Medicine Chest IV-- home again!

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Last year I sent around the Medicine Chest III see
and have collected a good number of goodies for a box available in the early fall. As before, this is a varied fiction and non-fiction box.

GoryDetails !!
eponine38 !!
6of8 !!
azuki !!
hyphen8 <<Here!!>>

bookluver87 -skipped

Please be aware of the various categories. If you take a lot of X, try to replace some in that category. Try not to allow more than 3 books by the same author in the box. No Diet books, no How to live with Xy or zee, please.

Here is a link to the journal, you can see what books are in it:
I will keep this journal updated as it goes along.

Please journal the box here as soon as you get it.
Please keep it for no more than 3 weeks.
Pm the next in line, and use tracking.
Journal here when box goes out.




wing6of8wing 7 yrs ago
There goes my (just renewed) No More Book Boxes resolution -- again! I was good last time and didn't participate but I can't pass it up twice. Please put me on the list and I will start setting aside a few books for it right now.


must give in this time.
I'm in Massachusetts. If possible, I'd like to be further down the list :-)


and reading really odd stuff.... ranging from Zombies to Autism, Blood Medicine to a Year of Wonder, and all the rest of the alphabet.


Please count me in. I'll put some books away now. I'm in California.


Hopefully I'll be ready by then, because I always enjoy this box: please count me in!


And I am sort of ready because last time I didn't quite put in all the books I've read for the box, and I have a few more to add since. Quite amazing for me, honestly.


So far we have :

will start this in 2 weeks or so


I need to skip this round :(


See the list of books in the journal

Sent to GoryDetails,
weight 16lbs 12oz
DC 9114901123086557008213
expected date 10/7


The box reached me today, right on schedule I see! Now to make my choices - that's both the fun part and the hard part {wry grin}.


I handed the box off to eponine38 today. My choices are in the JEs of the bookbox journal, if you're curious and don't want to be surprised!


wingAzukiwing 7 yrs ago
better start reading!!


Mailed to 6of8 today. Tracking #9114901123086188135333.


It will likely stay with me for a week or so while I finish the book I am reading and want to include.

My hat is off to quietorchid and her clever labels "I am a good book -- Take me home -- I promise to behave!"


wing6of8wing 7 yrs ago
Moving again
Off to azuki in Florida. I will locate the tracking # and update this entry later.


Off to azuki in Florida. I will locate the tracking # and update this entry later.

Whoops...I'm after azuki, so I'd better start seriously looking at what I want to add to this box!


Any other interest?


winghyphen8wing 7 yrs ago
Headed home
Mailed today. :)


Thanks everyone!


wingAzukiwing 7 yrs ago
A round of applause to every participant.

Quietorchild, I hope you find something interesting in the box.


I was thinking lately that we haven't had the Medicine Chest going for a while, and when I dug up this thread and read the journal entry, it seems like the box somehow never made it home?
Quietorchild, is that the case?
I really miss the box, and as I have amassed a few books for the box, I wonder if you'd like me to send you some books. Then you can read them or use them for the next round. I would hate for you, the organizer, to end up with no books.


Yes, it got home, and I went crazy this fall. I am planning on starting a new thread this week. Look for it!


...I went crazy this fall.

Because reasons. Hang in there...


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