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I'd like another go-around of my bookbox for books about zombies! Reanimated corpses! Walkers! Zombies can either be the focus of the book, or a minor subplot. The books can be humorous, horrific, anthologies of short stories, graphic novels, or all of the above! The box will start with about 10 books and I'll be accepting participants until mid-September, when I compile the final shipping order and mail the box out.

If you are an active Bookcrossing member in good standing, please post here with your location if you are interested in participating.

Rules (copied from kookaburra's bookbox thread):
- Please keep the box no longer than 2 weeks.
- Please update the forum thread when the box arrives and is sent out again!
- Please journal the books you remove from the box and replace with the same number or more.
- Please use delivery confirmation
- I reserve the right to remove someone from the list if I believe there may be a problem with their participation.


"How does a Bookbox work?" (From the FAQs)
Bookbox - Person #1 gathers together a bunch of books, This can be as few as 8 or 10, or as many as 30 or 40 paperbacks. The books can be themed (sci-fi, chick-lit, romance, children's, etc) or just random books. After posting a message on the Bookring/Ray forum, s/he gathers a list of interested participants. Box is mailed to Person #2, who takes out a couple of books and puts the same amount back in, then mails it to Person #3. Eventually, the box will make it back to Person #1, who has a lot of new books to read!

Happy Bookcrossing! I'm looking forward to an awesome Zombie-Rama!


AKSarah 8 yrs ago
Graphic Novels featuring the Living Dead are also acceptable.


Well, gosh, I think I have a few books that would fit this one.


Count me in.

Pity it's not going out by the end of February - you'd totally scoop the Chills & Spills challenge for the month!


I thought about sending it before the end of February just for that reason *smirk*, but I decided that I wanted to get a few more books read and added to the box. Thanks for joining! I'm excited about this box!


angelface46 8 yrs ago
join in
I would love to get in. Zombies rule! I'm in CO. This sounds like a lot of fun.


but I'll check in on this thread a little now and then to see what happens and what books you put in this box. I love the theme and inspiration is always welcome :)


..I just released most of my zombie books for Chills & Spills! :(

Let me think about this - I might need to be near the end.


hyphen8--You'd be near the end anyway. I like to start on the east coast and have the box work its way back to me. :)


I'll see what I can come up with! :p


I know you're out there.....:)


Maybe that will change in the coming weeks...


Know what you mean - all my zombies ran away this month for Chills & Spills, so I'll have to hunt up some new ones!


AKSarah 8 yrs ago
Still accepting participants!


AKSarah 8 yrs ago


AKSarah 8 yrs ago
Box will head out next week. Any more folks interested in participating?


Would anyone else like to participate? It'll be zombilicious!


Mailing order is in the original post.


AKSarah 8 yrs ago
Box mailed!
I shipped the box off to Gory Details!

Media Mail
DC# 0308 3390 0001 6633 0911


Lots of tempting titles to choose from, ranging from very-very-scary to what looks like very-very-silly - and with some charming (?) zombie-themed custom labels as well. Will try to make my selections and get the box moving again by next week; many thanks!


I mailed the box today, DC # 0310 3490 0001 2272 5120 ; weight about 12 1/2 lbs, postage under $9 including delivery confirmation charges.

Edited to add: according to the USPS tracking page, the box was delivered late on the 19th. Enjoy!

Choices and replacements listed below - stop now if you'd rather be surprised!


I chose:

The Kiss of Life
My Zombie Valentine
Dead Mann Walking
Patient Zero
The Walking
In the Company of Ogres

And added:

The Book of the Living Dead ( )
Is This a Zombie Vol. 1 ( )
The Zen of Zombie ( )
Highschool of the Dead Vol. 1 ( )
World War Z ( )
Handling the Undead ( )
War of the Worlds, Plus Blood, Guts, and Zombies ( )

Thanks for the bookbox, AKSarah!


As I mentioned earlier, in thread, I'm a bit thin on Zombies at the moment. Poor Planning on my part, I do have two books that will satisfy the theme, if not the reader, perhaps. And a magazine with a story of mine in it. And a copy of my comic, BILLY JOE VAN HELSING, REDNECK VAMPIRE HUNTER... I can add that.

I'll keep it for close to the two weeks limit so I can see if I have anything else I can add.


Hey, that works for me. I just bought 8 for the box. Now to read quickly :)


Which would make a very nice title for a Zombie Bibliophile...

I'm putting six books in...a Dean Kontz, a James Herbert, a Piers Anthony, a magazine with one of my stories in it (although there IS a Zombie story in here, it isn't mine. Mine is a nice story with kids trick or treating), a Laurell K. Hamilton, and a Bullington, which I am having a hard time letting go... but if there's one thing Zombies have thought us, it's that there will be times when you just gotta let go.

The six books I am taking out? The Swedish Book, the Beatles Book, The Wells Rip-Off, the two Mira Grants, and Gil's All Fright Diner, whose review I read years ago but some how never gotten a hold of the books.

dc: 03032460000039399911


Came home to the zombie box yesterday. Need to look for a new box and find a couple more zombie books. There are some good books in the box. Will use my two week limit then get it back on the road. :)


angelface46 8 yrs ago
Ok, found a box--chose and replaced-got address from next in line. It will go out in 2 weeks, payday. Thanks for hosting this, fun box.

1. Zen of Zombies
2. The Stupidest Angel
3. Deadtown
4. The Enterprise of Death
5. High School of the Dead
6. Is This A Zombie?
7. Hellforged
8. Generation Dead
9. Black Petals
10. Skin Trade
11. Zombie Lover
12. The Dark

Putting in:
1. Apocalypse of the Dead (Joe McKinney)
2. Flesh Eaters (Joe McKinney)
3. Dead City (Joe McKinney)
4. Zombie Apocalypse (Stephen Jones)
5. Dawn of Zombie Haiku (Ryan Mecum)
6. Down the Road (Bowie Ibarra)
7. Married with Zombies (Jesse Peterson)
8. Feed (Mira Grant)
9. Deadline (Mira Grant)
10. Zombies for Zombies (David P. Murphy)
11. Dying To Live (Kim Paffenroth)
12. Empire (David Dunwoody)


The zombies are on their way to Hawaii. Take Cover!!!! LOL. Mailed it out yesterday. BF did it and forgot DC.


Looks like a good batch.

Currently in the box (unless they've crawled out when I wasn't looking): five books I've already read and enjoyed (Feed, Deadline, Cell, Shadowfires, and World War Z) plus one I haven't read but was saving for the box (Married with Zombies)...and a bunch of other stuff that I'm going to have to look at more carefully.

So now I have decisions to make...thanks for including me!


Decided not to include Patient Zero since I know AKSarah's already read it.


The Big Stink (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie)
Full Dark, No Stars
Zombie Monkey Monster Jamboree
Never Slow Dance with a Zombie
The New Dead
Zombies: The Recent Dead

Taking out:

Dying to Live
Down the Road
Apocalypse of the Dead
Fleash Eaters
Dead City

Thanks for letting me play!


The box has arrived home! Thank you to all participants. Also, thanks to whoever left the "Redneck Vampire Hunter" comics in the box. They look like fun!


Also, thanks to whoever left the "Redneck Vampire Hunter" comics in the box. They look like fun!

I believe that would be Greyflank, whose name is in the credits. :)


Greyflank 8 yrs ago
YEP. :-8)
Also, thanks to whoever left the "Redneck Vampire Hunter" comics in the box. They look like fun!

I believe that would be Greyflank, whose name is in the credits. :)


Anyone interested in participating, please post here with your location!


At this point, all my zombie books are TBR...but maybe by then I'll have *something*? I'm in Hawaii, but I need to think about this for a while before I commit.


I'll be sending the box to the east coast first and it will work its way back to me in AK. You'll be the last one before it comes back to me. No excuses. :) LOL.


Well, I found one I've already read and just have to register. I'd better get started on some of the others! ;)


I can do another one, though I'll have to check to make sure I don't wind up sending all the zombie books from the previous box back to the people they came from {grin}. I'm in NH.


AKSarah 8 yrs ago
Sign up!
C'mon, folks. ZOMBIES!!!!!!


AKSarah 8 yrs ago


AKSarah 8 yrs ago
This box is cancelled due to lack of interest at this time. I'll probably try again after the new year.


This box is cancelled due to lack of interest at this time. I'll probably try again after the new year.

Hopefully by then people will have finished the books from the last round. :)


I can join... I have a lot of Vampire and ghost books...


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