOST IN MAIL.
mcsar (Canada)/US <--- book ready to be shipped as of 26 July '18
CanticleLost (US)/Int'l <--Skip, no reply to 2 PMs
Jotka (Germany/Poland)/Int'l <--- book here 22 September 2018
Bookguide (Netherlands/Int'l)
freuju (Germany)/Int'l
JemmaJ (UK)/Int'l if needed


You can read the entries on another bookring :



Would love to read this book. U.K. Shipping please.


Thanks for the PM! I'd like to read along.
My shipping preference is Europe.


I'd love to read if anyone is ready to ship it to China. Unfortunately, it looks like it's not the case for now.

It'll pass if that stays the case.


Ythan 2 yrs ago
Hi eponine38
I'd like to take part and yes I can send to China. :)


Great! Thanks for joining.


Thank you!




wingBoekentrolwing 2 yrs ago
but I am opting out for this bookray.
Another generous BookCrosser sent me The Buddha in the Attic right after I signed up, so I will read that copy and pass it along.

Hope you'll find more participants!


Book is on its way to BeckyLizz. Safe travels!


I'm in Switzerland and would prefer European shipping only if this were to come my way. Thanks for drawing attention to what sounds like an intriguing read!



I'll add you to the list, and hopefully someone will be willing to ship it back to the US!


but towards the end of the list if possible.I am in Greece. If this book reach me towards spring, I'll be happy to ship in US or wherever internationally. Finances are always a bit tight on winter months, but get better after March (I'm in tourism industy) lol


I've added you and we'll see how the timing goes for shipment to US! Thanks.



I'm in Portugal and can ship Int'l.
Thank you! :-)


and I can post anywhere.




I'm in Germany and can ship anywhere.
Thank you ^^


I've added you. Welcome!


The book is now on its way to the next reader.




I'm from Switzerland, and I'm happy to ship anywhere


Happy readings :-)


I am from Malaysia. Will ship anywhere.



Thanks. Looking forward to having a great read.


wingmcsarwing 1 yr ago
Please add me
I am in Canada. US shipping preferred.



wingFemke85wing 1 yr ago
I'm in sweden, prefer EU shipping


Wasn't sure if you meant the actual EU or Europe in general! If you can't ship to Switzerland, I'll add you to the end. :-)


Switzerland is fine :) Thanks!


I'm in Germany and can send international.


Looking forward to reading it...


Got the book from Chocbrownie.


Mailed it to Mankyi today.



On its way to susanna_koh in Malaysia. Enjoy the read!


I’m not sure if it’s on my BC wishlist, but it’s definitely been on my radar for a while. I can ship internationally.


I've added you. :-)


... I would also like to join! I am in Germany and can send it anywhere. Would be great, thanks!


I've added you - welcome!


Where is this book now? It has been marked as "traveling" for a few months and I'm just curious if anyone knows where it is :)


Too bad susanna_koh did not add more details in the journal entry. But she has asked for my address, so I assume it is sent to me. Hopefully it will be here soon.


from PaperBackSwap. They don't ship outside the U.S., so it will come to me and I'll forward it to mcsar.

Sorry for the long stall. I had my doubts but didn't listen to my inner voice!



The new copy has arrived. Thank you eponine38 for getting the new copy and sending it to me. I will read soon and let the book continue its journey.


...to join?

I'm in the UK and will to post internationally, if needed

EDIT: my personal account is JemmaJ; not this account - it is my Zone Manager account!


Added you, JemmaJ!


finally. I am sorry for the delay. I have been very busy the last two weeks and only managed to send the book today.


As I write in JE I have holidays next three weeks but I hope I could send it further in no longer than 1,5 months.


Hi! If possible I would like to join in too. I'm in Germany, and can preferably ship in Europe / UK, but international is possible if needed.


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