Int'l bookray for "This Love is Not for Cowards: Salvation and Soccer in Ciudad Juárez"

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"This Love is not for Cowards" documents the final season that Ciudad Juárez's professional soccer team Los Indios participated in the Primera, Mexico's Premier League, in the midst of a tidal wave of drug-related violence. It is a powerful testament to the people of Juárez, who find ways to hold on to hope in what is, for all practical purposes, a city where murder is legal.

This is an international bookray, so while I will make every attempt to honor shipping preferences, please be prepared to ship internationally. Please post here (with your location and shipping preference) if you are interested in this bookray.


I am in the UK and my shipping preference would be EU. Thanks!


Thanks. I've added you.

Anyone else?


I would love to read this. I am in Texas. I'll ship where ever needed. Thanks for sharing.


I've added you. Thanks.

Still could use some additional participants...


Only three participants so far...anyone else interested in reading this book? It really is a good examination of what life is like in Mexico with ongoing drug-related violence.


and would prefer US/Canada shipping. Thanks!


I'm bumping this back to the top of the list one more time, just to see if there are any more people interested in reading this very insightful book...


pam99 6 yrs ago
me please
I'm in Scotland, happy to ship internationally.


Got you.

Anyone else?


I'm going to make arrangements to pass this along to Firegirl to get the ray started. However, I'm still willing to add anyone that might be interested.


The book is travelling, and getting rave reviews! There's still room for more, if anyone is interested.


Unless there's more people interested in this book, it is on its way to the final stop in the bookray...


I'd like to be added to this bookray please. However, if I'm too late then no worries.




I'd like to be added to this bookray please. However, if I'm too late then no worries.

Nope, not too late at all. I've added you. Do you have a shipping preference (just in case someone else joins the party late)?


Safely arrived in Nottingham, UK. I can send this on anywhere in the world should the ray re-ignite itself.


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