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I would like to start a bookbox of LGBTQ+ books. This box will probably start at the end of the month, or the beginning of September, as I still need to collect more books for it, but I figured I would go ahead and start collecting names.

This box will be for books, fiction of any genre and non-fiction, about people of different sexual and gender orientations. I would like to try and have primarily books with these people as a main character, not just "the gay friend", but if you come across a particularly enjoyable LGBTQ+ side character, feel free to their book.

Interested in joining us? Just post below. I will need at least three participants to start this box. Sorry international BCers, this one's US only to keep postage down.

Participant list:
back to Emmejo

*Try to make sure there is some variety in genres when the box leaves you. There's no need to get OCD about what is in the box, but keep in mind that the next participant may disappointed to find a box full of nothing but paranormal romance, or humor, or pulpy action stories.
*When you get the box please post here so we can track its progress.
*Journal all books you take out of the box and make sure you put at least the same number back in.
*Make sure the books you add have the BCID in them. It seems obvious, but I have had times when folks forgot and I had to try and track them down.
*Books do not have to be the first in a series, but before adding them, take into consideration how they will read as a stand-alone. If the future reader is going to be completely lost, particularly if the series isn't easily found, consider finding it a home another way.
*Please pass the box on within 2 weeks. If something comes up and you are going to have to hold onto the box a little longer, let me know so we don't have to worry.
*If you have an extra buck or two, consider buying Delivery Confirmation or a tracking number. It's handy for the person you are sending it to, as well as the bookbox organizer.


Ooh! Ooh! I'm in!


I would be interested in participating. I don't know how much I have to contribute though. Would the book have to deal primarily with LGBT issues or could LGBT issues just take up a portion of the text?


The book doesn't have to deal heavily with LGBTQ+ issues, just having an enjoyable character who falls under the label is enough.


OK - that's good to know. I hope I can think through my collection to see what is appropriate. Cheers,


emmejo 6 yrs ago
Anyone else want to join in? We just need one more person to start the box.


Is this going to be a relatively small box?


Yes, small to medium, probably 12-15 books.


Right now pretty much everything I might put into this box is TBR. :(

If no one else wants to play, you can add me to the list, but not at the beginning, please! I'm slightly "overbooked" with books I need to read at the moment.


Alright I'll keep you in mind for the bottom of the list.


I may be interested.


Sounds like an interesting one, But Sept is a bad month. Can I be somewhere on the list where I don't get the box in September?


Yup, I can put you near the end. I probably won't get it out for another week or so, so by the time it has gone to a couple people, Sept. should be over.



Got the box today; many thanks! I hope to be able to move it on again soon.


..but I see that you included some, so that answers my question. :)


I put the box in the mail to haahaahaa98 today; hope it travels safely! My choices and replacements are below; stop now if you'd rather be surprised.





A Tree of Bones ( )
Brilliant Blue 1 ( )
Soulless Vol. 1 ( )
Soulless Vol. 2 ( )
Soulless Vol. 3 ( )
Pretty Things ( )
Diary of a Vampire ( )


12 Days ( )
The Lavender Menace ( )
The Steel Remains ( )
The Cold Commands ( )
Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade ( )
In Another Part of the Forest ( )
The Dedalus Book of Sexual Ambiguity ( )
The Touch of the Sea ( )


Received, thanks Gorydetails!


Address requested of lynmarenjensen.


I'm trying to finish a short novella that is really interesting and then put it in the bookbox (about 80 pages left). I apologize for having taken too long on this bookbox. Hope the next reader finds some worthwhile finds.


I was wondering why this LGBTQ+ book box hadn't arrived at my p. o. box yet. Now I see it's still with the previous person. Please PM me when it's on its way, alright? Thanks!


OK, I've put everything in the box I want to put. Next msg on thread should be the tracking #.


I have your address in the pm you had sent me. Thanks.


If the box is in transit, please provide the tracking number, thanks! I'm hoping to see it in a week or so.


Hi, tracking # is 9114901230803916803444. Looks like it's in transit.


I just went on and upon entering the # the system replies "available for pickup" as of Dec. 20.


I picked up the book box just before Christmas, and that may help explain why it's still sitting on my counter. I'm going to PM the next person so I can send it along.


I picked up the book box just before Christmas, and that may help explain why it's still sitting on my counter. I'm going to PM the next person so I can send it along.


Great news, enjoy!


I got the book box ready to mail to the next person and plan to mail it later today.

It looks like most of what's left in the box is sci-fi/fantasy with GLBT overtones. I debated about keeping the two anthologies that feature classic authors, but finally I just used the shrinking option and took out "Paradise Kiss," vol. 2. I didn't think I'd be so hard to please!


Just what's needed for post holiday blues... a bookbox! I can't wait to get it.


I'll take a look through it. Thanks!


Glad you got it!


I can probably read three or four books by the time it gets here.


No problem, I'd be happy to add you.


I was planning to run my own LGBTQ bookbox some time in 2015, but after sorting through my books this fall/winter, I find I have a TON of books--more than will fit in one bookbox.

If it's possible, could I get added to the end of the bookbox ring?



Sure thing!


Thank you so much! Looking forward to it :-)


I've got the next address, and will be sending it this week. I'll come back with the DC number and edit this when mailed.


Thanks for including me. It should arrive in Hawaii before Valentine's Day.
dc 9114 9999 4431 3416 7662 39.


It should arrive in Hawaii before Valentine's Day.

That would be pretty quick for a box via media mail! That's going to be a crazy weekend, so I may not actually look inside the box right away but I'll let you all know when it arrives.


winghyphen8wing 5 yrs ago
Box is here!
Arrived safely yesterday (Friday); this weekend is crazy busy but I'll get to it as soon as I can..


There's not a dry space in front of the house for the box at the mo'


..but it may take a few weeks to get there. I bagged the books, so hopefully they'll stay dry. Oh, and Greyflank, about that conference call - it wasn't me, I promise. I wasn't at work that day! :p

I'll add the tracking number once I have it.
Tracking # 9549 0110 6340 5055 3270 72
ETA 3/16/15

List of books in & out below.



Angelmaker -
The Bone Doll's Twin -
The Family Heart -
In Another Part of the Forest -
Spider Season -
The Steel Remains -
The Touch of the Sea -

Adding - took some big ones, so I added an extra smallish paperback.

Amuse Bouche -
Beyond Magenta -
Blue is the Warmest Color -
Hidden -
The Kiss Murder -
Sacred Country -
Sarah -
With Child -


Your item arrived at our USPS origin facility in BELL GARDENS, CA 90201 on March 8, 2015 at 1:46 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

Of course, everything is MUD now, but I hope either the ground's dry by them or I have the postman who's not afraid to let himself in and play with the dog.


Sorry, I've been writing steadily since last night. It came yesterday. I'll try to get it in the mail Monday or Tuesday...

(Thanks Hyphen8! Everything stayed perfectly dry!)


6 books in and 6 books out! I'm in writing mode so I'm skipping the links of each.

What's in the box will just have to be a surprise to KateKintail and Emmajo (I hope they like surprises!) :-D


Tracking #9549021300525076000680


Your item was delivered at 11:04 am on March 20, 2015 in FAIRFAX, VA 22030.


I picked it up from the post office yesterday. Interesting selections. It's going to be tough to choose :-)

I'll have it out before I head to Minneapolis in a week!


I'll go through and journal everything shortly. I was at the Anime Boston convention this weekend and am wiped out from too much sewing, standing in line and walking in heels (not something I normally do) combined with too little sleep and proper food, so it might be a bit slow.


Are you sure you want to delete this item? It cannot be undone.