Int'l Book Ring: 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff (CLOSED)

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ETA: This ring is on the last leg of its journey, and currently in Europe...if anyone else is interested, please post here so it can make a stop for you before starting towards home!

Hallo all! So this is my first try at a bookring/ray and I'm very pleased to offer a copy of the delightful 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff which is about a lovely 20-year correspondence between Hanff, an American Author and FPD, British bookseller, from 1949-1969.

The book is very slim, weighing about 2.4 oz (68 gms) and should not take too long to read.

Also, I have a request, this being my first ring, I'd really like if every participant could include a postcard telling us about their favourite local bookshop. If you don't have a postcard handy, even a note or other kind of card will do.

Sign up then with your location and shipping preferences! Let's get this rolling :)

ETA: Bookring order of shipping:

Maranlin (Canada, can ship anywhere)
jumpingin (Canada, can ship anywhere)
speciallisa (UK, can ship anywhere)
Merolia (Greece, EU shipping preferred)
chremajora (Germany, can ship anywhere)
Simson-Shilitoe (France, can ship anywhere)
book-a-neer (Australia, AUS shipping preferred) <------ book is here (October 2013)
ReallyBookish (USA, can ship anywhere)
Carmendoran (UK, EU shipping preferred)
Arvores (Portugal, can ship anywhere)

...back to me (prachitulshan)

This order can change as and when new participants join. If anyone wants any changes, please post here or PM me. Cheers!


An excellent choice! A delightful, quick read from an era when witty and meaningful correspondence by letter was still the done thing.

Lament: the 'gains' of succinct and immediate communication using various forms of texting came at quite a price. Even email, where one at least has the option to apply one's mind and express thoughts in full words and sentences before hitting the send button, is frowned on nowadays as being long-winded and old-fashioned. <sigh>

Good luck with your bookring. I hope you get many participants.


Yes please! I have been wanting to read this for a very long time. I saw the movie not too long ago and found it very charming.

I am in Canada and will ship anywhere. Thank you!


Hello prachitulshan! Thanks a lot for the pm. I'd love to join. If you get any more participants from EU I would prefer you to place me there, but if necessary I could ship anywhere. The postcards idea sounds nice!



I would like to join this bookring, please.

I have no special shipping preferences.

But if possible:
Could you put me in a position near the end of the ring, please? I have still some other books tbr and I will also receive some other bookrings/bookrays over the next months.

Thanks in advance!


So I have maranlin, merolia and simson-shilitoe till now. Who else wants to join in? Sign up!
And thanks stoepbrak, for the encouragement!


Thanks for organizing this!

I am in Canada and will ship anywhere.


I'd like to join. I'm hoping to see the movie as well. I can only ship in Australia.


So I'll get this out in the mail in a day or two. The shipping order, as of now is:

Maranlin (Canada, can ship anywhere)
jumpingin (Canada. can ship anywhere)
Merolia (Greece, EU shipping preferred)
Simson-Shilitoe (France, can ship anywhere)
book-a-neer (Australia, AUS shipping preferred)

This order can change as and when new participants join. If anyone wants any changes, please post here or PM me. Cheers!


speciallisa 7 yrs ago
hi am i too late to join? i would like to if i still can and i will ship anywhere xx


It sounds like a nice book and as it doesn't weigh too much, I'd be happy to post internationally.


Chremajora and speciallisa, have added both of you. Check your names in the shipping order and let me know if you want any changes. :)


..finally! Sorry for the delay in mailing it out...have been busy with classes and the PO shuts by lunch time, finally got a free morning and sent it off to the first participant in the ring - Maranlin. Hope it reaches soon!


carmendoran 6 yrs ago
Me too!
Happy to ship EU/UK


I'll be happy to add you, except now the book is due to travel to Australia and you prefer EU shipping..

If there's anyone else who wants to sign up, post here so we can work something out!
EU bookcrossers willing to ship worldwide would be great!


Hello, prachitulshan!

I'm glad to join your BookRing. Thank you!
I'm in Europe, as you know, and I can ship this book Internationally.
Nevertheless, I'll be away on holidays for the next 3 weeks and with very limited access to Internet. In case the previous reader contacts me, I may take some time to answer, but the book can be sent to my mom's address, where it will be well taken care of, till I get back.
I hope this is ok :)


I'm back home, now :)


muggleme 6 yrs ago
Go for it!
It's a lovely book to read! I read it and would reccomend it to everyone who likes some correspondence novel!


I'm not sure if I'll fit in here or not. This book is on my wishlist and I'd love to read it. However, I'm in the US and it looks like we have mainly European participants. I'm interested in participating, if it happens to work out. Thanks!


prachitulshan 6 yrs ago
Sorry all for not being active here for a while...I missed out on all the new requests to join the ring. However, I've contacted participants, and book-a-neer is willing to ship international, so I've put ReallyBookish next in line and hopefully it can pass on to Europe after that, to Carmendoran (if they're still interested) and then Arvores. I'll get back soon on that.


Carmendoran has confirmed that they would like to participate, so the order of the bookring now is as listed in my original post above.


... and been enjoyed thoroughly and is now ready to travel further. :)

I'll contact Carmendoran and keep it moving along its journey. Thanks!


Thanks for the update, ReallyBookish!
Glad to see the book is being enjoyed by all and promptly passed on...


I came back home after a short trip to see this parcel from Arvores, and was so happy to see 84 Charing Cross Road back home safely after its travels around the world. :)
Thank you all for the postcards/cards, for enjoying the book and for promptly passing it on!
I am definitely motivated to do another bookring sometime after such a lovely experience with this one. :)


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