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I enjoyed this somewhat quirky manga about the development of the portable, cooks-in-three-minutes cup-of-ramen by Nissin, and thought I'd offer it for a bookring. It's something of a manga version of those educational films we used to get in school, and I found it rather charming, as well as informative. (It's also the only copy registered on the site so far {wry grin}.)

My comments, bookring instructions, and the participant list, are in the book's JEs:

Project X: Cup Noodle ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12707085 )

The book is a softcover that weighs about 10 ounces, something to keep in mind when estimating postage costs. I'm willing to make it an international ring if I get enough participants who can mail internationally and cover all the necessary hops. [US participants can get postage estimates at the USPS site here ( http://www.usps.com ).]

Post here if interested, including any mailing restrictions.


Vekiki 4 yrs ago
me please
UK, post inside Europe if possible


See parent message for details on this how-we-did-it manga!


and have to say, it's a fun read, even though I never liked cup noodles...


Any more interest in this one? It's a quick read, and quite unusual in its way! (See parent message for more info and a link to the book.)


wingiiwiwing 4 yrs ago
Yes please
I just mentioned on my Facebook that I would love to go to the cup noodles museum!
You can make me sent it anywhere, because we have a flat world postal rate overhere.


HI77 4 yrs ago

I wouldn't mind joining at the end! ;)


Sounds like fun.

US mailing preferred but not required.

Thanks for adding me. :)


HI77 4 yrs ago



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