New Int'l Ray Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro

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I'm looking to keep this book travelling so would like to offer it up as a bookray:

If anyone is interested please post below with your shipping preferences :)

Edited to add that this is a paperback copy of ~300 pages.


Meg72 5 yrs ago
I would love to read this book. Will ship international.


Based in the UK and happy to send internationally. Thanks :-)


Any more takers?


I'm in the UK and prefer UK / EU postage. Thank you!


I'll add you to the list :)


Thanks for organising! I'm in the UK and prefer posting within Europe.


Great to have you on board!


Janeka 5 yrs ago
May I join?
I'm in Portugal, and prefer to ship within Europe :)


NICNIC2 5 yrs ago
Of course :)
Welcome Janeka, I'll add you to the list.


thanks! ;)


Anybody else interested? The ray will be open to join until it reaches the last reader :)


I live in Canada, and can ship internationally


despite her fame and acclaim. Short stories aren't usually my favorite, but rings push me to read books I wouldn't otherwise take the time for. Maybe it's time to read a book by Munro. I'm in Switzerland and would only like to ship within Europe, please.


DivineSelene 5 yrs ago
I'm in!
I live in Greece and prefer to ship to Europe, if that's possible :) Thank you


Can I join this ray, please?
I live in Norway and prefer posting in Europe.


I live in Switzerland and prefer to ship within Europe (or domestically). Thanks


I'd like to join,I live in Greece and would prefer to post within Europe,thank you.


but would prefer shipping Canada & USA


I'm in the US and can ship anywhere. Thanks!


Great to see so much interest in this!


I would like to read this book.
I live in Germany and would prefer shipping within Europe


Meg72 5 yrs ago
Book didn´t get lost, yeah!!! It arrived some time ago, but as my mailbox was full the postman left it with my mother-in-law, who lives nearby. She forgot to call me and only remembered when I went to visit today


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