How the States Got Their Shapes (OPEN!) US Ring - 50 State Challenge

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Hi Everyone! I just finished "How the States Got Their Shapes" by Mark Stein

and thought it would make a fun bookring book... especially if we could try to get the book to every state in the US!

If you are interested post, and list what state you are from. If there are duplicate states, so be it.

Participant List:
mepwave, Texas *done*
elizardbreath, Oregon *done*
2of3Rs, Oregon *done*
greatnimrod, New York *done*
Bkind2books, Tennessee *done*
dabercro, Utah *done*
hyphen8, Hawaii
mssaver, Illinois *done*
PaDutchTravel, Pennsylvania <--- here

mepwave, Texas

Click the link to see a map of where the book has been so far! :)


Thanks for the PM...this will be great! :)


greatnimrod from NY


Yay! I'll add you to the list :)


Hope you don't mind my putting the Oregons adjacent. I figured it would speed up delivery.


Please add me...I'm in Oregon too!




mepwave 6 yrs ago


Hi Everyone! I updated the journal to have a map of each state the book has been to. When it arrives in Oregon (and each subsequent state!) I'll update it :)


Elizardbreath has the book! 2 states down, 48 to go :)


mepwave 6 yrs ago
Still open!
I just wanted people to know this ring is still open :)


The book has been journaled and is on it's way to 2of3Rs... there is still time to join and see if we can get this book to all 50 states!


I'm in Tennessee


dabercro 6 yrs ago
I'm in Utah
Please add me and the state of Utah to your list.


mepwave 5 yrs ago
Bkind2books and daberco you have been added :) The book will be on it's way soon!


Hope to get this started soon (have a few promised before it) and get it on its way in a few weeks. Thanks for organizing this, mepwave.

I'm sure there's some more states out there that could participate -- it would be great to see more states get represented on the map! you want to add Hawaii after Utah?


Added! Hawaii is exciting!


I'm in Illinois.


Welcome mssaver!


Spread the word! We are almost caught up!


More states should get in on this!!


I have been wanting to read this book. I'm in PA would like to help send it around the states.


You've been added! Welcome :)


Thank you! I can't wait to read it.


It's in my possession now.


Hi PaDutchTravel! I've updated the forum post and journal entry accordingly. Hopefully we will get a new taker soon but until then take your time reading! :)


Looking for more states!!! Anyone interested?! :)




Sounds real interesting - count me in!


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