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Any interest in a bookray for this themed-anthology series? Reply here, with any mailing preferences. I'll update the JE of the first volume (link below) with the mailing list. [The usual bookray guidelines apply regarding journaling-when-received, requesting the next person's address, and moving the books along once you've read them. As it's four volumes, I'll allow two months per hop; if you think you'd need more, just mention that when you sign up. And, as always, if something comes up later such that you want to be moved down the list, skipped entirely, or have the books in hand and need some help moving them along, just let me know!]

I enjoyed this four-volume series of weird/romantic/scary/disturbing short stories themed on "plant dolls", beautiful child-sized dolls that offer entrancing smiles when treated well. (In many ways it reminded me of the Pet Shop of Horrors series, though it doesn't have as much emphasis on recurring characters or an overall story-arc. But the lush artwork, manipulative shop-owner, and be-careful-what-you-wish-for storylines are similar, so if you liked that series you might like this one.)

The volumes, with writeups:

Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:
Vol. 4:


Megi53 7 yrs ago
It sounds good, so count me in. USA mailing only these days.


I've never heard of this, but please add me to the mix.


I am trying to avoid boxes, but this looks quite interesting.


I am trying to avoid boxes, but this looks quite interesting.

I know what you mean. I try not to sign up for too many, but then I find something that sounds good and I end up joining in. The only solution is to stay out of the ring/ray/box forum entirely..and I'm not there yet.


wingAzukiwing 7 yrs ago
Me three...
I totally love Pet Shop of Horrors and Lolita fashion stuff so this is totally up my alley. But then your sypnosis sounds remotely familiar so I dug up the original title in Japanese, and sure enough I've read it before (and remember liking it). The series was published in the 90s. Needless to say it's been a long while, I'd love the chance to re-read them!


wingHI77wing 7 yrs ago

ha ha I gave you one of these but I haven't actually read it all the way through. So I think that I'd like to join!

Please put me at the end though, I'm moving soon and so it's going to be chaoic for awhile.


I mailed the books to Megi53 today, to kick off the bookray; tracking # 9114901075742492040810

Hope everyone enjoys the books!


Of course, I'm currently reading the ring book I received on Saturday (They're ganging up on me. Again.) but I'll get to them as soon as I can. :)


I didn't forget, I've just been BUSY...

I have quietorchid's address and am still hoping to get this out by mid-month.


Mailed to quietorchid today; the DC number is in the release notes for volume 1.


3 days? Media Mail? wow.

Anyway, Cool!!!!! Thanks for sending it, I am looking forward to sitting down with this weekend!


Off to Florida,
Tracking # 9114 9011 2308 6557 0207072
expected arrival 3/4/14


They all arrived in Hawaii at the same time, and now they seem to have done the same thing again in Florida!


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