[int'l ring] Dogodogo: Tanzanian Street Children Tell Their Stories

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Some time ago I startet a German bookring with this book. Unfortunately it was lost at the first station. So I organized now a replacement and want to offer it as international bookring.

It's a small booklet, which can be read quite fast. But it's really worth to take a look at it. The stories and pictures from the children will under guarantee touch your heart.

At the end of the ring, the booklet shall be send to a Philippine NGO in Manila, who will add it to the community library which they are building at a small poor island called Tablas.


I live in Finland and can ship international.


I live in sweden and can ship internationally. Could you put me somwhere towards the end of the list of participants please? I have quite a lot of books to read at the moment. Thanks :)


I'm interested too. I am in Switzerland and I will ship within Europe.
Thanks a lot for sharing this book with us.


I'm in Finland and will ship INTL.


raluk68 8 yrs ago
I'm in
Yes, I'm interested! I like its design - having the naive paintings ;) I'm sure the stories are special as well.

Thank you! :)

Later edit: I live in Europe and would prefer to post within Europe.


Yes, please. Post anywhere.


I but together a first list of participants and hope, I forgot nobody and put the order to everybody's liking

and here is the link to the journal


if someone doesn't mind shipping international. I can ship anywhere.


The book started already it's journey.
Does anybody else want to join until it's too late?


I'm looking forward to reading it !


pam99 7 yrs ago
me please
I'm in Scotland, happy to mail internationally.


Unfortunately the second ringbook got lost too :(

Therefore I ordered the booklet a third time. So the waiting participants will have another chance to read the wonderful little book.

Is anybody else interested in reading it?


....this ring please.



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