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I'd like to offer the following books to begin a bookbox with a rescue theme. Its first recipient must be in the U.S. since I'll be using USPS media mail to send it out. All the titles are in new condition; one is a thin hardcover and another is a bound galley. The box will not circle back to me.

The titles are:

Escape, by Perihan Magden, Fiction. "A teenager called Bambi and her single, unstable mother are on the run, fleeing an unknown danger."

The Little Ships: The Heroic Rescue at Dunkirk in World War II, by Louise Borden, Children's illustrated nonfiction (ages 9+).

A Stolen Life: A Memoir, by Jaycee Dugard, Nonfiction, autobiography. "For eighteen years I was a prisoner."

Trapped: How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2,000 Feet Below the Chilean Desert, by Marc Aronson, YA nonfiction.

Trapped: The 1909 Cherry Mine Disaster, by Karen Tintori, Nonfiction, history. "The worst coal mine fire in U.S. history."

Without Looking Back, by Tabitha Suzuma, YA fiction. "Just another missing persons poster -- until he realized the face on it was his own."


I'd be up for this one!


I'd be up for this one!

Me too: sounds like books I'd like to read. :)


GoryDetails, shall I send it to you now? I still have your mailing address.


Sure, fire away!


The box reached me today - many thanks! Will make my choices and get it moving again soon.


Put me at the end though so I can read some books to add!


Sure, I can mail the box to you...but it might take *me* a little while to read something for it. Since I didn't think there was anyone after me, I didn't plan ahead!


First, an update to the contents list - when I received the box, it did not include The Little Ships, mentioned in the first post; not sure if it was mislaid prior to mailing or if some postal inspector thought it was too tempting, but either way it didn't make the trip. [A pity, as I love the Dunkirk story!]

Anyway, the box went in the mail today, DC # 03103490000122772803; it's smallish, so hopefully it will survive the long trip safely. My choices follow (those who'd rather be surprised, stop reading now):


I chose the Cherry Mine Disaster book and Without Looking Back, and I added Disasters and Heroic Rescues of California ( ), Endurance ( ), and Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic ( ). Enjoy!


I have no idea where it is now. My book piles seem to move when I don't pay attention to them.


I forgot to journal it earlier, sorry.

I'll look it over (and possibly finish reading one more book) and then get it moving again.

Thanks for including me!


Sent the box off to oliviapoolside today:

Took out:

Trapped (Chilean miners) and Ada Blackjack

Put in:

Fallen Angels -
The Zookeeper's Wife -
Escape -

Also still in the box:

Escape (Perihan Magden)
A Stolen Life
Disasters and Heroic Rescues of California

(Since the box started out with two different books called Trapped", I thought it was appropriate that it continue its travels with two different books entitled "Escape"!)

Thanks for letting me play!


Thanks, I am very pleased with the choices. I am currently reading books for it and will have it back out in less than 2 weeks, but.... Is there anyone after me to receive this box??


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