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I'm the last in a bookray for this book and am looking to start a new ray to let this interesting book continue its journey.

The original ray & the books journal entries can be found here:

Please post if you're interested in joining in & let me know where you are based (UK, EUR, USA etc etc) and where you are prepared to post the book to....I'll do the rest :-)


but I'd like to be added near the end of this ray... if it's possible.
I'm in Ireland and would prefer shipping within Europe. Thank you!


wingCassandra2020wing 8 yrs ago


wingCassandra2020wing 8 yrs ago


okyrhoe 8 yrs ago
I'm in Greece and can post international.


fantastic.... I need to get a few more folk interested, but if this goes ahead, you're in :-)


Have PM'd you :)


Still only 3 folk interested, but will get this moving soon regardless



This was a Pulitzer finalist this year. I'd like to join. I'd prefer US mail, but I can do International. Thanks for the ray.


great - up to 4 now! Will get this kicked off very soon & try & slot in some extra folk if I can :-)


I'm in the US and would prefer to mail within the US but will mail internationally if necessary.

Can you tell us how much it weighs?


I've just put it on the office post scales and it's between 250-500g I would judge around the 300g mark. Will try & find some better scales that give a more accurate reading.


I am in the US and would prefer US shipping, but can ship internationally if absolutely necessary.


I'd love to join. I live in Canada and would prefer to ship USA/Canada.


...before I get this kicked off?



Not gathering any more interest, so here's the plan:

Lizzy Stardust

If anyone new does get in touch, I'll slot them in somewhere appropriate :-)

Right, off to PM Fracula.

Hope you all enjoy the book


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