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Hello everyone, I am currently reading this book and quite liking it, but feel it should be traveling. I am a bit new to BC, but heard all about it through various friends and talk. Once I am finished I would be thrilled to send it on its way to another. I've seen some talk about it, so thought others may wish to read it. I would prefer to start shipping within the US, but will post INTL if need be. Please post if your interested with your location, and shipping preference. Thank you all!

Tentative List, order subject to change:

Jotka , Germany shipping INTL
Andrasthe Austria, shipping INTL skipped (?)
Sedna5213 Germany shipping INTL
Sharlan - Sweden, shipping INTL < Here
dutch-book - Netherlands, shipping Netherlands
Fifna - Netherlands, shipping INTL
Colectorfou92. France shipping.INTL
Bookworm_Lady Spain, shipping INTL
BaiLong , China, shipping INTL
Oliva_Lo, Taiwan, shipping INTL
catsalive, Australia, shipping INTL
BillBooks Australia, shipping INTL
gaboyd, New Zealand, shipping INTL
Edwardstreet New Zealand, shipping INTL
Cassandra2020 Scotland shipping UK
HappyHarryBabe UK




I'm in Spain, and can ship INTL if needed.
Thanks for sharing this book, it seems quite interesting! :)


I'm in China and can ship international.


added :)


added :)


I'm in the UK and I can only post to the UK. :)


added, so far your the last on the list unless someone else in the UK is willing to ship INTL.


Could you please add me to the list? Am in Germany and can mail internationally.


added :)


where needed and would enjoy to participate :)


added :)


This book sounds really interesting. Please add me. I'm in Taiwan and can ship anywhere!


added :)


The book is not translated into polish yet, so I would like to join that ring. I'm in Germany, can send international.


Adding, updating list order after work. :)


Jotka 3 yrs ago
If it's me:
Jokuta , Germany shipping INTL
on the list, than change please my name: it's Jotka. I'm afraid it would be impossible to find me as Jokuta ;)


Will do! Ill fix it when i am on my laptop. Sorry :)


This book sounds really exciting, I would also like to read it if possible. I'm in Sweden and can ship anywhere.


Adding, updating list order after work.


wingFifnawing 3 yrs ago
Yes please
I'd like to join too please. I am in the Netherlands and can ship anywhere.


Added :)


SLLokabrenna 3 yrs ago
Almost finished with this book and will hope to be shipping out by Thursaday. :)


wingsedna5213wing 3 yrs ago
Could you please put me down a little? I'm going on holidays soon (until mid September) and I don't want to risk the book arriving during that time and being send back.


Sure, I'll bump you down to third a bit later today.


*bump* traveling later this week. Anyone else?


SLLokabrenna 3 yrs ago


Please add me. I'm in Australia & can post int'l.


added :)


Shipping this week I promise! I wanted to send it off earlier but had no money to spare for INTL shipping.


If it's not too late, I'd like to join if it isn't too much trouble. I'm in the US but I can only ship within the US.


Ill try to work you in :)


Decided to skip on this one to make it easier on the list. Thanks though!


I d like to join in france once it s in europe. Can send it anywhere


Added :)


.... but I'm limited to the postage. I'm in Scotland and would prefer UK then EU postage.


Think i can fit you in towards the end. :)


thank you


The book has began traveling!! It's off to Germany. I'll still take requests but may not be able to work everyone into the list.


wingBillbookswing 3 yrs ago
Too late?
Is it too late to add my name In Australia post international




Why does it say Cassandra2020 is in Sweden?


Why does it say Cassandra2020 is in Sweden?

Sorry! I ll fix that and other mistakes. I am usually on mobile and scrolling and list making can be tricky. Please point out any errors you see or requests any change in position.


Why does it say Cassandra2020 is in Sweden?

Thanks for spotting that for me :-)


Book in Germany now :)


wingBookworm-ladywing 3 yrs ago
Bumping for more participants!


I'm in the Netherlands and will ship international if needed. If it could be possible though, I would like to send to Fifna, but that's your call ofcourse.


I can work you in :) will update later tonight


Book is traveling to the next. Andrasthe, I saw that you asked to be skipped would you like me to move you a bit further down the list or pass?


gaboyd 3 yrs ago
If still open
If still open, New Zealand please. Can post International


Yes please, prefer to ship New Zealand or Australia


Any word on if the book is still traveling?


Haven't received the book yet. German mail can be very slow sometimes.


Okay, thanks for the update :)


Still snailing throught the post?


wingsedna5213wing 3 yrs ago
unfortunately it hasn't shown up yet. And it is propably the shortest distance of the ring. The mail system here gets worse and worse. If no book by next Monday, I'll get a new copy.


That's awful!! Sure hope it arrives by then!


The book was sent back to Jotka as in the age of google the German Mail decided that my address couldn't be found. All other books found their way. Will now go and pick the book up in person. I'm very sorry for the delay.


Oh no reason to be sorry, these things happen. Thank you for the update! :)


SLLokabrenna 3 yrs ago
Has the book been found?


Will pick it up from Jotka in person on Friday. Really sorry for the delay, but will try to read it as fast as possible.


Great! Not your fault, snail mail glitches happen. Take your time :)


so no underscore in my name, but a dash.


Trying to edit this but been getting forum errors all day, but will correct :)


Trying to edit this but been getting forum errors all day, but will correct :)

That's a known glitch from all the recent site changes (see notes in the Announcements forum); is in the queue to be fixed.



I received this book in a sweeps I won, so I'll be retiring from this ring.
Still, thanks for sharing this book with us!


Is this happening or is it stalled. I have it on my Wishlist, should I leave it there or will the book eventually arrive?


Book is with Bookworm Lady and I am advised she will move along asap.

I am delighted to have located where it was stalled and note that Bailong can come off the list as she has advised she won a copy in a sweep.


Yes, the book is still here with me, but will be travelling soon to its next reader.
Thanks, Edwardstreet, for pointing out that there had been changes to the bookray list, I have copied it in the thread now, to avoid confusions.


Catsalive asked to be skipped, so I'll contact the next participant BillBooks and send it along.


.... but if HappyHarryBabe is still MIA, where does the book go next?


Seems like I got missed in this ring/ Ray
I have sent a PM to Cassandra


Have just pm'd you


I really thought I'd posted this on, but just discovered it whilst sorting out some RABCKs. It will be in the post to Edwardstreet to continue its journey this morning.

Again, I'm so sorry for delaying this.


Thank you to all who have passed along. It seems to have gotten out of order.
I will post to Gaboyd here in NZ and then it looks like HappyHarryBabe


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