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I've recently finished reading the Millennium Trilogy, and the books are ready to travel.
I did a quick search in this forum and saw that the existing rings & rays for these novels are either completed or almost done, so maybe there will be some interest in a new bookray / spiral.
You may join for all 3 volumes, or any specific one that you haven't yet read.

Please indicate your location and your shipping preferences: International, or only within N. America / Asia / Australia / Europe, etc.
The copies I have are compact paperbacks; their weight is indicated below.
You may use economy (sea/surface) rates if your postal service offers them.

1 - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (325 grams)

2 - The Girl who Played with Fire (345 grams)

3 - The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest


vedranaster 7 yrs ago
I think I'll sign up for this one. I've been putting off reading this as there's a lot of hype - which I tend to avoid generally - but my curiosity is getting the better of me. :)

Could I possibly sign up for just the first one for now, and then see how I like it?

I'm in Croatia and can ship within Europe.


I'm interested. I signed up for a book spiral for these books a long time ago, but have heard nothing. I'm interested in all three. I live in NH USA, and prefer US shipping if possible, but will ship internationally if there is the need.


I'm in England and would like to sign up for each one, happy to post internationally :)


I'm in England and would like to sign up for each one, happy to post internationally :)


Now the link-up between the continents is possible, and the books can start their travels in Europe and with your help travel across the pond :-) - Thanks for this!

No problem now to add more readers on either side of the Atlantic.


I finally managed to post the first book today.
More readers are welcome. You may join for all 3 volumes, or any specific one that you haven't read yet.


The book has just reached me in sunny Poole, Dorset, England to get a few rays before being passed on so if you'd like to get involved, please get in touch to the forum..


if they make it to the US. I am currently reading The Girl With the Dragon tatto and enjoying it. I'd prefer shipping in the US.


I've added you! Book 2 will be traveling soon to the first reader on the list.


I would love to be added onto the list for this, but I only need books 2 & 3, the 1st book can bypass me as I have a copy already. I am in Washington state, the USA. I prefer to ship within the US, but if needed, I can ship internationally. Thanks if you can add me in!


Added you!


Thanks! :-)


Evening all,
I've just finished the 1st of the series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and can definitely recommend it. I'm making enquiries with the next person on the list but get in touch if you're interested in reading them in order.


I just finished the first book (not the ring/ray copy), so I look forward to books 2 and 3. :-)


I have read the first and got the second through another ray, so I'd love to read the third as well :)

I have a few books on my TBR pile at the moment, so if you can, please put me as further down the list as possible. I don't mind posting anywhere :)


You're in! PM on its way.


elpis 7 yrs ago
hi okyrhoe :)
if it is possible i would like to read the 2nd and the 3rd one. i can ship within Europe!



Can't wait to start. As book 1 was a story unto itself, I wonder what this one will be about. :)


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