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Is there any interest in a bookbox for middle school age and older teens? It's going to be a shrinking bookbox, since I'm trying to shrink my pile of books, not make them bigger. ;-) So if you take 2 books, you just put in 1 book. If you are interested send me a PM and post here, please.

Link to journal for bookbox:

Participants (shipping order):

GoryDetails (New Hampshire) - Done
mrsjones (Ohio) - Done
ksloan23 (Kansas) - Done
Hyphen8 (Hawaii)- Box is here!

Removed this person because there is not a way to send PM to them:
Azapolya (Kentucky)


I like reading YA, and my daughter reads it, too. Plus, my husband is a high school teacher, so surely we'll find something we like, and do have things to add.

I'm in Cincinnati. Thanks!~


I could do this one. (I'd signed up for a YA box a while back, but on investigation it appears that the person who proposed it has left the site - so I have some spare books on hand!)


JennyC1230 7 yrs ago
I'll add you both. Thanks for joining!


I definitely like reading YA books, but I don't really have anything for this box right now. It might be a while before I can come up with anything: at the moment I'm reading a ray book and trying to get ready for the Biographies of Things box.

When were you thinking of doing this box, and could I be near the end?


JennyC1230 7 yrs ago


If you're open to accepting newbies, I'm interested. I love YA.



I've added everyone now, does anyone else want to join?



I've started looking for books, so I guess you'd better put me on there. :)


I swear I put your name on the top message. You're in! ;-)



will message you


Sorry life has been crazy here, this bookbox was pushed to the side. If anyone else wants to join send me a PM and post here, please.

It will be ready to move very soon. :-)


...if Gory doesn't grab it first. :)

Because of this thread:


How much are you wanting the box to shrink? Sounds like we can take out 1 more book than we put in - is that right?


JennyC1230 6 yrs ago
I'm making it a two books for one. It's starting out with around 30 books so there should be enough to go around. If you pick two books you just need to add one book to replace the two you picked. :-)

Mailed out this morning! It's on the road to GoryDetails!


Let me know if you want to join, I can accept some more participants.


Just ahead of the latest snowstorm, too! I hope to be able to make my choices and get the box moving again by the end of the week.


I mailed the box today; my choices and the tracking number are in the bookbox journal JE ( ). Enjoy!


This box is halfway done, does anyone else want to participate in this bookbox?


I'll try to look through the goodies in the next few days and get it moving again soon.


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