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okyrhoe 8 yrs ago
I have a few titles at home that will fit into this VBB's theme :-)
PMing you.


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My Murder in Translation Virtual Book Box is for mysteries/thrillers translated into a language other than the original publication. The VBB is starting out with a baker's dozen of books translated into English, all from different countries. The list of books in the box is on the thread.

The books in the box and the book(s) you add don't have to be all from different countries/authors/translators. No more than 2 of any one title though please. I do have lots of books here and will be happy to add some myself to keep a good mix. See the VBB link or PM me if questions.

If you'd like to join this international VBB, please post on the VBB thread and PM me. (This link is also posted on my profile.)


I'd love to join if I may. PM is on its way.


PM me please - eicuthbertson


Too difficult for me. Sorry.


If you are hesitating because you don't have books you could add to the box right now, I do have lots of books here suitable for the box, so contact me if you need a book or two to add to the box in the beginning.
Books/authors/translators can be from anywhere - doesn't matter.


Thanks for offering this VBB. I'd love to join!

However, I'm also a bit worried about the "books from different country" rule. For example, I currently have on my shelf candidate books from Japan, Norway and Sweden, but you've already got those countries covered on the list. Would this mean that I could put in a Japan book only if I took out the other Japan book? (I've already read the Norway and Sweden books on your list, so that would be my own choice based on the current list.)

I can totally understand that you don't want the box to evolve to a point where only a few countries are represented, but would you perhaps consider a rule like "at most two books from one country"? It would make it a bit easier to find candidates. :)

Either way, I'm in. If you'd rather keep it to one book per country, then I'd appreciate being closer to the end of the list. It'll give me time to hunt down and read some other candidate books. Thanks.


Thanks, mathgirl40. You're in!


but have the same concerns: the only book I have that I've read so far is already on your list. Also, I think it's a great idea, as mathgirl40 said, to maybe allow 2 books per country.


I've amended the descriptions for the 'Murder in Translation' VBB slightly to address concerns about 'different countries'. And no, there never was a rule about that.
I've said no more than 2 titles the same only because there are some popular books that might go fast. Part of my reasons for doing the box though was to introduce people to 'new' authors who might not get much press.
Since I have lots here to choose from, I will do my best to keep a good mix of countries/authors/translators/etc. in the VBB.
Let me know of any other concerns :-)


I've been interested in this box, but have been dragging my heels to join. My issue is I need time to do some reading. If I could have until mid February I would like to join.

By the way, eicuthbertson, I think you always offer very interesting titles and have enjoyed past selections I've received from you - I agree that checking out authors lesser known can be very rewarding


Hi, Minerva101
I will add you at the end.
Happy reading!


okyrhoe 8 yrs ago
I have a few titles at home that will fit into this VBB's theme :-)
PMing you.


I took out Bethlehem Road Murder and Murder Chez Proust and added

Silence by Jan Costin Wagner (Finland), translated from the German by Anthea Bell

Helsinki Homicide: Vengeance by Jarkko Sipila (Finland), translated by Peter Ylitalo Leppa

Thank you for organizing this VBB, eicuthbertson!


PM is on its way to you.


will PM


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