CLOSED City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

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Please comment if you'd like to read it. It's a paperback, under 400 g. A fantasy/paranormal romance/young adult book, first of the Mortal Instrument series

Shipping order (UPD. 03.05)
0. Lamilla (Belarus)
1. slipperbunny (Finland) - done
2. MMunster (Finland)- done
3. lunacia (Norway) - done
4. Elandria (The Netherlands) - done
5. Jonniboi (UK) - done
6. Merolia (GR) - done
7. Ossiefry (PT) - skipped due to no response
8. FraukeRo (DE) - rec. 25.04 <-- travelling
9. lunatum (Finland) - skipped due to no response
10. back to Lamilla (Belarus)

- journal the book on receiving
- try to read it in a reasonable time (4-5 weeks is fine) and tell everyone what you think about it
- ask the person next to you for the address
- post it and make a release note


And willing to send international, so that you can make it int'l :)


Have you overcome your recent problems? I'll bear in mind that you can send intl and let you know if it'll be needed.


Hi, how come I'm not in the list? Only in the "interested" pile? Just curious :)


Have you overcome your recent problems? You haven't answered if you've sent all the packages you owe


Yeah I have, I regularly send now, there wasn't much of a hold up in the first place, but I did dislocate my knee that stopped me from walking too far, but I have no problems now :)


Just to make sure you're all right.


slipperbunny 6 yrs ago
Me too
And I could send international too.


Your income is appreciated. I'll let in travel around Europe before deciding if it should go international.


What size is the book? Here the price of postage depends on the size as well as the weight!


About 13 x 20 x 3 cm


I would like to join, I can send within Europe.


wingLamillawing 6 yrs ago
you're in


winglunaciawing 6 yrs ago
RE: lunacia
you're in

Yay! :D


MMunster 6 yrs ago
Im in!
I can also send international.


wingLamillawing 6 yrs ago
Added you
Anyone else is interested?


I'd love to read it. I can also ship international. Wouldn't mind being somewhere further down the list as there are some books piling up here right now. (all none-bc so noone is waiting for them at least ;-)
Thank you!


wingLamillawing 6 yrs ago
Added you!


wingLamillawing 6 yrs ago
I have posted the book to slipperbunny today.


I'd like to join the bookray :-)

I live in the Netherlands and would ship international.


wingLamillawing 6 yrs ago
You're in!


Dear participants, please don't forget to report your progress in a timely fashion (in the thread or via PM). Don't be shy and silent if you have any troubles with reading/mailing book.


The other rings I've signed up for are progressing well so far, so I'm sure I'll have time for this as well. I would prefer to ship in Europe. Thank you!


wingLamillawing 5 yrs ago
You're in
Thanks for joining


If not too late could you add me? I live in the UK and can post anywhere.


wingLamillawing 5 yrs ago
Added you!


Thank you :)


Ossiefry 5 yrs ago
Can I join?
I'm in Portugal and can ship anywhere.


Ossiefry, added you

I haven't heard from MMunster for awhile, hopefully she'll see my ISO post in the Finnish forum


the book is travelling again!


I live in Germany and can send international. join this Ring?

I'm in Portugal, and would prefer to ship post within Europe. thank you!


wingLamillawing 5 yrs ago
you're in!


I know the book has already visited Finland, but is it still possible to join? I live in Finland and I can ship anywhere needed.


wingLamillawing 5 yrs ago
added you!
Also, I decided I want the book back to revisit, since I'm hooked on the series, so from now on it's a ring =)


A slight change of the shipping order: Janeka got her own copy of the book and asked to be skipped.

The book is travelling again and the sign up is open.


anyone else wants to jump in before it goes back to me?


I've tried contacting lunatum for her address but didn't get a reply yet...


Please wait two weeks and in case of no reply still skip lunatum and send book to me. Thanks!


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