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to be sent out in Feb/March.

This is a new bookbox for me, and I have some books ready to go and few to read yet.

The theme of this bookbox will be cat stories: mystery, fantasy, young adult, non-fiction, and short stories. But no guides to breeds or care, and no reference books. Non-fiction books (like Dewey) are absolutely fine. No Harlequin-type romances and a limit of 3 books in a series in the box at one time. (I don't want to get back a box full of The Cat Who... books, esp. since I've read nearly all of them ;)

I already have:

This should give you some nice light reading at this crazy time of the year. So who's interested?


angelface46 9 yrs ago
me! me!
Count me in. Love the cat books.


We missed you at the holiday party! Turns out there was a thrift store next door to the restaurant where paperbacks were 8/$1. Picked up several cat books there with this book box in mind.


rubyrebel 9 yrs ago
i'm in
i have a few cat books


I also have some cat books


I love cats!


aetm 9 yrs ago
I don't even try to resist this one... :)


Eponine38 - MA
GoryDetails - NH
6of8 - MD
Angelface46 - CO
RubyRebel - OH
OliviaPoolside - WA
Heartthumper - KS
Aetm - TX

Room for a few more if anyone else is interested. This will probably be going out about the end of February or early March.


wingmaryzeewing 9 yrs ago
I only have 3 1/2 books to read yet for this box (although I am still getting books ready for another box to be mailed first), so this one should definitely be going out before the end of February. (These cat books are providing a nice balance against the nonfiction books for the other box :)

Thought I'd give this a bump to see if there are others interested in being added to the list.


rubyrebel 9 yrs ago
can you put me last on the list please, my house burned on friday, all my pets died. by the time i do get the book box, my house should be in the process of being cleaned.


wingmaryzeewing 9 yrs ago
RE: please
Rubyrebel, I'm sorry to hear about your bad news. I'll put you low on the list (haven't put this in order yet), and check back with you again when the box gets near to you. Just let me know if you change your mind at that time.


Thought I'd bump this again. There's only 8 folks signed up, so I can still add up to 4 more. I have 1 book to read yet (but I'm still working on that other box first), but I expect to be ready to mail this out around mid-February.

Still taking signups if anymore cat lovers are interested.


Looks like this won't go out til about the end of February. My previous box (Biographies of Things) is going to be delayed a bit (a few folks aren't quite ready for that one, and I'm trying to finish the last book). I won't mail this cat bookbox til about 2 weeks after the other one.

Shipping order -
GoryDetails - NH
Eponine38 - MA
6of8 - MD
Aetm - TX
Heartthumper - KS
OliviaPoolside - WA
Angelface46 - CO
RubyRebel - OH


if there is still room please :)


I found (and am half finished) one book I couldn't find, and have just found 1 more I'd forgotten about. Looks like the box will be going out with about 17 books in it.

Anyone else interested? There's still room for 2 or 3 more folks.



I've sent GoryDetails a pm with the DC #. It has 18 books, and weighed a bit over 11 pounds. $7.00 to ship plus the DC charge. Enjoy!


("cat box". Hee!)

Looks good; I'll make my choices and get it on its way soon!


I met up with eponine38 for a book sale at the Used Book Superstore in Burlington MA (we've been enabling each other's book-buying habits!) and handed off the bookbox - undoubtedly my fastest bookbox-turnaround ever {grin}! Thanks for the bookbox!

I wrote my selections and replacements in the journal that was in the box, but I'll post them here for the curious; those who'd rather be surprised should stop reading now.


I took:
Adventures of Samurai Cat
Personality of the Cat
The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare
A Cat Abroad
Cat Crimes III
Catfantastic II
Cat on the Edge
Rest in Pieces

I put in:

Living With Dickens ( )
Great Cat Tales ( )
Abigayil ( )
Cats in the Belfry ( )
In Praise of Cats ( )
Rhubarb ( )
Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition ( )
James Herriot's Cat Stories ( )
The Enchanted Cat ( )
The Silent Miaow ( )
The Fur Person ( )
Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 2 ( )
Catkin ( )


handed to me (and for an excuse to buy more books and meet up with a fun BCer, of course!). I'll make my selections and get it on its way in a few days. [Turns out I still have a little reading to do: Mary, Gory and I seem to have a lot of the same books - a couple I was planning to add are already in the box!].


I took out:
Cats in the Belfry
Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition
Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 2
Great Cat Tales
The Silent Miaow
The Enchanted Cat
I added:
Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 1
Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat
The Bachelor's Cat
HIstorical Cats
Murder Past Due
Purr-fect Crime
Making the Rounds With Oscar
The Cat Lady of Concord


and it will be staying for a bit. (I am off to the Dublin Convention and won't be able to get it to the post office before my flight -- will mail it on 4/23 when I return).

Very excited to have the books (me) and the box (kitty). I will remove the following: Purr-Fect Crime, James Herriot's Cat Stories, Making the Rounds with Oscar, The Cat Who'll Live Forever, and The Cat Who Covered the World.

I will add: Cat in the Dark, 101 Uses for a Dead Cat, All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat, The Cat-Lovers' Cookbook, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, and Tempest in the Tea Leaves.


Thanks for letting us know the status of the box, and when it will start traveling again. Enjoy the convention - I'm envious of everyone going, cause I know how much fun they'll have.

I'm thinking when you come back, the Bookish bookbox may be on its way to you too.


Well, I have (reluctantly) returned from Ireland, so I popped the box in the mail to AETM this morning. DC# 03103200000099225226


The cat books are here :) (and the cats are always happy to sit in any new box)
I PM'd Copchic905 for her address, and I'll make my picks by the end of this week, and get the box moving by early next week.


On the way to heartthumper, with tracking # 03120090000148241988

I took from the box:
- Historical cats
- Tempest in the Tea Leaves
- The Private Life of the Cat Who
- Chi's Sweet Home
- The Cat Lover's Cookbook
- The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
(and read a few small ones quick last week, those still in hte box)

And put in the box:
- Murder, She Meowed
- Catnap: A Midnight Louie Mystery
- When the Cat's Away
- Paws For Alarm
- Cat Tales for Christmas
- The Cat Who Turned on and Off
- The Cat Who Sniffed Glue


I'll make my choices and mail it out early next week. Thanks! It's a lovely box.


I have selected:
The Cat Who Talks to Ghosts
Old Possum's book of Practical Cats

I put in:
The Cat Who Tailed a Thief
One-Eyed Cat

We read Living with Dickens while it was here.

I hope to get it mailed out tomorrow.


is not ready for the book box so I will PM RubyRebel for her address.


wingmaryzeewing 8 yrs ago
I pm'd you.


going to pm next in line for


my addy. Looks like my box will be on its way home soon. :))


I'll have a sort thru the box later today (just peeked at it and the journal for now), and get them all journalled.

Thanks to all who participated! Glad you enjoyed it!!


Great! And thanks so much for hosting it!


Glad it made it home safely - I enjoyed it! [I do have a question: two of my books are still unjournaled, children's books Abigayil and (the truly lovely) Catkin; just wondered if they were still in the box or if they were chosen somewhere along the way?]


children's books Abigayil and (the truly lovely) Catkin

They must have been chosen along the way; I've journalled everything in the box. (Sorry I couldn't help.)


the children's books i took out. i don't always have internet, but this weekend i'll journal them.


rubyrebel 8 yrs ago
thank you
i now have all the books journaled that i took out. thank you for being so patient


i now have all the books journaled that i took out. thank you for being so patient

Glad to hear they're safe with you - I hope you enjoy them! Catkin's an especially charming little book that should be better known than it is, IMO.


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