Closed and travelling - Reviving Affinity4books' Cozy Mystery bookbox (US/Canada)

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I pm'd A4B to enquire when she might be starting up a cozy bookbox since I wanted to get in it, and offered to seed a few books into the box if need be. She doesn't have time to play in the forums much anymore, so asked me if I'd mind organizing it. No problem...

So here we are. Standard bookbox rules apply, all books should be registered, and journalled when removed. 2 week turnaround is requested, and the box will start with about 30 books in it.

I think from the previous thread we already have Elizardbreath and Oliviapoolside interested. Who else wants to play?

Participants (Shipping order) -
Tribefan - Ohio
Eponine38 - Massachusetts
MaryZee - Maryland
6of8 - Maryland
Rhonder - Alberta, Canada
Minerva101 - Alberta, Canada << box is here
Oliviapoolside - Washington
Elizardbreath - Oregon
Loriped - Oregon
BookPatch - California
Heartthumper - Kansas
NMReader - Virginia
back to Affinity4books - Texas


elizardbreath 8 yrs ago
Yes, I'm still interested...thanks!


I'm in Oregon. Thanks


(Virtual Book Box). Saves a lot of money in shipping.


in the US. I can ship a whole box of books media mail (within the US), for about the same price that it would cost me to ship 1 or 2 books internationally (ok, cozies are small, maybe 3 or 4). I know this doesn't help you out, but I also think Affinity4books has most of these books that have come home in her last box, therefore she has the stock to send out a boxful.


If so, I would love to join again. If it's US only, just let me know!


I'm not sure. A4B would like to make it US/Canada, but unfortunately neither one of us can afford to ship a box to Canada right now. I'll keep you in mind if we get someone who's willing to ship into Canada. (I know this was US/Canada the last time.)


I'd like to join, please. I'm in California.


Rhonder 8 yrs ago
Sounds good
I totally understand!


but what the heck? I can ship to Canada as well, if that helps. I would prefer not to be too close to the beginning, because I am behind in my reading (esp. mysteries), but whatever works best.


Thank you 6of8 :-)

Being later on would be fine with me too, I have lots of cozies on my TBR pile! But whatever works is great!


Thanks for the help with organizing MaryZee! My toddler and work and life have eaten into my BC time for sure. I have plenty if Cozies and look forward to letting them travel and seeing some cool journal entries. I will plan to have the box ready to go in about 2 weeks.


I am in Ohio!


Please sign me up! [US shipping]


Please add me before or after Rhonder ;)
Can ship Canada or US
Thank you so much


to see if anyone else is interested.


Anyone else?


I'd like to join please. May I be placed close to the end? I've released a lot of my cozy mystery novels, so need to read a few to have available for this bookbox. Thanks.


The box should be going out soon - anyone else interested?


I have a few to add.


so I can build up some additional books to trade, I'd love to participate.


Affinity4books says she should have this ready to ship next week. I'm very excited, and have been checking wishlists and reading cozies like crazy.

Anyone else want to be added at the last minute? LAST CALL!!


I was about to send a pm to Affinity4books, wondering when the box would be going out (if it hasn't already). And I found the journal near the top of her shelf. Come to find out that the box has just arrived with Tribefan (1st on the list). So the box is finally travelling! Woohoo!!


Thought I should include a link to the journal here, in case anyone wants to keep up with it.


Will get it moving soon!


DC #03111660000055673439


Is there a pipeline for media mail from Massachusetts to Maryland? I wasn't even looking for this box until about the middle of the week. And it arrived accompanied by a RABCK! How sweet :)

I've started to look thru the box already, and need to make my final decisions. I have so many books to add to the box, I may even do a cozy box of my own later this year. I'll pm 6of8 later today or tomorrow, to determine how we're passing this box. I just saw her last weekend!


journaled, and box journal updated.

I've pm'd 6of8 and we're going to get together next weekend to exchange the box (she tempted me with a trip to the Book Thing, which I couldn't resist). Then I guess shortly after that, it'll be off to Canada. Hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did!


passed the box on to her, and since I've gotten several journals already, I'd say she won't have it long til it's on its way to Canada.


Well, after taking out some that MaryZee recommended and a couple in series I am interested in, I am hoping to move the book box on to Canada on Monday. Have PMed Rhonder for mailing info -- since it can take a while to move things internationally, I figured the sooner the better.


Cost me a bit more than I was expecting, so I will count this as my good deed for the week. :) That'll teach me to add 3 more books as a bonus before I seal the box, won't it?!

They said it should take about a week, but that is assuming that USPS and CanadaPost are on friendly terms at the moment. Based on prior experience, I'd bet on closer to three. :)


Rhonder 8 yrs ago
It's here!
Can't wait to check it out!!!


on this box? I am after Minerva101 but I haven't heard anything yet.



She's a very reliable bookcrosser, and I've sent her a pm with no response, so I am concerned about her.


Me and another participant have been trying to get a hold of her as well with no response! :( Hope all is well!!


she got in touch with me in to get my address for the box. She says it has just been super crazy at work. So all is good with Minerva and the box.


she got in touch with me in to get my address for the box. She says it has just been super crazy at work. So all is good with Minerva and the box.

I'm so glad she's ok! Thanks for letting us know :-)




This came in the mail today...yay! I'll be a little late sending it out but will get it done before the end of the month! :)


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