Cheese - A 1001 Book - A very short one

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1001 Book bookring!

Cheese by Willemm Elsschot. This is a really short one. I finished it in an afternoon. Nice, quirky, short story. And it is already very well traveled little book!

Please post with your shipping preferences.

Mepwave - US
tubereader - Europe
Nakipa - International
Boekentrol - International
lamelemon - International


I will be in New Jersey, USA until the end of March, and then I am moving to Israel. So if I'm first then put USA but after that I should go later on the list as Israel. Either way I am willing to ship internationally :)


Much to my shame I must admit, that I didn't read this one for my Dutch literature list in grammar school, for some reason I picked other books.

No this will go on a journey again, I'd like to join too please. If possible, I'd like to be put a bit down the list.
I'm in The Netherlands and for this small one I can ship internationally.


Tubereader 5 yrs ago
I'm in
Depending on when I get to read the book, I'll be in Spain or back in Belgium. I'm willing to post anywhere but would prefer to post within Europe.

Thanks for organising!


mepwave 5 yrs ago
bump :) this deserves some attention!


wingNakipawing 5 yrs ago
Count me in
I'm in Portugal and I'll ship anywhere


I'm in Romania and will post wherever needed.


To get the ray going, I need somone in the US who would be willing to ship to Europe...


mepwave 5 yrs ago
I can ship anywhere


carmendoran 5 yrs ago
Me too!
Am in Scotland and can ship to EU/UK


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