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I have a Cassette Audiobook Bookbox that was originally sent out by KateKintail. It's time to move it along. I was wondering if there were any folks out there that would be interested in participating if I sent it out as a Bookbox Bookray? It won't be a big box so it will be easy on your mail carrier. It will contain approximately 20-25 assorted cassette audiobooks.

Let me know if this sounds like something you "ear-listeners" would like me to set up.


I've got quite a few good cassette books, and they never get chosen on Iwillrejoice's VBB. I'd be happy to have a way to offer them to others who still listen to cassette books. And if that's only you and me, imawinn2, we can just do a big swap together.


... join or contribute (not sure yet). So, I'll be watching this thread, to see if this box happens.


I think I'd like to participate. Details in PM.


imawinn2 5 yrs ago
It's a go!
Looks like I have some interested parties so I will make this audio bookbox a go. I will change the title of this thread to reflect this change. This will be an Audio Bookbox RAY.

So far I have:


It will be a little bit before I send the box off. Thinking around the first week of November so folks can do some last minute listening to build up their trading stock. If you know of any other BCers that might like to participate, please let them know. :-)


I need some time to get organized but I have some tapes I'd be happy to share.

Also, I think keno-mom was looking for audiobooks; if this is going to be a ray, perhaps you might end it with her? (If I remember correctly she's also sharing some of them with v8cars in Australia.)

Edit: found the thread I was looking for -


That's sounds good. I sent a PM to keno-mom the other day asking if she would like to join. If I don't hear from her in a couple of days, I'll contact her via Facebook as she is one of my FB "friends".


I had a couple other BCers join. Yea!! Here is an update.

JudySlump612 - Minnesota
iwillrejoice - Florida
BigJohnLefty - Iowa
LittleWhiteBird - California
jsmeltser - Iowa
hyphen8 - Hawaii
DameEdna - New Jersey


I sent the box off today. It is now heading to JudySlump612. Hope you find some good ones.


So how many books did you put in?

I got alerts for three journal entries by the way a couple of days ago :)


imawinn2 5 yrs ago
RE: Great!
There are 20 audiobooks in the box. A nice mix of mystery/thrillers and fiction.


for a month now. I hope the box arrives with judyslump612 soon.


No Worries. judyslump612 has the box. Here is the link to the actual journal:


Awesome, that's good to know.


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