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Anyone interested in this mystery/thriller by Chevy Stevens?

If so, please post here with your shipping preferences! :)


I'm in Spain, and can mail anywhere.
Thanks for sharing!!


i'm in Switzerland and would only be interested in shipping within Europe, please.


Janeka 5 yrs ago
You're both in :)

Anyone else?


In France, I can mail Int.


Billbooks 5 yrs ago
Yes please
Always looking to try an author I haven't read - in Australia can post worldwide


Janeka 5 yrs ago
awesome :)
Icila and Billbooks, your names are on the list!


Janeka 5 yrs ago
a gentle bump ;)


I would like to go on the list, can post in Australia if that's alright


Billbooks 5 yrs ago
Yes please
Can post anywhere


wingBookworm-ladywing 5 yrs ago
Bumping for Janeka.




Janeka 5 yrs ago
Bookworm-lady :)

This should start its travels in a couple of weeks!


If you're still interested, this book will now leave on its way :)


I'm in the Netherlands and I'll ship anywhere.


Of course, you're in :)


please ? I am currently moving out. So by the time the book gets to me, I should be in Spain and willing to ship within Europe.



Has this bookring ever started ?


Has this bookring ever started ?

I have the book, as can be seen in the last journal written by me; it arrived before I moved to my new flat, and I'm afraid it must be in one of the boxes I haven't unpacked yet.
It will start moving again as soon as I find it; sorry for stalling, and I hope you'll understand.


Ok, I understand. I was just wondering what had happened. I'll wait till you're ready :-)


I am down to my last boxes, so I expect the book will appear soon, so that I can read it and set it on its travels again.
Thank you all for your patience!


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