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Anyone interested in round 2?

My book arrived safely this week after 15 months of swapping-thank you all who took part last time xx

Please POST HERE with your shipping preferences, INCLUDING THE COUNTRY YOU ARE IN please. **as we are now on the move, please be aware that if you limit your shipping preferences to within one country I will probably not be able to include you. Shipping EU or North America, for instance, is much more helpful! I'll do my best to include you.

Rules copied form last time:
- Sending surface mail is fine
-you send a book to the next participant with the letter of the alphabet you have been allocated as the first letter of the title or the author’s name: i.e. 'A' could be Alan Bennet, Isaac Asimov, 'Mary George of Allnorthover' or 'A Fine Balance''-difficult letters are allowed some leeway! If you are allocated 'X' for instance, it can be anywhere in any word-I'll mark a letter as 'exceptional' if you are grated a liberty!
-please send your book on AS SOON AS POSSIBLE due to the length of the list to the next participant
-have a look at your recipients shelf and try to send something you think they will like, i.e. don’t send sci-fi/chick lit to someone who hates those genres, and check their shelf so you don’t send something they have read. You can send from any genre as long as you think your recipient will like the book
-update your wish list, you never know
-**if the ring seems to have stalled, pm me please**
-when you send or receive a book, post in this thread so everyone can see what’s happening and where they are at, including the links to books received please. I will update the list here to show where the latest book is
-if someone drops out, your letter will not change

Those who have letters allocated are in fixed shipping order:

C yorkshire-lass/UK/UK-EU shipping
D mysteriousmummy/UK/uk-EU
E Diane-Fraser UK/uk-EU
F 3vie-UK/uk-EU
G lamelemon-Romania/EU
I- oliviapoolside-US/int
J- hearthumper-US/int
k-rodespringbal-Belgium/EU (int)
n-Chremajora- Germany/eu
o-Lamilla Belarus. I can ship to Europe, China/R.O.C and Japan
p-Tubereader-Belgium pref Europe poss international
Q-megami-no-ushi-Canada International-anywhere in the letters!
R-andrasthe-Austria, shipEU



I'm in the UK and would prefer UK/EU shipping :-)



I enjoyed it last time so stick me in for another go, preferably UK/EU shipping this time.


starflash 6 yrs ago
youre in!


UK/EU preferred


starflash 6 yrs ago


I would prefer UK/EU shipping please.



starflash 6 yrs ago


I'd love to join again! I'm in Romania and would prefer shipping within Europe.



starflash 6 yrs ago


starflash 6 yrs ago
I have been virused!! agh! This means I won't be checking in every day to update the list-don't panic!


I can ship international.


but I am willing to give it a try. In the US but can ship international.




Please add me; I am in Spain, and can ship international.


big hugs for that xxx


big hugs for that xxx

Thanks, and hugs back for you! :)
I will look for an H book now, in order to be ready.


Add me pls! I'd love to swap books:) I can ship international!!!


My "B" book arrived today, Tabloid Dreams By Robert Olen Butler, which look interesting.
I will get my "C" book off to the next in line soon.


Did not take part before, and after a mega mega busy few Months should have some more spare time for Bookcrossing (doing a happy dance!)
I am in the UK and can post UK and EU. Thanks



live in Belgium and like to ship in EU but will ship INTL if needed


I am in England but willing to ship INTL.

Shame I missed the first part but happy to be joining wave 2 :)




Bumpity bump! :)




starflash 6 yrs ago




I received the lovely C book a while ago and journalled it but forgot to post here. Sorry for the hold up, I have been low on funds and time. My D book will be going next Friday on payday.


Am I too late to join??


I put you at the end for EU shipping!



Thanks mysteriousmummy :)

PMing 3vie now.


Echo Burning - Lee child. Will pm the next person and send my F book out soon ;0)


Count me in, please
I'm in Belarus. I can ship to Europe, China/R.O.C and Japan


added you!


if there is a bcid for this relay, so we can journal what books we receive and have a nosy at what other peoples books were? ;0)


starflash 6 yrs ago
...as the rules state that it has to be assigned to a single book. I know people assign things to book boxes, which you can just get away with. Only way to track whats happening is via this thread!


3vie 6 yrs ago
F book
Is on its way to lamelemon ;0)


winglamelemonwing 6 yrs ago
F is here!
I received today "From Notting Hill with Love.. Actually" from 3vie. Sure looks like an enjoyable book, thanks :)

Now to find an appropriate G-book..


hope it travels swift and safe.


I live in Belgium and would prefer posting within Europe but can do international if need be.



starflash 6 yrs ago
added you!


Lamelemon sent me "The Partner", by John Grisham, a book which I will certainly like as I love courtroom novels. Thanks a lot!
And thanks for taking the time to writing a lovely note to me on a Xmas card; I will place it with the ones I have received as a Xmas decoration. Thanks a lot!
I will be sending my H soon...


I have just sent my "H" book to Oliviapoolside, in U.S.A.
I hope you'll like my choice!! :)


Thank you! I haven't read it, I don't have it on TBR and it looks like something I'll like. Good choice Bookworm-lady!


can I jump in? I'm currently in the US (though it may be Canada by the time the round reaches me) and prefer to ship US/Canada though can go intl if required.


actually please sign me up under this account - I forgot I was still logged in as the OBCZ.


I've just mailed the "I" book to Heartthumper. Hope you will like it!


I received "The Case of the Missing Books" by Ian Samson. Thank you!


If I'm allowed another go in this round add to the end please I'd rather ship uk but will do international if it helps


to give it a try. I am in Austria and prefer to ship EU wide. I will ship internationally if needed. :)


two books today:
both by Jane Hamilton:
Disobedience and The book of Ruth.

I'm going to ask penny's address, so I can ship the K book


I got "The big picture" by Douglas Kennedy today. Will contact the next person for their address over the weekend.


faerie_queene, it doesn't look like she has been very active recently.


the next person on the list, so just waiting on the address details of Chremajora.


thank you pennydainty-a reminder to everyone-if someone drops out your letter doesn't change xxx


no reply from Chremajora :(


I haven't been around much that's true but I did PM pennydainty about 90 minutes ago. Can I still be involved... Please?


Hi there, glad you still want to take part. I will get your "L" book off to you ASAP. You will then contact - Lamilla and send off a "N" book to them.


I read my letter wrong and have organised an M book, so now I need a couple of days. So sorry about this...


Oh dear oh dear, I'm not doing very well, am I? So sorry about all this folks.

I was away over Easter but when I got back, I received Lian Hearn's "Across the Nightingale Floor", so thank you for that pennydainty!


Lamilla's N parcel is leaving this afternoon and hope it won't take as long as the last parcel I posted to Belarus!!

Because I had got it wrong and organised an M book, I wasn't sure of the genre of my available N books, so I have provided more than one. I hope that isn't against the rules?



Very generous indeed! I received the "N" books for my favourite genres with the cool BC card. Thank you, Chremajora, you're awesome.


Tubereader, yet.


megami-no-ushi. Hopefully, the relay will be on the move again after the May Holidays


wingLamillawing 5 yrs ago
Got the address & found a suitable title right away.


has arrived from better world books with a note inside saying it's the "O" book in the Alphabet Relay from Lamilla. It's a translation so it must begin with O in the original language? Nevertheless, it was on my wishlist so I'm thrilled. I already have two Q titles in hand to select from and will PM for an address!

Thanks Lamilla!


it was only a couple dollars more to send both books I had as Q possibilities so hopefully there will be something there you like! Plus, I'm moving soon. God help me, half my boxes will be books.


Not one but two Q books! The first one is Stewart O'nan's "Speed Queen" and the second one is "One true thing" by Anna Quinden. Thank you, megami-no-ushi! I have no idea what to expect, so naturally I am very curious ;)


I received Running Man and Rhinoceros this week! The ring is home again, amazing people, thank you for making this a success! I'll start another in a few months!


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