[US] 8-vol. manga bookray, Urasawa's Pluto (Astro Boy revisited):

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This 8-volume series by Naoki Urasawa is a re-imagining of one of Osamu Tezuka's "Astro Boy" stories, and raises the superhero-boy-robot-with-rocket-feet story to a much higher level while remaining true to the original characters. In a world where the most advanced robots are barely distinguishable from humans, some humans are feeling defensive, and bias for and against robots fuels political movements and some hate crimes as well. But when someone or something begins targeting the most advanced robots in the world - and the humans who created them - it kicks off an investigation that eventually leads to a global threat. It also touches on just what makes someone human, and on the futility of hatred...

While there are some fairly heavy political subplots here, it's the characters (robot as well as human) and their motives, back stories, and interactions that I find the most enjoyable. (OK, the robots in battle are pretty cool, too!) Urasawa's art-style is quite realistic compared to most manga, and I like it very much.

The first volume is here ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7974949 ), and has links to the other 7. (I tried to avoid overt spoilers in the writeups, but the comments in later volumes might spoil events of previous ones, so if you prefer not to encounter any spoilers, you should probably skip the later JEs.)

All 8 books together weigh about 5 1/4 pounds, and should cost roughly $5 to mail via media mail. The books should be fairly quick reads, being manga, but as there are 8 volumes I will allow up to 2 months per hop (longer if someone's interested but knows they will take longer to read this many books). Post here if interested. (It's a really good series!)

Participants listed in the Vol. 1 JEs.


See parent message for more on Urasawa's Pluto series - it's an extremely well-done story. (If you're curious but aren't up for a book ray, you might be able to find the books at the library; I first read this series via my library's copies.)


No more interest? It's a very good series! (See parent message for more info and a link to the first volume.)


but 8 volumes sounds a bit daunting. I know, 8 vol in manga terms is very short, there are many that goes into 30 vol or more. The Astro Boy connection is what draws me in.

Ok, please sign me up! But I have 4 bookrings at home now... don't know how that happens as I don't sign up for many, so please either send it to me later or I'll need a bit more time.


I just haven't been checking the forums much lately. If this does go through I'd love to participate.


( "manga bookray, mystery/deadly-robots/human-interest series" sounds intriguing )..but since I currently have I Shall Never Return ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/491302 ), please don't put me too near the top of the list!


I've sent the box off to k00kaburra today, tracking # 9549010973193163569040 . (Mailing order is in the JE of Vol. 1; I'll update it there if needed.) Enjoy!

[It seems strange to me that there's no anime adaptation of this series; Urasawa's other series have some wonderful adaptations, including the animes for Monster ( http://www.imdb.com/---/combined ) and Master Keaton ( http://www.imdb.com/---/combined ), and the multi-part live-action film of 20th Century Boys ( http://www.imdb.com/---/combined ). There's supposedly a live-action version of Pluto in the works, but no recent news...]


Dolls arrived yesterday and Pluto arrived today.

I *just* finished the ring book that arrived on Saturday and azuki PM'd me this morning about a box. I didn't think I was signed up for THAT many things..but they're ganging up on me.







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