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Yes, there are still a few of us "old school" listeners who "ear-read" their books on cassettes. If you are one of those who still listen to the ancient ones, this box is for you!

I am organizing a CASSETTE only Audiobook Bookbox Ray and looking for those who haven't given up on cassettes or your players haven't given up on you.

I'm putting a box together of some oldies but goodies. I am keeping the box at a manageable size (around 20 to 25 cassette audiobooks). This will help with shipping costs and save the mailman's back.


1. When you receive the bookbox, respond to this thread to let the me know that it has arrived safe and sound.

2. You have two weeks to make your choices before you send to next participant. If that is a problem, please let me know.

3. Once you have made your decisions, make journal entries on the audiobooks you have taken from the box and the ones you have placed in the box.

4. When you’re ready to pass the box along, PM the next person on the list to get their address. Once the box is actually sent out, let me know via this thread.

5. Be kind and don't stall. Others are waiting with baited breath to have their turn at digging through the box for audio treasure.

6. PLEASE, don't use this as a dumping space for all your cassettes. Keep it to whatever cassettes you take out, replace them with equal or near equal amount of tapes.

Here's to keeping these little cassettes alive and happy!

Participant Order:

jsmeltser - Iowa (stalled)
Started a new box:
LittleWhiteBird - California
Moody-Blue - Oklahoma
hyphen8 - Hawaii
keno-mom - Texas - Last


Yes, absolutely, I'm in. But what do you mean by making it a ray? Who does it end up with?


The last person. I have a ton of of audio books on cassettes in my collection and I need to get rid of the ones I've read ect.. I did one of these a while back and keno-mom was the last person to receive the box. With iwillrejoice retiring her VBB audiobook box, I don't have many folks to share them with so, I will probably continue to do this type of bookbox, as long as folks want to listen to cassettes.

If you know of anybody (in the U.S.A) who would be interested in participating, let them know about this. I'm keeping it to a small box so folks aren't overwhelmed.


I'm in already. I just hope eventually I won't end up being the last one in the ray ;)
I'm so proud of myself reducing my pile, my big crate is not overflowing anymore.


I'll be adding a few, not to much, so if their are any request for a specific type of book please post.


Maybe some interesting non-fiction? Or a cozy mystery?


...let me look and see what I've got available.

keno-mom, did you want to be last again? Are you still sharing audios with v8cars?


I hope to get this box going soon, hopefully this week. Still open for new participants. I'll keep it open until it reaches last person. I have put together a mix of fiction, mysteries, non-fiction and even a bit of sci-fi. There are about 20 cassette audio books in the box. I am trying to keep the size of the box small to keep postage down and save our beloved postal folks from breaking their backs. PLEASE don't use this book box as a dumping spot. Just replace what you take (give or take a couple). Thanks!!


keno-mom has agreed to be last. She shares her audiobooks with a visually impaired Bookcrosser. How thoughtful! I will put together the order in which the bookbox will be sent and get that out as soon as possible. :-)


I'm excited!


This bookbox is starting its journey today.

First stop: jsmeltser

Happy Earreading, my friends!! :-)


The box arrived last week while I was out of town and this week has been crazy. It's full of goodies and I've already made my selections/replacements. PMing Moody-Blue now and I'll have it sent out Monday. Sorry, all!


Well, you're within the two week time frame it seems :)


I hope it still gets here before my summer travels...


When are you leaving?


June 25


I do some checking into this. :-)


I hope it still gets here before my summer travels...

Oh, um...I didn't even think about that - I sort of presumed the box wouldn't get to me until *after* my travels. I'll be AFK from 6/16 to 6/27...but I'll make sure LittleWhiteBird has my address just in case. (If it arrrives while I'm gone, there will be someone to receive the box, but I won't post in the thread until I'm back.)


imawinn2 4 yrs ago
Well, it seems jsmeltser's message link is turned off and I can't seem to get through to him. I don't know quite what to make of this. I have not had problems with this bookcrosser in the past and am hoping all is OK. BUT, I'll tell you what, If we don't hear from him or the box doesn't show up, give me a little time and I will put another box together. Goodness knows I' have a ton of audio cassettes to share. I just have to listen to them before I have enough to box up and ship off. No worries.

Now, you folks that have vacations coming up can take off without wondering if that box will show up. IF, the box continues it's journey, then I can do a little rearranging of the order or just have Moody-Blue hang onto it for a bit. I'll keep all of you updated as best I can. I know there is disappointment but it's not the end of the world. More reading adventures to come. I promise! :-)

PS: LittleWhiteBird, when will you be returning from your travels? That would be helpful to know.


Sent you a pm on Monday


I got it. Thanks for letting me know. :-)


I'm back from my vacation.
It's good to hear that eventually there will be a box coming even if you don't hear from jsmelter. My books on tape for the box have no problem waiting on their special shelf until it's time.


I hope you had a great time on your vacation. I just got back from a little one, myself. I did write a note to jsmelter and I hope the first box gets back on its journey, but I've been concentrating on listening to my stash of cassette audiobooks. I'll just keep plugging away until the box is full and can be sent off to you folks. Thanks for your patience!


Yes, I did have a great time. I was visiting family.

Thank you for your many efforts to keep this going.


imawinn2 will send me a partial box, I might do some exchanges and will fill it up to about 20 books. Then it will keep going to:



Thanks for letting the group know, LittleWhiteBird. I will get it off and on the road next week. My husband and I are moving this week. I have the box set aside so I can get it mailed asap.


The first box never surfaced. I have put together a new box of 16 cassettes. LittleWhiteBird was so kind to offer up some of her cassettes to fill the rest of the box. So, I rearranged the original order just a bit so that LittleWhiteBird will receive the box first. Hope everyone finds some good ear-listening adventures.


Also, I just want to let people know that I am happy to open this bookray to new participants. If you know someone, of good standing, that still listens to cassette audiobooks, I'm happy to add them onto the list.


Just letting all you know that the bookbox has hit the road and is on its way to LittleWhiteBird.


I'm already making selections.

I'm taking out:

The Mysterious Mr. Quin by Agatha Christie
Midwives by Chris Bohjalian
A Trilogy of Janet Evanovich: Four to Score/High Five/Hot Six (Audio Cassette)
The Beach House
Prey by Michael Crichton
The Daughters of Cain

I'm putting in:
We Were the Mulvaneys
Finding Fish
Lost Boys
The Way of a Ship
Everyone Worth Knowing
Billy Budd
Vanna Speaks
The Chill
The Tale of the Body Thief
Jurassic Park
The Youngest Hero
The Joy Luck Club
The Wheel on the School
The Conquerors
Abel's Island

I'll go to the post office on Wednesday, if I have the address to send to, because I'm working at the polls tomorrow.


I got the box on its way yesterday.


Thanks again for helping out. 😊


I have removed 13 books:

Mount Dragon
The Way of a Ship
Vanna Speaks
Void Moon
Abel’s Island
The Conquerors
The Wheel on the School
Finding Fish
The Joy Luck Club
Everyone Worth Knowing
The City of Falling Angels

and I have added an equal number:

High Plains Tango by Robert James Waller
At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon
When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Bin Laden by Bill Maher
Stupid White Men by Michael Moore
Duty by Bob Greene
The Hungry Ocean by Linda Greenlaw
Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier
A Collection of Classic Ghost Stories
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
The Client by John Grisham
Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy
The Running Mate by Joe Klein

Thanks so much. That pretty much cleared out my To Be Traded pile, apart from the many great books I’ve received from Hyphen8 and avoided listing here so I wouldn’t be sending them back to her!


Sorry, life is a bit chaotic right now. I'm PMing keno-mom for an address and will try to get the box back out soon.


Is anyone in touch with her?


I could probably find her address, but we wouldn't know if it's still current.


So now I just need to get my act together and send the box!


Box mailed today: I took advantage of keno-mom being last in line (and thus not being required to mail the box any further) and put in a few extras to give her more choices. :)

Took out:

>> Duty -
>> The Hungry Ocean -
>> Year of Wonders -

Put in:

<< The Canterbury Tales -
<< The Castle of Llyr -
<< Cold Flat Junction -
<< Executive Orders -
<< The Five People You Meet in Heaven -
<< In Case of Emergency -
<< A Morbid Taste for Bones -
<< Riding the Rap -

USPS tracking 9549 0103 7039 7041 0887 32
ETA 3/1/17


I got the box yesterday and I'm just overwhelmed with everyone's kindness, I know v8cars will love these, although it will take a few months for me to send them on. I will post when I'm ready to send on to him.
My email was hacked and I didn't realize it, I wasn't getting email from certain addresses including bookcrossing, anyway, it's all been taken care of.
I've moved so much in my life, my Dad was in the military, that I've made up my mind that I'll have to be carted out of my house when I'm gone, so don't worry about my address changing.
I'm always willing to find a home for unwanted cassettes:-) and I will always pass them on. I'll post my address on my BC page


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