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by Christina Baker Kline. The story of a young Irish immigran, Vivian Dale, sent by an orphan train from New York to the farmlands of the mid-West. Running parallel is the story of Molly Ayer, an unfortunate foster teenager, who helps Vivian sort through her keepsakes and possessions. Therein lie many tales.

Sign up here with shipping preferences.

OK...we're ready to roll with this one.

Here's the order:

1. Billbooks, AU
2. Florence71, FR
3. Abi-Gibby, UK
4. Icila, FR
5. Imawinn2, US
6. Hyphen8, US
7. Aberpeter, US
8. Minesayn, US



Please can I join, from uk and can ship any where, currently in Australia travelling not due back till mark so if poss can I be further down the list cheers


Yes, of course, you'll be on the list. Thanks for joining.


In France, I can mail anywhere.


Glad to have you in this Ring.


Billbooks 6 yrs ago
Yes please
In Australia can post anywhere


I'll add you to the list. Thanks for joining.


Not long ago, I put this title on my "I want to read" list. Thanks for offering it valpete! I'm in Wisconsin and would prefer to mail in the US if possible.


Yes, it's a good book. People in my book discussion group loved it. I'll add your name.


US mailing preferred. Is your copy a paperback? Any idea how much it weighs so we can plan postage costs?


Thanks, hyphen8, you're in. It's a small trade paperback approximately 300 pages.


I'm in France, so I prefer european mailing preferred due expensive costs. Thanks.


I'll add your name, Florence71. Thanks for joining.


I sent a PM to the next person after me, Abi-Gibby tells me she passes on because she has many rings / rays for the moment, so the book continues in France with Icila. I send it a PM for her adress.


I live in the US.

Thank you.


I'm in Switzerland... no rush at all, really. If European shipping doesn't work, please don't include me.


I'm in Switzerland... no rush at all, really. If European shipping doesn't work, please don't include me.

I could send it to you and get it back for mailing to the US after if you and valpete agree.


If so, not a problem. If it isn't too late, great--I'm in the US and would prefer US shipping. Could do international if ABSOLUTELY necessary.


Sure, no problem, I'll add you to the list.


Book continues his journey in France. I sent it to Icila today.


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