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Did this box a while back. Basically any book that is located in one of the Far Eastern Countries (here: I'm basically counting everything on the list, except Russia) or author is from one of those countries. I tried to have a variety of books from different countries.

Plan to send out around May.

Order (subject to change):
GoryDetails (NH)
HI77 (FL)
imawinn2 (WI)
Azuki (FL)
Rhythmbiscuit (CO)
k00kaburra (CA)
mrsjones (OH)
Hyphen8 (HI)
freezone (MA)

Rules (and some borrowed from GoryDetails):
-- If you haven't participated in a bookbox before: the main difference between bookboxes and rings/rays is that the boxes are meant to move along quickly, without waiting for any books to be read. You take books from the box if you want to read them, replacing them with books you've already read (or have no interest in reading), and get the box moving again right away. If you don't already have some suitably-themed books on hand, plan on picking up a few in plenty of time to be able to register them and read them at your leisure before the box gets to you.

-- When you are contacted for your address by the participant ahead of you, please reply promptly - and if circumstances have changed for you such that you can't manage a bookbox at that time, whether due to lack of suitable books, a budget-crunch that means you can't afford postage, inability to get to a post office in a timely fashion, or any other factor, please ask to be skipped. (If the situation is temporary, please contact me to have your name moved farther down the list.)

-- When you receive the box, please post a reply in this thread to let everyone know it arrived safely, and contact the next in line to ask for their address so you'll have it handy when you're ready to mail the box.

-- Put at least one book in the box for each one you take out - or, if you like, take advantage of the "shrinkage" option and take out one or two books more than you put in - and list your selections and contributions in the bookbox journal's JEs. (You don't have to match genre for genre, but you should try to maintain some kind of variety.) Please don't add a huge amount of Manga/Manwha (or children's books). A few are fine, but don't overload it.

-- Journal the books that you take from the box, so the contributors know where they are.

-- Mail the box within, at the most, two weeks. The media mail rate (applicable to books-only packages) will usually be the lowest. Please use delivery confirmation, and post the DC# in a reply to this thread. [If you can only get to a post office once a month, or if there are other factors that would make you take longer to move the box along, please let me know, and I'll take that into account when setting up the mailing order.]

-- Enjoy the books you claimed from the box!

It's companion book is A Flight of Angels:

Chang and Eng: A Novel (Thailand)
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (Laos)
The Red People of Macau (Macau)
Comfort Woman (Korean Author)
A Spirit from Heaven (Korea)
The Lotus Eaters (Vietnam)
Becoming Madame Mao (China)
Modernization and Revolution in China (China)
Shanghai Girls (China)
Dreams of Joy (China)
The Kitchen God's Wife (China)
Red Azalea (China)
The Vagrants (China)
The Good Women of China (China)
China Folk Handicrafts (China)
Women of the Silk (China)
Lizard (Japan)
Zoo 21 (Japan)
My Brother, My Sister and I (Japan)
Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights (Japanese Author)
The Five Star Stories (Japanese Author)
Lady Snowblood volume 2 (Japanese Authors)


wingAzukiwing 3 yrs ago
Yes please
sign me up!!
Doesn't have to be first, as I need to read up some books first.


I can do this one!


AlterEgoZoe 3 yrs ago
Gory and Azuki


mrsjones 3 yrs ago
I'm game.
I haven't read any in a while, but still have lots in this category on my shelf.
I'm in Cincinnati.


We can still add people!


Count me in :)


wingHI77wing 3 yrs ago

I was wondering when this would come back around! :)

Count me in please! ;)



AlterEgoZoe 3 yrs ago


...but I don't have too many READ at the moment. :s


but please put me near the end of the list, as I need to do some reading. I'm in Massachusetts.


AlterEgoZoe 3 yrs ago

Hyphen8 do you want to be near the end? :p


winghyphen8wing 3 yrs ago
RE: Added
Hyphen8 do you want to be near the end? :p

Yes, please. I don't need to be *last* but not too early would be good. :)


I just saw this post. If you are still taking in participants, I'd like to join.




On mailing tomorrow to Gory.


Tracking # 9549012717076130232584

Companion book: A Flight of angels (Thin paperback)



I'll try and get it moving again soon; will post my selections in the companion book.


If it's not too late, I'd like to join. I live in CO.


No probs


Looks like I didn't make it on to the list? Well, less pressure to get the Asian books read I guess...


My bad I didn't see your comment. I can still add you.

This is why I want forum notifications


My bad I didn't see your comment. I can still add you.

This is why I want forum notifications

On the other hand, I probably should have sent you a PM earlier and I didn't. Please add me near the end. I *will* PM you this time. :)


Gorydetails pm'ed me, but I will be travelling next week for about 10 days. I don't want to hold up the box, or have it arrived and sitting out in the elements, getting lost or what not.



The list has been adjusted. ;)


I mailed the box to HI77 today; hope it travels safely! I posted my choices in the bookbox journal here:

Hope people enjoy the selection!


wingHI77wing 3 yrs ago

Whew! I had a hectic of a time finding this post in the thread! :P

I got the box! Looks like there's a lot of fun stuff in there! ;)


AlterEgoZoe 3 yrs ago
RE: :)
Has this moved on to imawinn?


wingHI77wing 3 yrs ago

And the box is on its way! ;)

Tracking # 9449 0096 9993 7695 99454 76


The book box arrived. I should be able to go through it and send it off by the end of next week. Thanks for organizing this Asian book box.


I dropped the box off at the post office today. Clerk said that it should show up on Azuki's doorstep on July 22nd.

USPS Tracking No. 9549021502616198000088


There was a bad thunderstorm, and the box was left at the door. By some miracle though, the mailman stood it on the end where there is some bubble wrap inside. So it was minimal damage to the books, though I have to replace the box.


debnance 3 yrs ago
I'd love to join in on this box at some point. I'm in Texas, in the US.


I'm super excited for my turn, which is coming soon!


Found a new box and now it's on the way.


So many wonderful choices! Thank you for sharing. I picked these:

The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli (Vietnam)
Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka (Japan)
Shinju by Laura Rowland (Japan)
The Bondmaid by Catherine Lim (Singapore)
Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford (Chinese American)
Binu and the Great Wall of China by Su Tong
The Calligrapher’s Daughter by Eugenia Kim (Korea)
A Chant to Soothe Wild Elephants by Jaed Coffin (Thailand)

I will replace the books with the same number and pass the box along.


I PMed k00kaburra a couple times for an address. If I don't hear back in a few days, I'll move to the next person. Thanks!


rhythmbiscuit 3 yrs ago
The box went to mrsjones last week. I absolutely LOVED this bookbox. If you decide to do it again in the future, AlterEgoZoe, I'm in!


From hyphen8. I haven't heard back yet, but will PM again so I can get this moving.


From hyphen8. I haven't heard back yet, but will PM again so I can get this moving.

Did you get my PM?

I don't mind if you try contacting k00kaburra first if AlterEgoZoe is ok with it...or you can send the box to me and I'll just have to read faster!


I didn't reach k00kaburra, so will send it out to you sometime this week now that I've made my selections.

I took:
Everything is Broken
Video Night in Kathmandu
Chopstick Childhood

And replaced with:
Bonesetter's Daughter
My Life as Emperor



I'll try to make my choices in the next few days so I can keep it moving.


Choices & tracking info in the journal entry

ETA is 11/08; we'll see when it really arrives.


You're right. It still hasn't arrived.


You're right. It still hasn't arrived.

Looks like it's been in MA since 11/11...but is actually "out for delivery" today.


Yep, it just arrived. Now do I send it back to AlterEgoZoe?


Yep, it just arrived. Now do I send it back to AlterEgoZoe?

Looks like you're the last one, so yes, you would send it back to AlterEgoZoe. When you do an address check you can also ask to see if anyone else has been added after you. :)


freezone 2 yrs ago
in the mail
In the mail today to AlterEgoZoe, expected to arrive Weds. 1/11, Tracking number: 9549012954727006049841.


Thanks for participating everyone


wingAzukiwing 2 yrs ago
Glad the box is safely home. Thanks for organizing, it was fun. Look forward to the next one.


wingHI77wing 2 yrs ago

Yep! Me too! I love these types of book boxes! :D


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