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I am choosing FAMILY HONOR by Robert B Parker ... It looks like fun! Adding my own and requesting the address from 'innae' as we speak!


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Here's how it works:

I'll start the ring out by posting 2 books whose title starts with the letter F to the first person on the list. Articles (a, an, or the) don't count -- look to the next word. So, for example, "A Streetcar Named Desire" would be considered an S-book. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" is a T-book.

So, I send the package with 2 F-books to the first person on the list. That person takes *one* book out & replaces it with another F-book, & then sends those 2 to the next person. And so on.

You post in the forum:

1. when the books arrive
2. what book you chose
3. when you mail the books to the next person.

That way we all know where the books are. The last person on the list sends the books to me.

Don't post the title of the book you *don't* take, or your new addition -- let that be a surprise. Only post the title you are taking out. Oh, & please journal the book you take out promptly.

I think that we should all be able to mail this back out within a week to 10 days. After all, all we're doing is replacing one book.

If by some chance, you just don't like or you've already read one round's offerings, you can either opt to skip your turn & mail the books on without taking one. Or you could consider it an opportunity for a wild release, & just take one out for that purpose (replacing it with one of your own). Your choice.

I think that's everything. Anyone want to play? :-)


The Players (names will be shuffled between each round):

cat02886 - asked to be skipped
Agrace - asked to be skipped


PM'ing for her address now.


... in tomorrow's mail. Happy picking!


Edited to add: Tracking # 9449009699939131830219


The books were delivered on the 11th, & no response to my PM, which she has said goes to her phone. Maybe she's on vacation? But she still could have PM'd me...

We'll give it a little more time before assuming the worst. I do have 2 more F-books ready, just in case.

Stephario? You out there?


Stephario 5 yrs ago
I'm here!
I don't know why you didn't get my return PM....I sent one explaining that the days got away from me and I didn't realize I had been holding on to these books so long. I've PM'd LynnGorman for their address but haven't received a reply yet...are my PM's not going through? I'll try again. As soon as I get her addy, I'll send these on. Oh! And I choose Fuzzy Sapiens, by H. Beam Piper. I'll journal that shortly. Sorry for all the confusion!


Thanks for checking in!


I have LynnGorman's addy now and will be sending hubby with the books tomorrow morning. Hope she enjoys her choices!


Mr. Stephario is headed to the post office now to send the books on their way. Again, I apologize for the delay. I'll do my best to be more timely next round. Enjoy!


Thanks, Stephario!


Mr. Stephario just handed the tracking number to me from yesterday's package. 9114901159815993002296 if y'all want to keep an eye on its progress.


LynnGorman 5 yrs ago
F books
arrived 2 days ago...sorry for the delay in posting! I am choosing "Far From Home" by Lyn Andrews. I'm PMing the next in line!


LynnGorman 5 yrs ago
F books
I am sorry it took me a bit but the F books were mailed out today!! Tracking # 9114 9011 2308 6586 8599 16


I am sorry it took me a bit but the F books were mailed out today!! Tracking # 9114 9011 2308 6586 8599 16

Thanks, LynnGorman!


And both look good.

PM'g the next in line, while I make up my mind. Replacement book is ready.


"Flash Point" chosen from the box, but the other one is being read before it leaves again. I have the address of the next in line. I post again with the tracking # when I mail it out later this week.


Tracking #9114999944238357757156


And made my choice. I'm taking 'Freakonomics' because I have an idea of where I want to release it.

Books are on their way to ollie1976.


Thanks, mrsjones!


will be PM the next in line


so there will be a small delay in getting this out to the next person


OK, Ollie1976. Thanks for letting us know. :-)


I'm interested if there is still room. I live in Minnesota.


Welcome! You're in. :-)




Thanks, Ollie1976.

What book did you choose?


I will repost when I have made a selection.


I have added my book and will be stopping by the post office this afternoon.


Thanks, Aberpeter!


I selected "Fever" by Robin Cook. PMing next in line


I chose "Friendship Cake" by Lynne Hinton. Looks good. Sending PM to BooksandMusic.


Oops! BooksnBeer is next, not BooksandMusic.


I just PMed Heartthumper my address. Don't know if I caught the package??


Package not mailed yet. Sorry. Thanks BooksnBeer.


Received the F package last night. I didn't get a chance to choose a book. I will make my selection tonight. My F book is all ready to go - I am PMing the next in line.


I'm going to select Fishbowl by Sarah Mlynowski. I have the address for the next in line, I should be able to mail the "F" books this weekend.


Thanks, BooksnBeer!


I have chosen "Family Planning", a novel by Karan Mahajan.

I will mail them on as soon as I get booklady331's address.



Thanks, tabby-cat-owner!

By the way, when booklady331 takes her turn, we'll be starting the I-ring. Get ready, everybody! =D


I made my choice and PMed the next person on the list.


at this time, so I will go to the next person.


OK. Thanks for letting us know!

P.S. What book did you choose? Inquiring minds want to know!


I haven't decided which book to keep yet but pming BooksandMusic for an address. My car goes in the shop for repairs on Monday, so probably will be toward the end of the week before I get to the post office.


because my niece wants to read it. My "F" books are packed and ready to go. Just waiting to get my car back. I will post again as soon as I get to the post office.



Thanks, Southernfryed!


I have made my selection and will put the package in the mail when the PO opens again.


Thanks, BooksandMusic!

What book did you choose?


Forever by Jude Deveraux

and the package is now on its way to raralovestoread. I mailed it Friday.


I have chosen Finding Fish: A Memoir by Antwone Quenton Fisher. Sending a PM to the next person.


So sorry for the delay - I've been sick.


OK, thanks for letting us know! Feel better soon!


Books arrived today. I've chosen Fatima's Good Fortune by J & G Dryansky

Will contact and get them on their way asap.


I will make my selection, contact next in line, and get them in the mail again ASAP.

Decided to keep "File M for Murder" by Miranda James.


...to jmsmom...


Thanks, perryfran!


I haven't made a decision yet. Agrace has asked to be skipped so I have pmed Dove-i-libri.



wingjmsmomwing 4 yrs ago
I chose
Fog Over Finny's Nose by Dana Mentink. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the post office last week. Tomorrow is a holiday but hoping I can make it Tues.


wingjmsmomwing 4 yrs ago
Books sent


Thanks, jmsmom!


I am choosing FAMILY HONOR by Robert B Parker ... It looks like fun! Adding my own and requesting the address from 'innae' as we speak!


delivery confirmation tkt = 9114 9012 3080 1818 9997 77


Thanks, Dove-i-libri!


I will be choosing The Floating City by Pamela Ball - because i like the cover (and the story inside sounds good too) -- I will be sending off a message to mngirl as soon as I Post this.


I'm choosing Final Jeopardy. Will send message to next person after I'm done here. Will get books on mail once I get the next address.


mngirl 4 yrs ago
books in mail
Tracking: 9552 1110 8446 5086 6015 76
Expected delivery: Friday, April 3


Thanks, mngirl!


Books arrived today (that was fast!!!) and my selection was Forbidden Fruit by Erica Spindler. Will PM iwillrejoice for address.


As you could probably tell I never officially released Forbidden Fruit. I mailed it off without writing down the name or BCID. LOL

That was fast! God Bless the USPS!


Mailed today to iwillrejoice who started this bookring. Many thanks and enjoy!
USPS Tracking # 0111 1884 5090 4983 89


Thanks, ravencat!


I received Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich & Female Nomad and Friends by Rita Golden Gelman. Thanks, everybody, for being part of this book ring!

So, now that the F-ring is concluded, let's start the K-ring. Be back in a jiffy!


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